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Archive for January 25th, 2009

10 Youtube videos you might find of interest

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

1 – The Physics of Crystals
2 – History of the EV Gray Motor
3 – Browns Gas Water Torch Research & Applications
4 – Getting there and Saving on Gas Costs
5 – Shape Power and Gravity Resonance Phenomena
6 – The World of Free Energy
7 – The Dark Side of Amateur Science
8 – The Konehead Pulse Motor
9 – Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nanostructure Arrays
10 – A Method of Stimulating Energy


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Boat Moves Without an Engine Or Sails w/video

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

Slow but interesting propulsion method…

boattension108“Researchers say technology they have developed would let boats or small aquatic robots glide through the water without the need for an engine, sails or paddles. A University of Pittsburgh research team has designed a propulsion system that uses the natural surface tension that is present on the water’s surface and an electric pulse to move the boat or robot, researchers said. The Pitt system has no moving parts and the low-energy electrode that emits the pulse could be powered by batteries, radio waves, or solar power, researchers said in a statement.” / One of the system’s primary applications could be as a cheap, environment-friendly robot that could traverse the world’s oceans, gathering research data, Cho said. Pitt researchers said that in their experiments, an electrode attached to a 2-centimeter-long “mini-boat” emitted a surge that changed the rear surface tension direction and propelled the boat at roughly 4 millimeters per second. A second electrode attached to the boat’s front side served as the rudder. The Pitt system is similar to the MIT developed robot known as a Robostrider.” – Source

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WePOWER to Mass Produce Its Innovative PacWind Turbines

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

So many new wind energy tapping methods…here is another one.

windpac108“WePOWER, LLC., a developer of clean energy solutions around the world, announced today that it has secured the capacity to mass produce up to 500,000 of its PacWind turbines in the United States within a 12-month period. This capability enables the company to swiftly and cost-effectively deliver its clean energy wind turbines to consumers, home-owners, businesses, developers and wind farms throughout the nation. “WePOWER’s system to mass produce wind turbines is significant because it allows us to bring accessible wind energy to consumers, businesses and wind energy developers,” explained Marvin Winkler, CEO of WePOWER. “Through our innovative technology and manufacturing capacity, we will help bring to life the goals and aspirations of the nation’s green leaders who envision micro-utilities, a smart grid and new clean energy jobs in the US.”
Five hundred thousand PacWind turbines can enable: * CLEAN POWER. At an average wind speed of 10mph, the PacWind turbines can generate an estimated 2.4 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to power over 210,000 homes per year. At 28mph, they can generate about 11 billion kWh per year, which is enough to power about 1 million homes per year. * NEW JOBS. Create about 5,000 jobs in the US through development, manufacturing, sales and installation. * REDUCED EMMISSIONS. Reduce the equivalent of over 750,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere. WePOWER’s PacWind line of innovative, patented turbines have only a few moving parts and can easily be installed almost anywhere. PacWind turbines can capture and create energy from multi-directional winds as low as 3mph and survive wind speeds in excess of 147mph due to the self-regulating, patented air foil. In addition, they are free of noise, vibration and maintenance, while also safe to people and animals.” – Source

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Inventor creates energy-efficient hydraulic technology

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

hydraulicbridge108“Essential as it is to a lot of heavy work, even the most efficient hydraulic equipment wastes about 65 percent of the energy it consumes. But a Fort Wayne entrepreneur just received a patent on an invention he expects to revolutionize the industry. It was an important moment for Elton Bishop’s Fort Wayne company, DigitalHydraulic LLC, and for what could become a new northeast Indiana industry. “We want to get the technology into a form that is streamline mass producible, and we want to be retrofitting actual machinery,” he said. “We’ll remove their existing valve blocks and install our DHTs in place of that and save customers a lot of money,” he said. “We’ll be teaming up with Indiana businesses to do that.” Bishop invented the digital hydraulic transformer in 2001, after at least three years of extensive research. A typical hydraulic system uses an incompressible fluid — usually a petroleum product — to transmit energy from a piston device through a pipe to another piston device. The principle behind the control of pressures in conventional hydraulic systems relies on a throttling valve restricting the free flow of hydraulic fluid. Without throttling flow, a DHT can increase or decrease pressure to a hydraulic cylinder by controlling the volume of fluid it displaces. The DHT does this by dividing a piston device into multiple chambers, shaped like concentric circles. Each of the chambers holds twice the fluid volume of the next smallest chamber. The chambers can be pressurized individually, all of them can be pressurized simultaneously or any combination of them can be pressurized together at the same time. The multichamber device at the heart of the DHT is called a “transtatic bridge.” A digital control varies the combinations pressurized instantly, based on the amount of pressure required to accomplish a task. The DHT’s four-quadrant functionality involving motoring and pumping allows energy to be recycled and reused by hydraulic machines in a process that approaches perpetual energy. “The DHT replaces the throttling valve in conventional hydraulics,” Bishop said. “The transformer concept is not new. There’ve been many attempts to create it. This four-quadrant functionality is like the holy grail of hydraulics.” – Source

