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Archive for February 7th, 2009

Intriguing UFO report

Posted by keelynet on February 7, 2009

Saturday afternoon, taking a break from cleaning and reorganizing my house. Microwaved some caldo de res (beef stew) and sat down to watch TV. Happened on Unexplained Mysteries which is shown on Channel 82 here in Mexico, well on MegaCable. This episode was about UFOs so the previews made it look interesting enough to get my notepad.

ufokeck108The one that caught my interest was an incident in Kecksburg, PA in 1965. They showed a drawing of something that looked like an acorn or a short condom with a ring around the bottom.

One of the people who saw it said it was big enough for a man to stand up in. Also that it made no noise when in flight.

“A large, brilliant fireball was seen by thousands in at least six states and Ontario, Canada. It streaked over the Detroit, Michigan/Windsor, Ontario area, reportedly dropped metal debris over Michigan and northern Ohio, and caused sonic booms in western Pennsylvania. It was generally assumed and reported by the press to be a meteor.

However, eyewitnesses in the small village of Kecksburg, about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, claimed something crashed in the woods. A boy said he saw the object land; his mother saw a wisp of blue smoke arising from the woods and alerted authorities.

Others from Kecksburg, including local volunteer fire department members, reported finding an object in the shape of an acorn and about as large as a Volkswagen Beetle. Writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics was also said to be in a band around the base of the object.

Witnesses further reported that intense military presence, most notably the United States Army, secured the area, ordered civilians out, and then removed the object on a flatbed truck. At the time, however, the military claimed they searched the woods and found “absolutely nothing”. – Source

Another report about the ‘Coyne Helicopter Incident’ in Mansfield, Ohio in 1973 referred to a ‘tractor beam’ taking the form of a green light cone to lift a helicopter from 1700 feet up to 3800 feet.

This reminded me of when I, as President of the Dallas Mufon Metroplex group and our board of Directors, hosted Ed Walters (of the Gulf Breeze sightings) and his wife. We always had a get-to-know each other dinner the night before the lecture which Ed Walters was scheduled to make.

Very nice people and always fascinating information. During our group conversation with Ed, he mentioned having to slide under a pickup truck when a UFO came really close over his house. He did this because they shot a green beam of light at him and he began to rise into the air!

He said though he was under the truck as much as he could be, his foot and part of his leg was sticking out and being pulled upward by the green beam. I asked him if he noticed anything odd about this green tractor beam and he said yes, now that you ask, it had a sickly sweet smell but like almonds.

Turns out arsenic smells like almonds so I suggested it might be some arsenic maser to produce this tractor beam.

A report on this incident mentions a green tractor beam;

ufocoyne“The last altitude he noted was 1,700 feet. Just as a collision appeared imminent, the unknown light halted in its westward course and assumed a hovering relationship above and in front of the helicopter…

A featureless, gray, metallic-looking structure was precisely delineated against the background stars. Yanacsek reported “a suggestion of windows” along the top dome section.

The red light emanated from the bow, a white light became visible at a slightly indented stern, and then, from aft/below, a green ‘pyramid shaped” beam equated to a directional spotlight became visible.

The green beam passed upward over the helicopter nose, swung up through the windshield, continued upward and entered the tinted upper window panels. At that point (and not before), the cockpit was enveloped in green light.

There was no noise from the object or turbulence during the encounter, except for one “bump” as the object moved away to the west.

After the object had broken off its hovering relationship, Jezzi and Coyne noted that the magnetic compass disk was rotating approximately four times per minute and that the altimeter read approximately 3,500 feet; a 1,000 foot-per-minute climb was in progress.

Coyne insists that the collective was still bottomed from his evasive descent. Since the collective could not be lowered further, he had no alternative but to lift it, whatever the results, and after a few seconds of gingerly maneuvering controls (during which the helicopter reached nearly 3,800 feet), positive control was achieved.” – Source

ufotilt108Another comment made by a woman with her children who reported on seeing a rotating disc with a canopy like top where the craft tilted as if they wanted to get a better look at them on the ground!

