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Other useful Firefox addons

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2009

In some older accounts, I have lost the password to login though it still shows up on the screen in the form of asterisks (*******). Before on my winME system I used a free program called Revealer that would convert the asterisks to their true form so I could record them. However, Revealer doesn’t work with XP so I’d given up on having that neat little trick to save me.

So I was pleased when going through the Firefox Addons pages to find a slick little program called Unhide Passwords.

unhide“If you aren’t concerned about someone looking over your shoulder and stealing your passwords,

why hassle with those obfuscated password fields, where you never know whether you typed your 30 character code correctly or not…

This extension shows the contents of password fields in cleartext (instead of the asterisks), to make that process a bit easier.”

Another useful timesaver will check broken links of any page you have loaded. It is very useful for me when I write the KeelyNet pages since I often have multiple links. With Internet pages being so transient, you can’t rely on websites having the stability to just be there for years so when the page goes away, your link dies and without any notification to you.

Sure, FrontPage and some other website creators will notify you of broken links, but I don’t like the lack of control with them, so I just write my own and check the html code every now and then to clean up errors.

I found a useful addon that will show you which links are broken on any displayed page and you can add LinkChecker which will save you the time of chasing links only to get 404s.

“Check the validity of links on any webpage.”

The use of various themes in the form of addons lets you choose dozens and dozens of optional designs. For myself, I like simple, clean and SMALL, so I prefer a compact version of icons called LittleFox.

littlefox“LittleFox, designed for optimal screen usage, leaving lots of room for browsing. For Firefox 2.0, and 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 nightlies.

Includes support for personas, forecastfox, tabbrowser preferences, fusion, reloadevery, stumbleupon, gmail, basics, calendar, downloadstatusbar, quicknote, offline, rss-reader, sage, scrapbook, reminderfox, and tbx. Tested with downloadmgr, flatbookmark, foxamp, googlebar, spoofstick, and many more.”

To spice up the drab tabs, I like Colorful Tabs.

colorfultabs“The most beautiful yet the simplest add-on that makes a strong colorful appeal.

Colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface.”

It’s nice to be aware of what is happening with your browser so another great addon is Extended Statusbar.

extended“A Statusbar with speed, percentage, time and loaded size (similar to Opera’s one). Adds an Opera-like statusbar that shows: – percentage of the page loaded, – number of loaded images, – bytes downloaded, – average download speed, – load time.” (This one is my favorite other than LittleFox.)

In the same vein of keeping track of browser stats, the StatusBar EX addon is also very useful.

statusbar“Show some useful information on statusbar of firefox, such as the memory usage, network speed, and more!

And you can select which one to be shown or hidden,and you can also select the text color to display.”

It’s great to tell you how much memory Firefox is using as well as keeping track of your hard drive space.

effectAnother slick effect for tabs is this 3d rotator called Tab Effect. It is simple, effective and will impress your friends.

And for added security, another excellent addon is Stealther.

stealther“If there are times you want to surf the web without leaving a trace in your local computer, then this is the right extension for you. What it does is temporarily disable the following:

– Browsing History (also in Address bar)
– Cookies
– Downloaded Files History
– Disk Cache
– Saved Form Information
– Sending of ReferrerHeader
– Recently Closed Tabs list

None of the affected options gets cleared totally as opposed to some other extensions which enable you to wipe these privacy issues with a single click, but at the same time leaving you without the history of your frequently visited websites.

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