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Archive for June 6th, 2009

Fighting fire with a Danish invention w/video

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

It says the patent details all the components used in this off the shelf mixture, but not the exact formula. One guy says it prevents oxygen from assisting the burn, so what happens when they spray it all over woods, do the plants grow afterward. Does it also suppress carbon dioxide?

A Danish inventor has patented a toxin-free solution he claims can help control the sort of wildfires that have devastated Australia, Greece and California in recent years. The European Union has recently banned a number of fire retardants because they contain poisons but this new product is said to be completely organic. – Source

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Home-based generators could cut emissions by two-thirds

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

And how much more pollution would these home-based generators produce?

“If every home that has a natural gas line were equipped with a small generator that ran on natural gas, emissions would tumble. Firstly, because CH4 is a much cleaner burning fuel than, say, coal. And secondly, transmission losses from large centralized generation plants would become forfeit. It’s relatively simple, really. All you need to do is commercialize a home-based generator. Standardize the attachments to the meet the gas regulations already dictating what pipes go where, so that it can simply replace an old water heater, or hook into someone’s basement. Then, put a capacitor in there somewhere: Boom, electricity on demand. You would be powering your own home. Sure, your natural gas bill would be higher. But you’d pay zero in electricity costs. Meanwhile, national emissions go down across the board, and coal and nuclear become obsolete.” – Source

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Pelmear opens manufacturing facility for 110 mpg engine

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

Major good luck to this guy to startup his own car company! We have to admire and support this kind of ambition, especially since it offers such benefits with fuel, motor efficiency and the environment.

“Doug Pelmear and his company, HP2G, opened the first manufacturing facility for his revolutionary new motor. The facility where the engines will be built is approximately 68,000 square feet and Pelmear said it will eventually house around 55 jobs once it is at full production. They plan on producing 500 motors in 2009. They will begin with just a few centers but have plans for more than 1,500 nationwide. Pelmear released more information about his invention during a press conference before the public address on Monday. As has been reported before, he has placed one of his motors inside a 1986 Ford Mustang, qualifying for the multi-million dollar first prize in the Progressive Automobile X Prize by averaging 110 miles per gallon. Pelmear quickly pointed out, however, that this is not some gas-sipping motor that will be impractical for general use. It performed at that mileage level while still producing 400 horsepower and 500 ft.-lbs of torque. He even ran the air conditioner while performing the tests. While the E85-only engine was not on display for the general public, Pelmear did reveal that it was quite a bit smaller than the normal engine of today and only weighs about 200 pounds. He also showed the documentation that he had taken it to an Ohio EPA station last Friday for an emissions test. His emissions were half of the legal limit and that mark was achieved without a catalytic converter. As can be expected, Pelmear’s invention has drawn the interest of many people. On hand on Monday was State Senator Steve Buehrer, a representative from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s office and numerous county and city officials from the area, including Van Wert County Commissioner Clair Dudgeon. They were all thrilled with the prospects of an Ohio entrepreneur succeeding in such an important industry to this part of the state. “I just want to add my voice to what I’m sure the other officials are saying,” said Buehrer. “We have a business starting on a day when at times we want to be overwhelmed with the bleak news of the economy and certainly the auto industry. This is an exciting opportunity for I think all of northwest Ohio.” Pelmear is in agreement which is one of the reasons why he has continually turned away major auto companies who have inquired about purchasing his technology. He said this way he knows the motor will make it to the market and be based out of Ohio.” – Source

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Outsourcing’s third wave

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

The rich killing off more of the poor.

“Early this year, the king of Saudi Arabia held a ceremony to receive a batch of rice, part of the first crop to be produced under something called the King Abdullah initiative for Saudi agricultural investment abroad. It had been grown in Ethiopia, where a group of Saudi investors is spending $100m to raise wheat, barley and rice on land leased to them by the government. The investors are exempt from tax in the first few years and may export the entire crop back home. Meanwhile, the World Food Programme (WFP) is spending almost the same amount as the investors ($116m) providing 230,000 tonnes of food aid between 2007 and 2011 to the 4.6m Ethiopians it thinks are threatened by hunger and malnutrition. The Saudi programme is an example of a powerful but contentious trend sweeping the poor world: countries that export capital but import food are outsourcing farm production to countries that need capital but have land to spare. Instead of buying food on world markets, governments and politically influential companies buy or lease farmland abroad, grow the crops there and ship them back. Supporters of such deals argue they provide new seeds, techniques and money for agriculture, the basis of poor countries’ economies, which has suffered from disastrous underinvestment for decades. Opponents call the projects “land grabs”, claim the farms will be insulated from host countries and argue that poor farmers will be pushed off land they have farmed for generations. What is unquestionable is that the projects are large, risky and controversial. In Madagascar they contributed to the overthrow of a government.” – Source

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The contact lens that can help the blind see again

