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Romanian claims Free Energy Generator

Posted by keelynet on February 20, 2009

This seemed like something that needs to be posted. I wish the guy had done some actual testing with meters to determine input versus output. You’ll note he used speaker magnets but realizes that supermagnets (neodymium and rare earth magnets) will produce even more power.

FREE ELECTRICAL GENERATOR from an old car-ALTERNATOR !!! (Also: how to put a magnet instead of a coil.)

(Apparently this guy doesn’t know that all car generators up to 1964 used permanent magnets when they changed to use electrically excited windings. HOWEVER, I met a guy named Mr. Wilson who claimed to have a self-running free energy machine where the secret was using these old style permanent magnet car generators. – JWD)



Those generators and even modern day alternators (rectified to DC) produced 12VDC at anywhere from 40-60amps which ranges from 480Watts up to 720Watts.

I doubt its free energy unless you use Mr. Wilson’s gravity flywheel aided system to charge batteries. This is of course similar to John Bedinis’ ‘Gravity Field Generator’ that claimed 800% efficiency back in the early 1980’s.

Mr. Wilson was in his 80’s and never heard of John Bedini or anyone else, he just came up with the design and tweaked it until it worked.

You might also be interested in Mr. Wilson’s circuit diagram for his claimed flywheel overunity device.


2 Responses to “Romanian claims Free Energy Generator”

  1. […] by keelynet on February 21, 2009 With reference to an earlier post here Romanian claims Free Energy Generator, that in turn referenced my meeting with Mr. Wilson in East Texas back in the 1990s, I received […]

  2. Jozel Max said

    Hello all!
    I know im no scientist.. I am very far away from that, but still i have this dream of finding out a method to generate free energy out of the magnetic field that the earth provides us… A few years ago i´ve tried it… But no sucess, ive even followed some examples posted on youtube but some of them ended up to be fake… Well there was one method tough that left me amazed. Some guy used a speaker magnet and a wheel wich was balanced to return infinite cycles wich caused the so called perpetual movement… That theory looks perfect to me… yet it needs perfectioning…!

    Free Energy Generator Working???

    I´m trying to develop my own method without any math… I hope i get lucky though…! Regards to all and… Good luck (trying to) saving what is ours…!

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