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Archive for February 17th, 2009

Interesting new Information about Invisibility

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

stfrancis200Recently, I received an email from the author of a peculiar document called ‘The Secret of Invisibility’ which comes with a bonus document called ‘Wizard’s Book of Animal Secrets’. I checked out the page and of course it tested my credulity but hey, I’m open to new things and had written a file on invisiblity back in 1990 and posted on the old KeelyNet BBS.

But having two personal experiences with a form of invisibility which I have found is called ‘negative hallucination’, the author kindly sent me review copies.

To put it mildly, I couldn’t stop reading it. I think because my background involved a lot of paranormal and occult material, as well as experiments. I was and am always trying to correlate all information to science and practical, VERIFIABLE techniques. I was very pleased with the material and decided to offer it on KeelyNet (already posted) and on my Vanguard Sciences pages (thats in the works).

The Wizard’s Book of Animal Secrets I also couldn’t put down as it explained so many tricks, how they are done and how you can do them. I kept thinking of St. Francis of Assisi outside with his arms out and birds landing on his head, shoulders and arms with no fear and sure enough the document tells you how to do this. Amazing!

“This isn’t new… far from it. The fantastic rumors of human invisibility have been whispered throughout the generations. Deep beyond the furthest reaches of time, the ancients had discovered the keys of human invisibility and could walk unseen among people.They’d vanish from sight, even in the middle of a crowd, only to reappear as they wished and desired.

Thousands of years passed. Empires grew and decayed. Kingdoms crumbled, laying buried and forgotten but the astounding rumors never died: Invisibility was possible!

IT WAS TRUE. Those who controlled the invisibility secret could manifest an invisible state and could walk freely among people; doing almost anything while completely invisible to the naked eye. The Secret of Invisibility has survived the ages but was always under the control of its strict masters… Until NOW!” – Source

I will soon have a page posted with feedback from people who bought this on eBay at almost double the price since he has offered it at a reduced price for KeelyNet and Vanguard Sciences visitors. Many of them are very short notes just saying they got it, but there are also many who say it was very interesting and thanks for making it available. I am one who thinks these two documents had information sufficiently valuable to be in my library and I plan to practice and see if I can duplicate what happened to me twice in my life so far.

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Best Economic Quote Ever

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

A friend sent this as a warning about socialist thinking which the US seems to be moving toward with the new administration.

moneyfist“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.

What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them,

and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” ~ The late Dr. Adrian Rogers

Democracy doing it’s insidious work…

What happened to our beloved United States of America?

From the Constitution of the United States;

Article. IV. Section. 4. – The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…

I ask you to THINK about this, REPUBLIC, not Democracy! When did the USA change from a Republic to a Democracy? Who did it benefit?

flagtatter1“A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.

From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a Dictatorship.

Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative Republican form of government.

They “made a very marked distinction between a republic and a democracy * * * and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic.”

And we need to understand that there are distinct differences between a Republic and a Democracy;

“A republic is a government in which a restricted group of citizens form a political unit, usually under the auspice of a charter, which directs them to elect representatives who will govern the state. Republics, by their very nature, tend to be free polities, not because they are elected by the citizens of the polity, but because they are bound by charters, which limit the responsibilities and powers of the state. The fact that people vote for representatives has nothing to do with making anything free. The logical consistency and rationality of the charter, as well as the willingness of the people to live by it, is what keeps people free.

A democracy is government by the majority. There is still a restricted group of citizens in a democracy, but this group rules directly and personally runs the state. The group may delegate specific tasks to individuals, such as generalships and governorships, but there is no question that the ruling force in a democracy is not a charter (if there even is a charter), but the vote of the majority. Democracies are free only if the people know what freedom is and are consistent in their application of it. If they don’t know this, or more appropriately, if a majority of the people don’t know this, then a democracy could be just as tyrannical as the worst dictator (see Socrates’ forced suicide by the Athenian democracy.)

As should be plain, there is a giant difference between the two systems of government. One of the main fears at the Constitutional Convention of the United States was that the government they created would be too democratic (causing Alexander Hamilton to suggest a restricted monarchy), because it was quite obvious, then and now, that any majority could vote itself anything it wanted, be it property or executions. That is why it irks me so much when politicians (who have no excuse not knowing what kind of government they serve in) and ignorant people say that this country is a democracy; it does a tremendous disservice to all of the people whose thought went into creating our republic.