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

What a great discovery, now to make it available so many could benefit from it.

eyecontact108“The procedure uses a person’s own cells to heal damage to the cornea – the transparent outermost layer of the eye. It is carried out under local anaesthetic, with patients returning home within two hours of surgery, removing the need for expensive hospital stays. The three patients treated so far had very poor vision caused by corneal disease – the fourth most common form of blindness, affecting around 10million worldwide. It is caused by genetics, surgery, burns, infection or chemotherapy, and treatments usually include grafts and transplants and drugs such as steroids. The team from the University of New South Wales in Sydney harnessed the power of stem cells – ‘master cells’ with the ability to turn into other cell types. They removed small samples of stem cells from the eyes of two men and a woman with corneal disease and grew them on a contact lens. The stem cell-coated contacted lenses were then put into the patients’ eyes for around three weeks. During that time, the stem cells moved off the lenses and began to heal the damaged corneas, the journal Transplantation reports. Using a person’s own cells removes any need for donors and means the transplant will not be rejected. Researcher Dr Nick Di Girolamo said: ‘The procedure is totally simple and cheap. ‘Unlike other techniques, it requires no foreign human or animal products, only the patient’s own serum, and is completely non-invasive. ‘There’s no suturing, there is no major operation. You don’t need any fancy equipment.’ The contact lenses used in the operation are already widely used after eye surgery. The researchers hope the technique can be adapted for other parts of the eye, such as the retina, and even elsewhere in the body.” – Source

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Lebanon Man Designs Magnet-Powered Motor

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

According to the article, it doesn’t spin continuously, but he thinks it will…lots of those…

pmmlandon“Inventor Bill Landon, Jr. is waiting for a decision from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on his latest and most ambitious project — a magnet-powered motor. Such “fuel-less” motors could be used to run anything, negating the need for fuel of any kind, Landon said. The implications of his claim are huge, he acknowledged, and people will be skeptical. One of his own relatives asked how it was possible that no one had thought of such a motor before, Landon said. Displayed on a table in his home, the magnet motor doesn’t look revolutionary or even complicated. The size of a medium pizza, the main parts are a stationary base, or stator, and a rotor. Magnets are arranged in circles along the edges of both pieces. Milled to precise shapes and placed in exact positions, Landon said, the magnets will pull and push one another to create constant rotation. “The energy produced by moving in a straight line between two points and that produced by moving between the same two points on a curved line is different, and that difference is used to propel the motor,” he said. That’s the translation for laymen — the patent application, available online at, is much more detailed and complex. Landon flicks the rotor and it spins for several minutes. The model is not perfect, he said, because the parts must be precisely machined and fitted and he lacks the necessary equipment. Landon said he hopes that an entrepreneur somewhere in the U.S. will fund a working model. In the end, patent examiners will decide whether Landon’s invention is novel and useful. He expects a decision in about seven months.” – Source

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Dennis Lee agrees to stop claiming his device improves gas mileage

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

Finally, but it’s not nearly enough for all the damage this guy has done to the field of true alternative science researchers. I’ve met him and he oozes with snakeoil…

hydrogenleebust108“For decades, Dennis Lee has marketed inventions he says will help liberate America from big business and fossil fuels. He has boasted of fertilizer that grows 17-foot-tall corn and engines that run on steak sauce and soda pop. But Lee, a convicted felon, has agreed to stop claiming his latest product can turn any gas-guzzling car into a hybrid. The 63-year-old from Passaic County signed an agreement last week with the Federal Trade Commission preventing him from saying the $1,000 device significantly improves gas mileage at all. The agreement makes it nearly impossible for Lee to market his product; the government also froze his assets, a move Lee described in February as tantamount to putting him out of business. The move comes nearly six months after the FTC filed suit in U.S. District Court in Newark against Lee, who has a long history of consumer protection violations. Authorities say he has staged sales demonstration in hotel ballrooms across America, marketing products to evangelical Christians and conspiracy theorists who share his conservative religious beliefs and suspicions of the government. Device maker has a flair for drumming up business and scorn. He claimed his latest invention, the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell, could boost automobile gas mileage by as much as 300 percent by injecting hydrogen into the engine’s combustion chamber. But the FTC argued the premise was make believe. “We have a very strong case,” said Joshua Millard, a lawyer for the FTC. The agency collected sworn statements from people who bought the device and claimed it had little or no impact on gas mileage. It presented test results from an independent automotive facility in Plainfield. And it enlisted a Massachusetts Institute of Technology automotive engineering professor who reviewed the product’s technical specifications and concluded Lee’s claims were baseless. Lee and his lawyer did not return calls seeking comment.” – Source

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Designing Body Machine Interfaces

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

Fascinating concept about central pattern generators!