I gave up on the majority of my UFO investigations because of all the fakes, opportunists and liars infecting the field. The best speaker researcher we had was Ted Phillips whose topic was ‘Trace Landings’ where there were actual physical traces left that deviated as clear anomalies from the surrounding area after a UFO landing report.

After meeting so many people who spent years of their lives and were not one step closer to an answer, I decided that’s not for me. If I was to devote my life to something, it would be more achievable, such as free energy, gravity control and ways to heal or rejuvenate, thus KeelyNet.

I do however follow some UFO reports that offer correlations to my own ideas. It seems to me the best thing we can do is observe how they fly and try to duplicate that. Then we build our own ships, chase down the ones we don’t recognize and finally identify who they are.

The chances of them being alien are in my opinion only about 5% of the cases. Instead, I think the majority are private, government or secret groups who have discovered how to control gravity or build and fly superior airships.

But those who really have it must be using the alien origins propaganda to deflect curiosity and investigation away from earthly sources.

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Some States say Estoy Hartos (had it up to here)

Posted by keelynet on February 7, 2009

One site says 9 states have now applied for secession from the United States of America.

It all started with New Hampshire but I remember a similar movement in Texas, where I thought it was guaranteed as a right in the Texas Constitution should the majority of Texans choose to become an independent country.

Instead, it says;

“Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States…” (note that it does not state “…subject to the President of the United States…” or “…subject to the Congress of the United States…” or “…subject to the rest of the United States…)”

“All political power is inherent in the people … they have at all times the inalienable right to alter their government in such manner as they might think proper.”

hadenoughAnd from the same site, this quote; “Likewise, each of the united States is “united” with the others explicitly on the principle that “governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed”

and “whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [i.e., protecting life, liberty, and property], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government”

and “when a long train of abuses and usurpations…evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

Something BIG is happening: 9 U.S. states declare sovereignty – “Last week, I reported on this blog that the New Hampshire Legislature made a dramatic declaration warning the federal government that they risk “nullifying the Constitution.” Within the past 7 days, eight other U.S. states have made similar declarations of their sovereignty!

Clearly something “big” is up. These types of actions by state legislatures rarely if ever take place, and I know of absolutely no time in US history when so many states made such declarations within such a short period of time.

WHAT IF. . . . . . The states disband the federal government; which is within their power to do via Constitutional Convention, then walk away from the entire $20 TRILLION U.S. National Debt?

They could tell the creditors to go collect the money from the people who borrowed it. . . . . Oh, wait. . . . . . they no longer exist . . . . . too bad. Bye.

We could be witnessing the foundation of the biggest financial f**k-job in the history of the world as US states dissolve the federal government that borrowed all the money!

Below are links to the nine states (so far) that have made sovereignty declarations of one type or another. Washington / New Hampshire / Arizona / Montana / Michigan / Missouri / Oklahoma/ Hawaii / (I only count 8??? Maybe Texas? – JWD)” – Source

Additionally, with the current financial crisis, many sites are bordering on bankruptcy as per this article;

46 States May Face Bankruptcy in Two Years – “States are facing a great fiscal crisis. At least 46 states faced or are facing shortfalls in their budgets for this and/or next year, and severe fiscal problems are highly likely to continue into the following year as well. Combined budget gaps for the remainder of this fiscal year and state fiscal years 2010 and 2011 are estimated to total more than $350 billion.” – Source

I don’t like the idea of seeing the United States broken up into many independent country states but we can’t seem to get a handle on spending and corruption. When the hole keeps getting deeper, its time to jump out and start another one. Secession/Soverignty would be one way to do it but I agree with this comment;

“I would have supported that before I became a soldier. I am A Texan. I live in Humble Texas. Being it’s own country makes more since than being part of the union. Texas is the greatest state in the union. However, what makes the United States beautiful and powerful is the union and every states role in the union.

I say instead of seceding from the union let us work to repair this great country and bring it back to the heart of what it once was.

