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My Quest for Practical Gravity Control

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2009

wirescreen108Quite simply, Gravity is NOT a pull, Gravity is a PUSH from the zero point energy field into mass.

Think of it as bubbles under water where the water is pressing on the bubble trying to implode it.

In the case of matter, zero point energy pushes into the neutral centers of mass to not only create it but also give it materiality.

We are held to the planet like wind pushing flies against a wirescreen.

As zero point energy flows into the neutral centres of mass, the effect of gravity and weight are produced. We can RESTRICT this flow using technology to reduce and even cancel ‘weight’.

I am seeking funding to re-discover how to control the flow of gravity into local mass to produce weight reduction for practical use, based on my own discoveries of gravity and how it works. Make me an offer. – Source


One Response to “My Quest for Practical Gravity Control”

  1. rock3232 said

    Thought You may be intrested in the way I see gravity… I have a good deal more…

    *“The assumptions of quantum gravity are generally that such a theory will prove to be both simple and elegant, so many physicists attempt to work backward, predicting a theory that they feel might account for the symmetries observed in current physics and then seeing if those theories work.” *

    1. Gravity as 360 perfect pressure

    Gravity is an external pressure that is the building material for all matter. Gravity is exerted inward from 360 degrees and pushes in, on and through all matter in the universe, from the smallest of sub atomic matter imaginable up to the largest star, all with a constant fluid 3 dimensional pressure radiating inward to every zero point in every possible location in our infinite universe. Gravity targets every 3-dimensional combinations of “zero points” in the universe. Gravity is reduced only slightly by small objects and it is reduced immensely by large bodies. All matter causes “shadows” as gravity passes through it, regardless if the matter is solid, liquid, gaseous or any type of radiation. From photons to radio waves and even gamma rays, all are pushed around the universe by gravity. Gravity simultaneously targets every unit of matter in every corner of the Universe simultaneously, as if each part of an atom is the “perfect center”. Gravity pressurizes down and through all matter, permeating and filling it as it pushes through all matter on all levels, to any depth and then pushing out the other side just slightly slower then it entered, in the case of small objects as observed by us, but gravity can be slowed immensely by larger objects such as a star or a ‘Black Star”. Gravities exit through matter is slowed relative to the size and density of the matter, so on larger scales we can detect this reduction easily but on a human scale from our perspective here on Earth and further down to the sub atomic scale of matter, gravity becomes more and more difficult to feel the effects, the smaller an object becomes. All matter that exists in the endless ocean of gravity displays the properties of being a solid ocean that all matter exists in, and this solid ocean of gravity moves freely around and through all space as it targets and passes through every zero point in the universe. There is no such thing as a gravity free environment, and what we call “weightless space” is due to our perception that we float in space seemingly without weight. But in truth when a person is in a position in space away from larger objects ‘he’ becomes the “center” and in free space gravity targets “him” so he is seemingly floating in space as a result. Gravity had no positive or negative charge, it is neutral.

    From any and every zero point in the universe, gravity radiates through and back out in this endless ocean of our universe with the possibility of concentric rings being created by gravity at any location in the universe. Gravity pushes through all things and push light and radiation along with it this is why we see light and this is how everything is pushed around the universe from these zero points. The only thing that causes space as we observe it not to be geometrically perfect is dark matter and other large bodies of matter casting its shadow cause matter in space to be asymmetrical.


    Then there is ether… Ether fills our universe, our galaxy, our solar system and our atoms like a 3 dimensional blanked but this gives the universe its traction, and the flow of ether is what moves galaxies stars and planets. Ether fills in the “shadows” created by matter as gravity radiates through it slower then it entered. This ether is manufactured by the infinite speed and the 3 dimensional crossing of gravity. The intersecting of gravity at infinite speed splinters gravity, causing micro sub atomic matter “ether” to be created and this new matter is then also targeted by gravity in the same way as described above. This ether is now subject to a speed limit that I believed to be slightly greater than the speed of light, but much slower then infinitely fast gravity. Then either sits in empty space until this ether encounters a galaxy and ultimately a solar system where the ether fills in the shadows caused by matter as gravity passes through it. What we can’t see around each galaxy, star or planet is the elliptical sphere of either surrounding each of these bodies in space… The motion of the stars and the planets are directly related to a transfer of ether as bodies move through the ether pushing through it in deep space. The solar system and all the planets push through this ether but on an angle. Our galaxy and our sun as it travels through this either shields as it absorbs some of this ether. And the ether as it is shielded and absorbed causes the Sun and the planets to spin and it also causes them to tilt on their axis as well. The angle of the either depend upon where the sun is in relation to the galaxy. Ether forced into the planets and stars creates new atoms at each body’s core. Ether has positive and negative properties’ related to its self and also on a larger scale as it surrounds a planet, star or galaxy. Ether is the building block for the atom and the reason Stars and planets grow.

