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Modeling and Tapping Casimir forces

Posted by keelynet on March 9, 2009

We get ever closer to learning how to practically extract energy from the aether/zpe ‘quantum foam’.

casimir“Place two conducting parallel plates a few nanometres apart and the well-known but difficult-to-measure Casimir force will push them together. The force depends crucially on the shape of the plates but nobody is exactly sure how. That’s because calculations with anything other than flat plates are fiendishly difficult and measurements are even harder.

Now a group at MIT has come up with an ingenious new way to investigate Casimir forces. What the team has noticed is a mathematical analogy between the Casimir force acting on microscopic bodies in a vacuum and the electromagnetic behavior of macroscopic bodies floating in a conducting fluid.

Their idea is to build a centimeter-scale metal model of the system they want to investigate, place it in salt water, and bombard it with microwaves and see what happens. The team says the experiment does not measure the force on the scale model but instead a quantity that is mathematically related to the force.

So the experiment is not a simulator but actually an analog computer that calculates the force (abstract). What’s exciting is that the method should for the first time give researchers a way of testing nano-machines designed to exploit the Casimir force.” – Source

“It now seems, however, that physicists should have seen a long time ago-that is, long before the recent discoveries-that matter and the ether are intimately connected, that they are unceasingly inter-changing energies, and are in no way two separate worlds.

Matter continuously emits luminous or calorific radiations, and can absorb them. Down to the absolute zero it radiates continuously-that is to say, emits ethereal vibrations. The agitations of matter propagate themselves in the ether, and those of the ether in matter, and without this propagation there would be neither light nor heat.

The ether and matter are one thing under different forms, and we cannot put them asunder. If we had not taken as a starting point the narrow view that light and heat are imponderable agents because they appear to add nothing to the weight of bodies, the distinction between the ponderable and the imponderable, to which scholars attach so much importance, would long ago have vanished.” – Gustave Le Bon

“The place of the material world in the universe is that of an exquisitely beautiful precipitate or varied cloud-work in the universal aether, determined by geometrical necessity.” – Professor John G. MacVicar 1870

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