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NuVinci Transmission Invention Draws $25M in Financing

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

This could be adapted to any rotating shaft to improve efficiency.

transmissionnuvinci108“The NuVinci CVP can be used in virtually any transmission-based vehicle or device–from bicycles and outdoor power equipment to cars, trucks and wind turbines. It is already on track to expand the number of bicycles used for transportation and it enables the design and manufacture of a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles that have the speed, range and hill-climbing capability to be genuine transportation alternatives. The NuVinci CVP uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) showed that, when used in a wind turbine, NuVinci technology can reduce the cost of producing energy. Since coming into the market in late 2006, market acceptance and penetration for the NuVinci CVP has increased steadily–particularly in the bike and electric vehicle industries, and especially in Europe. “NuVinci technology has enormous potential to add value in the bicycle, electric vehicle and automotive industries,” said Keimpe Keuning, senior investment manager at Robeco. / The NuVinci CVP is a new, revolutionary class of CVT transmission that gives LEVs real-world performance and makes them genuinely competitive with gas-powered vehicles. It offers seamless shifting over an “infinite” number of ratios. And it dramatically improves acceleration, hill climbing and top-end speed while extending range and battery life. Best of all, it offers vehicle designers the ability to affordably create LEVs with performance and capabilities never before possible!” – Source

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Homeopathy and AIDS

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

Hard to believe. I’ve never, EVER read of any success with AIDS using homeopathy.

“Sherr believes that modern medicine is a conspiracy, and that homeopathic remedies can cure Malaria and AIDS. His latest venture in Tanzania involves travelling there to meet a fellow homeopath and set up a clinic, and in the first entry in his blog he bemoans the lack of funding available to do this: “There is plenty of money for AIDS, and there is plenty of money for Africa, but when it comes to homoeopathy- brick wall, a polite ‘f off’. If I sound frustrated about this, it is because I am. After 10 years of emailing and conferencing and pleading and applying, I remembered what I have always known. Homoeopathy is the odd one out, the weird freak of medicine. And society and the conventional powers don’t want to know.” It’s not that homeopathy is the “odd one out”, in fact it shares the same thing that all medicines have in common – if they can’t be demonstrated to work, they won’t get funded. If Jeremy really thinks homeopathy works, he should be conducting clinical trials in the UK, rather than ‘f-ing off’ to Tanzania where he can make wild claims without anyone around to check his data. Claims like: “I have decided that the main aim is to get out there and cure as many people as possible. I know, as all homeopaths do, that you can just about cure AIDS in many cases. But shhhh… I’m not allowed to say that, so you didn’t hear it.” You’re allowed to say it Mr. Sherr, but unfortunately you do have to back it up with evidence.” – Source

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Need Surgery? Try the Heartland.

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

This could save folks a lot of money and without far-off travel.

