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Could the Tea Parties lead to a 2nd American Revolution?

Posted by keelynet on March 31, 2009

Updated 04/02/09

YouTube Video: Glenn Beck Interviews Bob Basso – “Bob Basso became a viral sensation in March of 2009 when his two YouTube videos depicting the intellectual British pamphlet writer Thomas Paine garnered over three million viewers. The videos are in response to the banking bailouts, and feature Basso dressed as Common Sense writer Thomas Paine. He offers his political commentary via discussions on the stimulus package and calls for a second American Revolution.

Note: Basso says he was contacted by Congressional Security and told they were so far inundated by teabags which they are throwing in the trash unopened for fear of poisons or controlled substances…

So he says DO NOT SEND A COMPLETE TEABAG, just send the paper handle part so they will get the message.

You can also inundate the White house with a Toll Free Call to 1-866-340-9281 which is the Congressional Switchboard that will patch you to your representatives. ” – See the Youtube Video

Man, you GOTTA WATCH THESE TWO VIDEOS!!! I’m behind this guy 150%, he is Perot and Ron Paul on STEROIDS!


I received an email with this title, ‘Obama TERRIFIED of 2nd American Revolution’ and it goes into some detail with links about this guy named Dr. Bob Basso, here is what I received;

See blog below: TEA PARTY canceled by Governor of Florida because he feared TOO MANY PEOPLE would show up.

The Jerry Doyle Show Discusses Obama’s Attempt To Intimidate Dr. Bob Basso After Revolution Video Is Released On YouTube

unclesam2Obama worried about the 2nd American Revolution

Dr. Bob Basso, the guy that made the Youtube videos where he dresses up as Thomas Paine, coming back from the past to warn Americans about their country, received a call from yours truly, Barack Obama.

Apparently Obama was pissed off that Dr. Basso’s videos were gaining speed and he “invited him to the White House to discuss the nature of these disturbing videos”.

We put the latest video in question up on the main page at along with a 10min. audio from the Jerry Doyle show that explains matters further.

Jerry Doyle has been interviewing Dr. Basso on a regular basis. Not only was Dr. Basso warned by Obama not to go public about the interview, Jerry Doyle’s show also received a call from the administration warning them not to air it.

That didn’t deter either of them…. they immediately told everyone what was going on, putting a hitch in the giggy of Obama’s plans. Jerry Doyle believes that the warnings were made to give the Obama administration time to turn Dr. Basso into a rerun of Joe The Plumber.

Glen Beck is also covering this story as far as we know. WND did a short article on it. But the Doyle audio explains much more than either of the two. We refined it last night since podcasts of the show are pay-only.

Keep an eye on this story and spread it to your friends. There’s no good reason why Obama is inviting this man to the White House. Basso is calling for a march on Washington soon and he may just be the man to accomplish it!

YouTuber Dr. Bob Basso Summoned to White House to Discuss
“the disturbing nature of the videos“.

The Jerry Doyle Show Discusses Obama’s Attempt To Intimidate
Dr. Bob Basso After Revolution Video Is Released On YouTube
I clicked on the link for ‘The Second American Revolution’ – Thomas Paine, author of “Common Sense,” returns to modern times to pleas for a sec… and it returns ‘internal server error’ but shows – 8 months ago 2,876,522 views Funbobbasso, but now it works so I have links to both of them here for ease of watching.

And the other video We The People Stimulus Package does play.

WOW! This guy is Excellent! Let’s see how it goes! I’m sending two tea bags as my start…

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