That can only be done by bringing our government closer to its constitutional founding and not further away. Less “big brother” and more individual rights.” – Source

It all sounds so good and noble but the fact is the government has grown so huge and unwieldy with needless laws, excess taxes, useless and ineffective government programs and departments, creating obstacles to business, commerce and mischevious interference in the lives of citizens, ignoring the constitution at will, suppressing rights in the name of paranoia, uncontrolled and licentious spending, maybe it is time for drastic actions.

A cry for real change indeed!

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Claims of new Stirling Design

Posted by keelynet on February 7, 2009

Found this patent but not sure what makes it so superior to existing Stirling designs. All I can see is the addition of bellows but check it out for yourself.

stirlingnewanim“This invention is about stirling engine, which is an internal combustion engined heat machine known as hot air engine and converting the heat to mechanical motion.

Invention in question is about stirling engine, having an accordion/bellows element with opening and closing feature, that is placed between the connecting rod and gas transmission pipe and moving in an expansion gap whether folding or stretching to achieve the radial motion without using the cylinder and the piston.

The Advantages of Our Invention:
– Sealing problem is completely removed.
– Energy loss caused by the friction of the cylinder and the piston is removed.
– There is no need for oiling.
– Costs are minimized.
– There is no need for special materials.

And this causes the invention to be economical and low-cost.
– It is possible to produce based on mass production.
– It creates a point that, alternative energy is being reached by the individual user.

To achieve the above mentioned objects, it has an accordion/bellows element with opening and closing feature, that is placed between the connecting rod and gas transmission pipe and moving in an expansion gap whether folding or stretching.

To achieve the above mentioned objects, the point is obtaining the required linear motion by the hot working gas affecting the folding and/or stretching material.” – Source

Yet check out an alpha Stirling design which looks the same yet without bellows;

stirlingalphaanim“The Stirling engine is noted for its high efficiency, quiet operation and the ease with which it can utilise what would otherwise be waste heat and is currently exciting interest as the core component of Micro combined heat and power (CHP) units, widespread adoption of which could have a significant effect upon worldwide energy utilisation.

The engine is designed so that the working gas is generally compressed in the colder portion of the engine and expanded in the hotter portion resulting in a net conversion of heat into work.[7][8] An internal Regenerative heat exchanger increases the Stirling engine’s thermal efficiency compared to simpler hot air engines lacking this feature.

An alpha Stirling contains two power pistons in separate cylinders, one hot and one cold. The hot cylinder is situated inside the high temperature heat exchanger and the cold cylinder is situated inside the low temperature heat exchanger. This type of engine has a high power-to-volume ratio but has technical problems due to the usually high temperature of the hot piston and the durability of its seals.[14] In practice, this piston usually carries a large insulating head to move the seals away from the hot zone at the expense of some additional dead space.

In a Stirling engine, the regenerator is an internal heat exchanger and temporary heat store placed between the hot and cold spaces such that the working fluid passes through it first in one direction then the other. Its function is to retain within the system that heat which would otherwise be exchanged with the environment at temperatures intermediate to the maximum and minimum cycle temperatures,[9] thus enabling the thermal efficiency of the cycle to approach the limiting Carnot efficiency defined by those maxima and minima.

Since the Stirling engine is a closed cycle, it contains a fixed mass of gas called the “working fluid”, most commonly air, hydrogen or helium. In normal operation, the engine is sealed and no gas enters or leaves the engine. No valves are required, unlike other types of piston engines. The Stirling engine, like most heat engines, cycles through four main processes: cooling, compression, heating and expansion. This is accomplished by moving the gas back and forth between hot and cold heat exchangers, often with a regenerator between the heater and cooler. The hot heat exchanger is in thermal contact with an external heat source, such as a fuel burner, and the cold heat exchanger being in thermal contact with an external heat sink, such as air fins. A change in gas temperature will cause a corresponding change in gas pressure, while the motion of the piston causes the gas to be alternately expanded and compressed.” – Source

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