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Negative Hallucinations

Posted by keelynet on February 18, 2009

With regard to the prior post about ‘The Secret of Invisibility’, I have twice experienced a similar effect which I have learned is called a negative hallucination. At the time I was deep in concentration and someone was looking for me and walked right past and DIDN’T SEE ME. I think many of us have experienced something similar where we are so intent on looking for something that it can be right in our sight, yet we do not see it.

hallucination108With my two experiences with others, though I noticed them, I watched and they still didn’t see me though looking right at me!!! It was astounding and I never forgot it…they asked where the hell did you come from as they’d been looking and simply COULDN’T SEE!!!

There is a hypnotist named Leslie LeCron who wrote a book called ‘Experimental Hypnosis’. In it he says when he goes to parties and people find out he is a hypnotist they want party he obliges.

At one party he met a charming young lady who was there with her boyfriend who he also met. He hypnotized her for the amusement of the crowd and once she was under, he instructed her boyfriend to go into an adjoining room so he couldn’t be seen. The boyfriend obliged and the hypnotist gave the girl a post hypnotic command that when she awoke, she would not be able to see her boyfriend until the hypnotist snapped his fingers.

So he wakes her up and the boyfriend comes back in but he has one hand behind his back so no one could see what he was holding. The girl looked right at him in amazement and people asked her ‘whats’s wrong?’…she asked ‘Don’t you see that!!!’ They asked ‘What’ and she said that ROSE FLOATING IN THE AIR!!!

Everyone else could only see the boyfriend but no one knew he had the rose as he just decided to surprise her. When the hypnotist snapped his fingers, the boyfriend suddenly appeared to the girlfriend and she nearly fainted. That was when he moved his hand from his back and presented her with the rose to the total astonishment of everyone in the crowd including the hypnotist.

The phenomenon is called ‘negative hallucination’ where you can mask out objects. It’s much like layers in a photoshopping type program where you can suppress a layer to see what is behind it.

I met Vendyl Jones, the inspiration for Indiana Jones, through David Fasold, an archeologist friend we both knew. Vendyl has been looking for the Ark of the Covenant for many years in a place called the ‘Cave of the Blue Column’ in a valley in Israel. His team goes there in November and December when it is cooler but still tops 100 degrees inside this cave. They have to dig in this heat and its very stressful.

Vendyl invited David and I to go with him and his team to a conference on side-scanning radar which he was looking into to help uncover items underground. At that time, I suggested to him that he might use this ‘negative hallucination’ phenomena to cancel the earth, make the subject see as if through glass, any objects underground. He said he didn’t have any confidence in it but I don’t know of anyone who has ever tried this and think it could be an incredible method for uncovering hidden and buried artefacts including treasures.

For hoots I did some searches and found an article I wrote way back in 1997;

Mental Invisibility & the Cloud of Confusion – “While talking to a friend recently, we both noticed a tendency to sometimes lose things. They just aren’t where we remembered putting them. After much searching, we go back to an area we just looked and voila, the item is suddenly there.

Rather than attributing these mysterious disappearances to elves or poltergiests, we decided it must be some kind of stress induced ‘negative hallucination,’ a condition where you are prevented from seeing something that you really need at the moment.

This triggered a memory of an InterNet page that talks about ‘Spontaneous Invisibility.’ I asked another friend who is a psychologist if she had ever heard of any studies being done on this subject, she said not to her knowledge but she did provide the title of the book ‘Secrets of Invisibility’ by Dallas resident Steve Richards (his pseudonym).

I’ve had this book for several years and been trying to meet Mr. Richards through a mutual friend but to date we’ve not been able to arrange a meeting. My friend tells me he is very secretive, partly because he published much of what he learned after swearing secrecy to various occult orders. One of his other interesting books is ‘Practical Levitation.’ Both of these books used to be available from Lewellyn Press.

In the book on invisibility, Richards comments on a technique of inducing a ‘mental confusion’ in your target subject. This takes two forms, one of which is a cloud or mental fog which is impressionable by another’s thoughts, the other takes advantage of the brain not wanting to deal with anything that doesn’t immediately fit into the person’s view of reality, such as a chaotic or complex image.

When looking towards such an area, the eye will jump past the overly complex image, seeking to find familiar visual territory that doesn’t require a high degree of analysis. This phenomenon has been noted with the Indians who could not see the first Spanish ships that were clearly visible in the harbor. Only when someone else described what they were seeing, could the rest of the group begin to see the reality. Almost like a visual hundredth monkey effect.

There is also a hard to find book about Russian mentalist and paranormal researcher Vasiliev. In this book, Vasiliev talks about passing a blank piece of paper to a bank teller who gives him 1000 rubles in return. He projected an image into the tellers’ mind that the paper was a cashiers check in the amount of 1000 rubles. The money was returned after witnesses testified to the success of the experiment.

Another experiment was based on a bet with Stalin. Many of the Russian scientists had no patience with paranomal investigations, but Vasiliev and some of his colleagues wanted to establish a research institute to investigate and perfect useful techniques.

Vasiliev made a bet with Stalin that if he could appear in Stalin’s private study at 8PM on a specified weeknight, Stalin would agree to establish a research institute for paranormal investigations.

Stalin was always heavily guarded, even at home, so he thought this would be a sure bet. On the appointed night, Stalin was sitting in front of his fireplace reading, when the clock struck 8PM, he heard a clearing of the throat, looked up and saw Vasiliev sitting in an armchair opposite him.

Stalin immediately called in the guards and demanded to know how Vasiliev had gotten past all of them. Each denied they had seen Vasiliev that night. Finally, before Stalin could have them all put to death, Vasiliev explained that he had projected the image of one of Stalin’s most trusted advisors into the minds of the soldiers as he walked through.

This advisor was of such high rank that he was allowed to come and go without challenge by the soldiers. It was at this point that Stalin was convinced of the usefulness of psychic research and funded the highly effective Russian paranormal research efforts.” – Source


One Response to “Negative Hallucinations”

  1. skylarkn said

    Not sure if this was a case of negative hallucinations or not, but my presence certainly was ignored. I wandered over to your site earlier and tried to sign up, but after the fifth time of being told I had to leave a comment and that my comments were always too long – regards of how short, I had the distinct impression good ol’ yahoo wouldn’t acknowledge me come hell or high water… Having been made to feel as welcome as Mr. Ballmer I’ve lost interest in joining but I thought that after going to the trouble of thinking of a couple comments I’d just leave them here where my presence has always been politely acknowledged (yea, WordPress!:)

    #1) “To grasp the nature of the whirl wind, is to touch upon the essence of aetheric phenomena”.

    #2) “Gravity is more about ordered flows and pressure differentials in the aetheric medium than anything else.”

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