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External Combustion

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Another great engine discovery!

enginecycclone108“A bit more than a year ago, as oil prices climbed, two of the Big Three automakers were keenly interested in Harry Schoell’s Cyclone external combustion engine. Then the auto industry collapsed. ts advantages are many, Schoell says. It’s smaller, simpler, cleaner, quieter, more economical and it can be fueled by almost anything that will burn. The Cyclone engine works by pumping fuel and air into a round combustion chamber, where it swirls cyclonelike and burns at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Combustion gas passes into a heat exchanger, where it heats deion-ized water to 1,200 degrees under 3,200 pounds of pressure. The water turns into steam, but under pressure the steam remains in a fluid state and is referred to as a “supercritical fluid,” Schoell said. The steam passes through a valve and into a cylinder, where it expands with almost explosive force to drive a piston. When the piston is pushed to the far end of the cylinder, the steam exits through an exhaust port. From there, the steam enters another heat exchanger, where heat is recovered and cycled back to the combustion chamber. Now cooler, the steam exits the heat exchanger and enters an air-cooled condenser, where it is turned back into water and is pumped back to the first heat exchanger to go through the cycle again. The process for turning water to steam and back is a closed cycle. The engine needs fuel to produce heat to make steam, but virtually any fuel will do. Schoell has run his engines on gasoline and diesel fuel, but also on fuel made from orange peels, palm oil and chicken fat. Propane gas will work, and so will ethanol, biofuel, powered coal, municipal garbage and agricultural waste, Schoell said. “We can run it on dirty oil drained from a crankcase,” he said. “Nothing will harm the engine.” And the cyclonelike swirl of fuel and air in the combustion chamber enables complete combustion so there is little except carbon dioxide as exhaust. The Cyclone engine emits almost none of the unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide that come from an internal combustion engine. No Lubricant Needed – The deionized water – water that is highly filtered to remove impurities – serves as the engine’s lubricant as well as its source of steam, eliminating the need for oil, oil pumps or oil changes, Schoell said. There is no radiator, no need for computers to control fuel mixtures, no catalytic converter and, even when used as a car or truck engine, no transmission… A 12-by-12-by-17-inch engine and generator would be used to keep electrical equipment in the vehicles going when the main engine is turned off. That would be a big gas saver for the Abrams, which has a 1,500-horsepower gas turbine engine that burns 12 gallons of fuel an hour simply idling. The engine burns Moden fuel, a liquid fuel that the Navy describes as low-cost and environmentally friendly. The fuel contains its own oxygen, so it is able to burn in the absence of air, such as underwater and in space, Myers said. Since they are lighter and smaller than internal combustion engines, Cyclone engines might also win favor as engines for propeller-driven UAVs, Myers said. – Source


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