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Time for a Change

Posted by keelynet on January 29, 2009

jerry3shotstime1Well, been thinking about a lot of things, watching the news, reading emails and enjoying life as much as I can.

Time moves along, we all get older and notice body changes that I’d just as soon didn’t happen. Just part of the process, though I have 6-8 possible techniques for rejuvenation that would take some funding to test.

One energizes the blood, the second is a plant mentioned in legends that claims to let people live to 1,000 years in good health, a third involves a chelation/transmutation process, a fourth recharges the body energy field and the rest are even more complicated.

I’ve decided to change the content of the KeelyNet blog from news basically copied over from the KeelyNet website to more blogging. Have no clue what to write about and I only do it when I get the urge which is rare these days.

Now I do often think of things to write, but when I get back home and on the computer those things escape my mind. Maybe I should use my little mp3 player’s voice recorder to take notes for later transcription?

Got a great deal on it for $15 as a refurb and it holds 2GB… But will try to make a habit out of having something to say here every day or two, even if many disagree with my opinions, still we all have the right to say them. Plus if I find something in the news of interest, I might post a section of it with the link for readers to check out.

virusavgSome dickhead sent me a link to an obama website and when I clicked it, my antivirus popped up saying this website is trying to execute a program called ‘blog.exe’. I’d heard such sites were out there but not experienced one yet. Fortunately, it didn’t load, but it is something to beware of. I was on my older computer which is running AVG Antivirus and Firefox as my browser.

virusspybotRecently I accidentally infected my XP so bad I had to use a boot disk to be able to repair. It took two days to remove all the crap but Spybot saved my butt.

virusmalwareThen a friend told me about a kickass program called Malware Anti-Virus which I highly recommend.

Like Spybot it links up to download the newest updates so when you run it you are on top of the latest. These three excellent antivirus programs are free.

Right now, Mexico’s drug wars are in the news with warnings of ‘impending collapse’ and such. This is mostly in the border towns and its almost always between gangs, though police and government officials have also been targeted when they go after the cartels.

I live in central Mexico near the state of Michoacan and haven’t seen anything like this here. But there are articles in the papers such as a few years back, several human heads were rolled onto the floor of a disco and gunmen came in, not to steal but to make a statement to everyone there that their gang was to be respected. No one was hurt and nothing taken. Odd…. But there have also been killings of singers who mention narcotraficantes in their songs.

As I understand it, used to be the narcos didn’t sell drugs in Mexico, but with the tightening of US borders, now they sell here. Crack, crystal, ice, cocaine can be bought just about anywhere here but that is also the case in the US if you know the right people.

For myself, I have never used any drugs nor do I have any desire to do so..well, not exactly…in the right conditions I might try a hallucinatory solely to try to communicate with other realms as an experiment. I think such drugs might open the pineal gland (the third eye) to allow us to contact other dimensions and those who live there. But that opportunity hasn’t come up yet though I understand Salvia Divina will produce such hallucinations and is legal in most countries of the world including here.

Nearby Chapala is a magnet for tourists from Mexico and around the world. Recently there was a shooting by kids at other kids from Guadalajara, near a local store late at night, but it was over the girlfriend of one guy after she was hit on at a party. Also in the news, a 7 year old boy was hit with a stray bullet fired into the air by a New Years partygoer.

I’ll take a notepad with me or use my voice recorder in case anything comes to mind that might be ‘bloggable’. It will take some getting used to, particularly to stay on topic. As you can tell, this one wandered around a lot, but I will try to make them interesting and hopefully informative.

One Response to “Time for a Change”

  1. dugda002 said


    I wanted to chime in with praise for Malware. I had a problem a few weeks ago, where something had compromised my antivirus software(Zonealarm), and hijacked my browser. The Malware software found viruses that the others (Adaware and Spybot) didn’t, and took care of the problem. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

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