But the more pernicious effect is that people actually begin to attribute and incorporate tenets of democracies into our republican structure. Things like referendums and ballot initiatives. These are not only irresponsible but entirely illogical. Why should we be making decisions we elect people to make? What legitimacy is gained from getting a majority of voters to pass anything? If 70% of voters vote to ban gay marriage, does that make it right? If 51% of voters vote to ban smoking, does that make it right? If 99.99% vote to redistribute property, does that make it right? The answer to all of these is “NO!” absolutely not. Truth isn’t determined by how many adherents one can get to go along with you. This is why democracy should be fought off wherever it shows its ugly face, it can and will be used to justify anything a majority of voters wants. Theoretically, a majority could vote for selective free speech, or to have certain unpopular people thrown out of the country or killed. There is no law in a democracy except whatever the majority of people say is the law.

Why is it so popular then? Because idiots think they will benefit from having “more of a say in how things work.” True, if you’re in the majority that is. Advocates of democracy are either those who are really advocates of republics and are ignorant of the difference, or they are those who think they will be in the majority and will be able to vote themselves benefits. A quick example would be wealth. Those who admire people like Michael Moore and Ralph Nader would advocate a democracy because then they could steal the money of the rich and give it to themselves (Moore and Nader wouldn’t support such a scheme, because then they would no longer be rich.)

In the long run though, a democracy will always become a tyranny, either by majority, or if the majority screw things up so badly and a tyrant seizes power from the ensuing chaos. The overriding characteristic of democracy is subjectivism and that is its fatal flaw. In other words, reason is irrelevant, whatever the majority wants, it gets and regardless of how unprincipled or objectionable it may be. Rights cannot exist in such a system in the long run because they can be voted away on a whim at any time. So if you’re interested in freedom at all you must cast away an ugly term like democracy and accept that freedom requires reason, objectivity, and law, which can only be satisfied by a republican government.” – Source

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Saudi Oil Minister Warns Against Hasty Transition to Renewable Energy

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

Are they finally getting it? That we WILL convert to renewable energy sources and they can go pound sand, all caused by their greed in overpricing oil.

saudiarms“According to Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister Ali Naimi, renewable energy sources are not fully equipped to meet the world’s energy demands and that governments should avoid making huge investments in developing clean energy systems.

At a conference in Houston, Mr. Naimi argued that recent injection of billions of dollars by governments to develop renewable energy systems could lead to the collapse of the oil industry. He said that such steps would drive away investors which would hurt the oil producing nations as demand and prices of oil products has been falling sharply.

His remarks were clearly aimed at the Obama administration which is reversing President Bush’s policies by openly encouraging massive investments in the renewable energy sector.” – Source

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Cure for Diabetes

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

Another amazing medical cure claim!

“Louis Nelson has been credited with finding the cure for Diabetes, considered the sixth largest killer disease in Nigeria and a medical condition that reportedly afflicts about 123 million people worldwide.

Diabetes, simply the failure of the pancreas to break down sugar, resulting in all forms of complications, is treated with the external injection of insulin and diet management, Nelson’s original contribution is a herb-based drug that can be administered orally as capsule, tablet or syrup.

Clinical trials have shown that the drug indeed cures diabetes. This must be a great relief to all persons living with diabetes who go through a rigorous health management routine.

Nelson obtained a patent for his discovery from the United States Patent Office in 2003, and on February 3, 2009, he signed an agreement with GDPAU, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company for the commercialization of the drug known as Antidiabetic Phaytopharmaceutical.

In its February 4 report, the ThisDay newspaper gushed: “History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes”. We are told: “The drug which was said to have been administered on many diabetic victims (sic), has been found to be very safe and highly effective. It was also said to have corrected erective (sic) dysfunctions noticed in those victims (sic).” – Source

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Leukemia patients treated with arsenic, vitamin A

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

This is an incredible claim but if true, it could save a lot of people.

“Doctors appear to have safely and successfully treated patients with cancer of the blood and bone marrow with a combination of arsenic and vitamin A, according to long-term study in China. In an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the doctors said they prescribed the regimen to 85 patients and monitored them for an average of 70 months.

Of these, 80 patients went into complete remission and the researchers did not find any associated long-term problems in their heart or lungs and there was no development of secondary cancers.

