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Medieval weight loss Herb coming back

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

This was also in my drafts folder so posting it now. I’m still wondering how I had several unposted articles as drafts which I didn’t specify. I think wordpress was slow that day so just saved my works in process.

Never heard of this herb but it might be useful, for sure I could lose some weight. When I first moved to Mexico, in the first year lost about 40 pounds, but over time have gained some of that back. This might be an herb to try.

weightlossheathsma“A traditional herb used by King Charles II to help his mistresses lose weight could be used in the modern day battle against obesity. Heath pea, which is also known as bitter vetch, was used in medieval times as a hunger suppressant when the crops failed.

It was also passed around the court of King Charles, who gave it to his lovers who had a propensity for plumpness. Monks used the plant to treat patients in the 14th century Soutra Aisle monastery near Edinburgh, which is currently being excavated.

The tubers have a “leathery liquorice” taste with the effect of making people forget to eat. “If you ate one of these pea sized tubers you are meant to ‘not eat, not want to eat and not miss eating for weeks and even in to months’.

“They were actually used as a measure to ward off hunger once crops had failed in the fields. Richard Swift, head of the project, said: “The tubers could help boxers and other athletes train down to a weight as well as helping dieters exercise and lose weight.

“There could be a good long term market for the tubers.” Heath Pea (Lathyrus linifolius) is normally found in poor grazing and heath land. It sometimes grows alone, but it can also grow in clumps on banks and verges of roads and tracks. The plants take two or three years to mature but require very little looking after.” – Source


One Response to “Medieval weight loss Herb coming back”

  1. egleskoks said

    There are some simple rules to follow to lose weight gradually and without excess willpower:
    Eat mainly fresh, not cooked and not boiled vegetables, or fruits. Cabbages, beats, apples, nuts, etc.
    Eat meat, with or without fat, as you like, but not too much.
    Avoid salt and sugar.
    Do not eat anything containing too much starch, as rice, pasta, potatoes etc.
    Do not mix starchy and meaty products, like meat and rice, or meat and pasta: either meat or starch will not be digested.
    Never ever use refined and/or modified vegetable oils, use only extra virgin varieties. Refined oils/margarins lead to type 2 diabetes.

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