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Eight Years of Bush: It’s Over at Last

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

This is from Pravda but totally on the money.

bushcheneyjail108“When giving a farewell address after 8 years of utter horror, George Bush admitted having made many “mistakes.” Saying he made mistakes is putting it mildly. He also said he believes that the world respects his nation “for its compassion.” Compassion? What compassion? How deluded he is! In listening to this individual speak and watching him the saying comes to mind, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Bush somehow, while being a one man weapon of mass destruction, justifies himself by saying, “America has gone more than seven years without another terrorist attack on our soil.” Never mind that in so doing he has trashed the US Constitution with more and more laws to keep control of the restive citizenry . He has trashed international law, trashed freedom and democracy and all vestiges of decency and humanity while establishing a modern day Gestapo in that the Department of Homeland Security and related intelligence services have been given carte blanche to spy on not only US citizens, but on individuals all over the world. They have also been given the green light for illegal detentions, deviant sexual practices and tortures that only the SS could envy. He boasts of having allies on his side, but he has totally alienated allies and the rest of the international community. Now his country’s international relations are merely a matter of arm twisting, threats, blackmail and bribery.”- Source


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