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Archive for July 7th, 2009

Maher on Obama’s Media Whoring, right on target

Posted by keelynet on July 7, 2009

To say I (and many others) told you so would be useless…the facts speak for themselves and Maher lays it out correctly here.

New rules segment from Episode #157 of Real Time with Bill Maher which aired on June 12, 2009. – Source


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Russians beat USA to the Moon

Posted by keelynet on July 7, 2009

This annoys me, when it turns out someone cheated to hide the real facts in order to take credit or help others take credit.

spaceluna15108“A previously unheard recording of a Russian spacecraft attempting to beat NASA’s Apollo 11 in 1969’s race to the moon has been released.

The recordings from Jodrell’s Lovell radio telescope, which were hidden in archives until researchers found them, show the Russian craft orbited the Moon and crash-landed onto its surface at 15:50 on July 21 – just a few hours before the Americans lifted.

In the newly released recordings, which were made over three days, Sir Bernard, the founder of Jodrell Bank, can be heard narrating events with conversation from the Apollo 11 astronauts in the background. Sir Bernard notes a change in the orbit of Luna 15 to take it closer to the US landing site and later reports a rumour from a “well-informed source in Moscow” that the craft is about to land.

People in Jodrell’s control room can then be heard shouting “it’s landing” and “it’s going down much too fast” as they track Luna 15’s final moments before it crashes. A voice is later heard saying: “I say, this has really been drama of the highest order.”” – Source

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Vapster ‘Green Mileage Maker’ Fuel Saver passes tests

Posted by keelynet on July 7, 2009

Finally, one of these things pans out.

carbvapster108“Patent-pending device uses an electrical heater rather than exhaust to pre-heat the fuel, resulting in improvements in mileage by 20-30%, as well as a reduction in emisisons by 80%, confirmed by a Florida university.

Combined with hydroxy devices, the improvement in mileage goes as high as 45%. The newest product, the “Green Mileage Maker”, has been shown to increase highway fuel mileage by 20-30% by pre-heating the fuel.

Some of the vehicles that sport the device are a 1999 Ford Explorer, a 1993 Mazda MX6, a 2001 Ford Ranger, 2007 GMC Canyon, 3.7 liter. The newest addition will be a Ford 350 with a 7.3 L diesel engine.

A South Florida University has shown exhaust emission reductions on diesels with the device up to 80%. See test report below. While Gerald was at the HHO Games in Bradenton, FL in Feb. 09, displaying his “Green Mileage Maker”, a pre-heater for fuel injector engines, he met many people involved with Hydroxy generators that inject electrolyzed hydrogen and oxygen into the air intake for improved mileage efficiency.

Mr. Rowley’s invention pre-heats the fuel before it enters the engine. Gerald selected an HHO system that was simple and straight forward and easy to install. By combining the two systems Mr. Rowley said he was able to increase his fuel mileage by 45%. Gerald encourages all the HHO enthusiasts to consider installing a “Green Mileage Maker” along with their own Hydrogen generator.

How it Works – The Vapster unit pre-heats the fuel, which enables it to burn more efficiently. Earlier units used the exhaust to do that, but it was hard to hit and maintain the right temperature, so now the units are fitted with an electrical heater. Installation can be done by anyone with nominal auto mechanical ability.

Gerald says that in testing the mileage he uses the standard method of topping off his tank, and calculating the miles driven per gallons added. He tries to get a good number of baseline tests “before” the changes are made, as well as a good number of tests “after.” In his Mazda, he has a one-gallon fuel tank in addition to the regular fuel tank, which he switches to for testing.” – Source

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Two Atomic Cars

Posted by keelynet on July 7, 2009

If they can find the right shielding, its is possible for such things as atomic powered cars, busses, airplanes, boats, etc..

Ford Nucleon

carnucleon108“The Ford Nucleon was a nuclear-powered concept car developed by Ford Motor Company in 1958. The design did not include an internal-combustion engine, rather, the vehicle was to be powered by a small nuclear reactor in the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicle featured a power capsule suspended between twin booms at the rear. The capsule, which would contain a radioactive core for motive power, was designed to be easily interchangeable, according to the performance needs and the distances to be travelled. The passenger compartment of the Nucleon featured a one-piece, pillar-less windscreen and compound rear window, and was topped by a cantilever roof.

There were air intakes at the leading edge of the roof and at the base of its supports. An extreme cab-forward style provided more protection to the driver and passengers from the reactor in the rear. Some pictures show the car with tailfins sweeping up from the rear fenders. The drive train would be integral to the power module, and electronic torque converters would take the place of the drive-train used at the time.

It was said that cars like the Nucleon would be able to travel 8000 km (5,000 miles) or more, depending on the size of the core, without recharging. At the end of the core’s life, it would be taken to a charging station, which research designers envisioned as largely replacing gas stations.

The car was never built and never went into production, but it remains an icon of the Atomic Age of the 1950s, when concerns and dangers such as radiation poisoning, nuclear waste and the possibility of nuclear meltdown were not completely understood or acknowledged.” – Source

Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept

carthorium108“The Cadillac World Thorium Fuel concept. Otherwise known as the Cadillac WTF. Created by Loren Kulesus, everything about the WTF has been created to last 100 years without maintenance. That’s the reason for the element number ninety, thorium: to act as a nuclear fuel powering batteries that would power the car.

Elsewhere, every major system is redundant in case of a failure. And the wheels don’t have individual tires – in fact, what’s located at each corner is one combined unit made up of six individual wheels. That gives you 24 wheels in total, and each wheel has its own induction motor.

Said Kulesus, “The vehicle would require the tires to be adjusted every five years, but no material would need to be added or subtracted.”” – Source

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Media’s overselling of Jacksons Death

Posted by keelynet on July 7, 2009

Congressman Pete King feels that we should be honoring the good men and women of our country who have dedicated their lives to helping others and serving our country not Michael Jackson.

(Exactly, I read that one day 93% of the news was devoted to Jackson, incredible, he is dead, it’s done, a couple of days and GET OVER IT PEOPLE and get back to real news and events!

As a reality check, King does present a great question, ‘would you leave your young son, nephew or grandson alone in a room with Micheal?’

He sang, he danced, he’s dead, so is Elvis, James Brown, Michael Hutchence, Buddy Holly and a host of other ‘entertainers’. No more cults around dead famous newsmakers please! – JWD) – Source

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