    2. Gravity as infinitely small and large / hence a blanket/solid/liquid

    It appears to be infinitely small and infinitely large at the same time. A ‘unit’ is so small that it can be both a positive and negative at the same instance and indiscernible from its neighbor. So at the same time a ‘unit’ of gravity appears to be one 3-dimensional sheet of infinite matter. Gravity seems to be spread evenly and uniformly through the entire universe displaying properties of a solid, a liquid and a gas all at once. Gravity permeates all matter in the universe to its core, it penetrates and pressurizes the atoms of all matter and flows through everything throughout the entire universe equally, as if everything we observe on earth and in space is inside one solid mass, all with equally uniformed pressure… Imagine that our daily existence is carried out inside and flowing through a container that could be thought of as a solid, liquid and/or gas.

    How it works…

    A single beam of Gravity travels simultaneously at an infinite speed in both directions at the same time. As gravity passes through a mass it balances the mass to the masses core, but for every mile gravity travels through matter gravity exits the matter weakened by .01515 miles/hour for each mile it traveled through the matter to the matter’s surface. This effect reaches up to the matter’s escape vector, the point where the bands of full force gravity are strong enough to support a smaller matter, allowing it to maintain its own “center’ in seemingly free space. But it is important to note, No matter is ever free from the “Shadows” cast in the gravitational blanket that makes up our universe.

    Our Sun casts its gravitational shadow on all the planets in our solar system. This shadow causes a weakness in the blanket of gravity that causes the planets to push toward the weakness, like a basketball sitting on a shot glass. But at the rim of the shot glass, the enormous strength of the bands of full force gravity, as well as the crossing bands of gravity create a super strong weave, supporting the planet and keeping it in its orbit perfectly. This shot glass effect is what causes our tides, as the planet pushes toward the Sun, the Suns gravitational shadow bows out the Earth’s surface in the right facing area, At the same time the Earth’s shadow is doing exactly the same back to the Sun, just in a smaller scale. This is how all the objects in space react and interact with one another and everything in our universe can be geometrically mapped out. But not until we take into consideration the unseen matter that our current science wishes to ignore and calculate the effects ether has on all the bodies in our galaxy as well.

    As we know, most all which we observe in our universe is spherical in shape. But we have only half the picture. Today’s science does understand that our solar system is also filled with sub-atomic matter or ether, invisibly filling the “empty” space. The shape of this sub-atomic matter creates an enormous invisible ellipse around our planet, moon and our solar system and galaxy. All as our solar system travels around our galaxy which also is surrounded by this invisible bubble of sub-matter. Science knows this, but chooses to believe that this nearly infinite ocean of sub-matter either, has no effect on the workings of our universe and they do not wish to account for in the calculations. For example, the invisible ellipse around our solar system also must be accounted for in the same way as I explained gravity interacting with matter above, so a .01515 mile per hour reduction in the fabric of empty space must be accounted for, for every mile gravity travels through the either of the galaxy or solar system. This is the reason for the pull back presently being felt by our voyager mission. We did not account for the escape vector of our solar system and the immense velocity needed to exit our solar system. My explanation, along with the facts that have come to light with the Voyager mission substantiates this theory…

    Neither Newton nor Einstein’s works can explain this Voyager phenomenon. And neither takes into account the nearly infinite amount of sub-matter tonnage surrounding our universe in any of their equations.

    We cannot move onto the next plane of thinking until science embraces that space is not empty and there is no such thing as zero gravity in natural space.

    Paul LaRocca

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