“Two years after their treatment, the patients had arsenic blood and urine levels well below safety limits, and only slightly higher than controls,” they wrote. “The treatment was effective … and worked better than either drug given alone.” The authors recommended that the treatment be given to patients with blood and bone marrow cancer, or acute promyelocytic Leukemia.” – Source

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To Alter or Abolish

Posted by keelynet on February 17, 2009

A friend sent me this interesting link, but I don’t know how valid the story of origin is;

“The following letter was found left behind at a local drinking establishment; the authors’ identity is unknown. It is passed along without comment.”

congressbloat“Dear Federal Government,

Drop dead.

Excuse us. Some may consider such bluntness to be indecorous, but why beat around the bush? In any case, we’ve been around this bush (Bush?) too many times to count already. It’s time to let you know what we really think of you, what we say behind your back, what we whisper to each other when you leave the room.

We hate you. We want you to drop dead. Or, anyway, to go away and never come back. You are not welcome anymore. We have tolerated you – and we emphasize “tolerated” – for a long time, long after whatever romance there may have been was gone. We can pretend no more.

You are disgraceful, boorish, nauseating, corrupt, shameful, arrogant, dishonest, self-serving, parasitic, disgusting, hypocritical, and rotten to the core. You have not even one redeeming quality.

There is nothing you offer that we want any longer. We’re not even sure what it is we ever saw in you to begin with.

We suppose you can be forgiven if this letter comes as a shock. “Why,” you say, “what do you mean? I still command great respect and inspire widespread adulation. And I still care about you. Isn’t it obvious?”

It’s true that, in public, we often nod our heads and agree with you, even defer or appear to defer to you. But we assure you that this happens not out of respect; rather, it arises merely from the fact that you have a lot of guns and a bad temper. Inside, we are seething and resentful. Inside, we imagine your demise in the most vivid and gratifying of ways. We may fear your irrational and violent behavior, but we manifestly do not respect or agree with you. We don’t love you. We don’t even like you. (See the part about hate, above.)

At any rate, our revulsion toward you has finally come to outweigh any fear we have of you. We refuse to keep our real feelings in for even one more second. We want you gone from our lives. And we mean completely. Vamoose. Go. Die.

Please understand we aren’t here to argue. No special new subsidy, tax break, or privileged “loophole” is going to sway our opinion or make us change our minds about this. We’ve been there, done that, for too many decades to count now. Likewise, your threats are starting to make us yawn and even laugh. You see, we know all your tricks now. We can see through your lies because we’ve heard them all so many times before. We are fully aware of your true nature, and we see that that nature is radioactive evil, wrapped in a tattered blanket of ignorance, foolishness, and stupidity.

Look, we know it’s only a matter of time anyway. Your dimwittedness, greed, fraudulence, and moral bankruptcy are finally starting to catch up to you. Even your former employees admit as much. Do you remember Paul Craig Roberts, one of your past Treasury officials? Today he says of your latest economy-wrecking and warmongering efforts:

“The world has never seen such total mindlessness. Napoleon’s and Hitler’s marches into Russia were rational acts compared to the mindless idiocy of the United States government.”

Mindless idiocy: We could not have said it better ourselves. Wait, yes, we could have, because we would have also mentioned your meanness and malevolence.

Our state governments are starting to feel the same way about you that we do. Many are openly refusing to obey your so-called “REAL ID” attempt at creating a national “your papers, please” regime of Hitlerian proportions. Some are even starting to make noises about the Tenth Amendment, which reiterates that you aren’t allowed to just do anything you feel like doing. (We are not big fans of our state governments either, but at least they don’t start wars, counterfeit our money, and prop up tyrannies across the globe.)

You see? Look in the mirror for once. The emperor not only hasn’t got any clothes, he’s a quadruple amputee demanding that everyone admire his muscular physique. We don’t know whether to laugh at or feel pity for such a pathetic creature.

In conclusion and just so we’re clear: We’re done. Pack up and get out. Better yet, don’t pack – all that stuff belongs to us in the first place. Just get out. And when you finally, mercifully, do kick the bucket, please make sure it is in some place far away from us, where we won’t have to smell the stench of your hideous, rotting corpse.


Every Normal Human Being in America and the Rest of the World” – Source

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