“You’ve heard of medical patients traveling abroad to save on everything from hip replacements to nose jobs. But how about heading to Wichita or Oklahoma City? More Americans are discovering medical tourism right here in the United States. In 2007, Thomas Van Buskirk, 64, a chiropractor in Oakland, Calif., had a blocked carotid artery and no insurance. He’d have paid $70,000 to have surgery at a Bay Area hospital, and $12,000 plus travel expenses to do it in India. Then he found Oklahoma Heart Hospital, which did the surgery for just $15,000. “The hospital was new, all-digital, with good food, and the doctor had done hundreds of these surgeries,” he says. Brokers such as Vancouver-based North American Surgery, which helped Van Buskirk, and traditional medical-tourism outfits, such as Healthbase, in Boston, are connecting patients with U.S. hospitals willing to compete on price with providers overseas and across town. Galichia Heart Hospital, in Wichita, recently lowered its price for a coronary bypass to a flat $10,000. The hospital discounts a number of procedures for patients willing to pay cash upfront, including a hip replacement for $12,000 — about one-third of the going U.S. rate. Discounts stem in part from a building boom that is now putting pressure on administrators to fill new facilities.” – Source

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Recharging the Grid with Electric Cars

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

Maximizing our resources.

carv2gcharge108“A utility in Delaware has taken a step toward a future in which electric cars store renewable energy to help make its use more widespread. The city of Newark has approved a system called vehicle-to-grid (V2G), in which the battery pack in a car serves as a place to temporarily store energy from the power grid. A big problem with renewable sources of power like solar or wind is that they only operate intermittently. For now, renewables provide such a small part of the total electricity supply that other sources can easily make up for the hours, minutes, or days when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. But if we’re ever to rely on them for a large part of our power, we’ll need a cheap way to store the energy that they produce for when it’s needed most. The vehicle-to-grid concept suggests a way to store energy cheaply, since the batteries in electric cars have already been paid for. Most of the time, a car is just sitting around doing nothing. For short-term storage–needed to smooth out fluctuations in power from a wind turbine, for example–a utility could quickly charge a car (or, ideally, distribute a little charge to hundreds or thousands of cars) when the wind is blowing and then take that electricity back a few minutes later when the wind dies down. The more cars that are available, the more energy can be stored. Longer-term storage might also be possible: a car owner could charge up for a discount at night, provided she agreed to keep the car plugged in at work to supply extra power during peak power demand in the afternoon.” – Source

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A new formula for teaching introductory physics

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

Always, ALWAYS, handson is the best teacher!

“With physicists across the country pushing for universities to do a better job of teaching science, MIT has made a striking change. The physics department has replaced the traditional large introductory lecture with smaller classes that emphasize hands-on, interactive, collaborative learning. Last autumn, after years of experimentation and debate and resistance from students, who initially petitioned against it, the department made the change permanent. Already, attendance is up, and the failure rate has dropped by more than 50 percent. Other U.S. universities are changing their ways, among them Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, North Carolina State University, the University of Maryland, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Harvard. In these schools, physicists have been pioneering new teaching methods drawn from research showing that most students learn fundamental concepts more successfully, and are better able to apply them, through interactive, collaborative, student-centered learning. “Just as you can’t become a marathon runner by watching marathons on TV,” physicist Eric Mazur said, “likewise for science, you have to go through the thought processes of doing science and not just watch your instructor do it.” At MIT, two introductory courses are still required – classical mechanics and electromagnetism – but today they meet in high-tech classrooms, where about 80 students sit at 13 round tables equipped with networked computers. Instead of blackboards, the walls are covered with white boards and huge display screens. Circulating with a team of teaching assistants, the professor makes brief presentations of general principles and engages the students as they work out related concepts in small groups. Teachers and students conduct experiments together. The room buzzes. Conferring with your tablemates, calling out questions and jumping up to write formulas on the white boards are all encouraged. The new approach at MIT is known by its acronym, TEAL, for Technology Enhanced Active Learning.” – Source

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Can sci-fi helmet really halt Alzheimer’s?

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

Having older friends and a parent who suffer from this, I hope it proves to really work.

alzheimerhelmet108“The prototype anti-dementia helmet, which must be worn for ten minutes each day, was designed by British GP Dr Gordon Dougal. It works by directing intense bursts of infrared light into the brain to stimulate the growth of brain cells. Low-level infrared is thought to encourage cell growth in tissue and encourages it to repair. Dr Dougal believes it can reverse symptoms of dementia – such as memory loss and anxiety – after just four weeks and experts have described it as ‘potentially life-changing’. Dr Dougal, from Peterlee, County Durham, has already developed a hand-held gadget which uses the same technology to stimulate cold sores to heal themselves. A clinical trial of the helmet is expected soon.” – Source

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