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Don’t forget to mail your TEA BAG LABELS! (and small RANT!)

Posted by keelynet on April 8, 2009

The idea behind the Tea Bag parties was to mail teabags to Washington, ideally to be received before April 15th, tax day…in protest for the bailout and the mess the government has gotten us all into.

Dr. Brusso who does the excellent youtube videos of Thomas Paine said not to mail actual teabags as government security will simply throw them in the trash unopened.

So if you want it OPENED and maybe a letter of protest too…just send the tea bag LABEL with or without letter…I am sending 5 labels taped onto a letter stating my concerns about bankrupting the USA…just let the companies GO BANKRUPT…the beauty of capitalism is it will self-correct…others will buy out those companies, either part them out or start anew and life will right itself and we will recover WITHOUT the government getting involved.

Heck, I’m still pissed about the feds extending their tentacles beyond their 13 mile governmental limit by using admiralty law!!! Treat them like the Vatican, they have their own little city where they can putresce all by themselves with NO SAY in how states can operate and how they govern themselves as stated in the constitution.

See the Thomas Paine videos by Dr. Brusso posted here and on youtube and get on the move with this…it might even make a difference but I think its gonna take a 5 million people LIVE march on Washington, like the movie ‘V for Vengeance’ to scare the crap out the government.

Oh and while I’m bitching…I live in central Mexico and its nothing like reported in the news. The problems are at the border towns where drug cartels are fighting over drug traffic routes.

And who the hell BUYS THE DRUGS…the USA…so what do we do to stop all this, LEGALIZE drug use…learn from what happened with prohibition of alcohol…all the problems simply went away when you can buy it legally on any corner…plus the taxes collected would save the country.

And bully for the USA for re-establishing relations with Cuba…god, 50 some odd years of hurting all those people just for political agendas…they should be offered STATEHOOD..if we can do Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, we can damn sure offer it to Cuba.

Ok, I have to refresh my rum and coke…nos vemos (seeya!)

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