“Ralph Etienne-Cummings studies animals in order to make devices that could one day help paraplegics walk, the armless feel and grasp, and machines see and fly like insects. A full professor at the age of 42, Etienne-Cummings enjoys a reputation internationally as a leading researcher in biomorphics, the engineering field that uses biologically inspired principles to make prosthetic limbs, robots, and other devices. His niche is neuromorphics, the study of how animals’ muscle control and sensory systems work so engineers can model them in silicon — or, put another way, jam-pack integrated circuits into microchips that can perform the same functions as nerve cells. When a person’s spinal cord is severed, signals from the brain can’t reach regions below the break. People who have a lower-spine injury also lose the ability of nerves in their legs to “talk” to each other, making the coordination necessary for walking impossible. Etienne-Cummings has sought to replicate the nerves that fire when a person walks — bundles of so-called controller nerves that create central pattern generators, or CPGs. In a healthy person, the generators feed signals into nerve cells in the spine — cells that remain even after a spine injury — and then respond to the output. The nerve cells learn to balance and coordinate the inputs and outputs in the proper sequence for locomotion. Etienne-Cummings challenged himself to come up with a way to tap this natural process to get paralyzed people moving again. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, have implanted nerve-like wires in paraplegics, who control the wires using a computerized box attached to their belts. This “functional electro-stimulation” model can get people walking by pushing buttons to lift or lower their legs. While hailed as a step forward for science and for patients, functional electro-stimulation also takes a step back: Patients tire quickly because the method moves muscle fibers in the opposite order than nature does. In essence, the machine works against the body as much as it does with it, tiring muscles that have been programmed by nature to respond differently. Another drawback: Patients must undergo extensive surgery to implant the wires. The technique Etienne-Cummings and others are developing, called intro-spinal stimulation, will fire nerves to move muscle fibers in the order nature intended, and it won’t require wire implants or an external controller. A better idea, but one that still needs some bugs worked out. Walking requires constant, simultaneous computations, coordinated movements, and feedback to the brain. Etienne-Cummings and crew must invent a CPG that does all that.” – Source

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Earth’s protective shield is stealing our air

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

Wow, so what do we do to stop this? What if it thins our air so much that we become like Mars?

magnetospheresun108“At the poles, the magnetosphere might be aiding loss of the atmosphere, according to Stas Barabash of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna, who is principal investigator for the European Space Agency’s Venus Express mission. Barabash bases his suggestion on measurements of the flow of ions escaping from Venus, Mars and Earth. It is thought that Venus has never had a magnetosphere, whereas Mars did until its magnetic dynamo wound down 3.5 billion years ago. Taking into account the different masses of the three planets, their atmospheric make-up and their distance from the sun, Barabash compared the rate of loss of oxygen ions from each one. He focused on oxygen ions because these are the most abundant ions in the ionospheres of all three planets. He found that Earth lost oxygen around three times as fast as the other planets. Barabash points out that a planet’s magnetosphere will always be far larger than the planet itself or its atmosphere. This, he reasons, means that a planet with a magnetic field will absorb more energy from the solar wind than it would if it didn’t have one. This extra energy would be funnelled down towards the magnetic poles, so molecules in the ionosphere above these regions could be accelerated enough to escape (see diagram). Barabash presented the results this month at the International Conference on Comparative Planetology at Noordwijk in the Netherlands.” – Source

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DARPA killer AI robots to ‘participate in own construction’

Posted by keelynet on June 6, 2009

Could we buildin some kind of non maskable interrupt that would prevent them from attacking humans along the lines of Asimov’s Rules of Robotics?

“You’ve got your robots which can make copies of themselves, of course. That’s pretty scary – a runaway exponentially-multiplying machine horde, potentially able to overrun the human race in an eyeblink. But how much more scary would it be if you had a machine which could not only make copies of itself once complete, but could also participate in its own construction while it was still being built? Really quite a lot more scary, we say here on the Reg mechanoid-armageddon desk. One should bear in mind that Dr Mike Cox of DARPA has already said that SELF could be placed in charge “in the near term” of heavily armoured, hideously beweaponed main battle tanks or strike planes laden with blockbuster bombs. “Tasks in its repertoire”, then, might include “destroy all moving objects within 100 miles not designated as ‘friendly'” or “mount an immediate armoured assault on Beijing, regardless of nuclear response”. The prospect of the software unilaterally “trying to perform those tasks to verify functionality” doesn’t seem reassuring. In any case, it seems plain that building a system focused on “high-level cognition” which can “participate in its own construction” will be fraught with difficulty. You might have a notion of what you’d like it to be, but it will have its own ideas. By definition, one would have no firm picture of just what would be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world at the end of the construction process – but you would know that it’d be potentially able to make more of itself, or indeed repair itself if it got damaged. It might also be rather difficult to stop the process of building the SELF, once it had advanced beyond a certain point. Frankly the only way to be sure it can be stopped would seem to be to stop it now.” – Source

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