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Debunkers fail in $10,000 challenge of NASA photos

Posted by keelynet on January 20, 2009

The problem with UFOs is no hard artifacts. I was very heavy into this for many years but never, EVER saw any hard proof that one could hold in their hand or analyze in a lab. Lots of very strange people but there were also many bright people in the UFO field.

The NASA photos, particularly shots on the moon with shadow where they shouldn’t be, etc. do raise more questions than supply answers.

ufoearth1“On August 16, 2008 a $10,000.00 challenge was offered for anyone who could prove the NASA STS 75 SHUTTLE TETHER SHUTTLE MISSION PHOTOS that were enhanced by PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process were not real. A second challenge was issued on UFODIGEST.COM on December 12, 2008 and a third challenge was made public on January 3, 2009 at EXAMINER.COM. To date six challenges have been made but those who replied offered only their theories, which had no scientific basis, and not one of the challengers provided any proof the photos were not real or decedents of NASA’s original photo. Some of the challengers complained that they should not have to prove the photos are not real. Can you believe it? In the past debunkers used ridicule and shame to keep UFOs and alien sightings from being reported without any scientific proof. Debunkers have ignored the fact that man has sent space vehicles to the end of our solar system in the last seventy years and believe man is the only species in the universe capable of space travel. Debunkers ignore all scientific proof of alien existence and when a real challenge arises the debunkers run for cover or try the old tactics of ridicule to achieve their goal of destroying the presenters. For more than seventy years UFO enthusiasts have had to prove to debunkers that their photos, videos, sightings and close encounters were real, but the tables have turned and now it is the debunkers who must prove they are not real. Over 82% of Americans believe that life exists on other planets with most of those believing we have been visited by our galactic neighbors. So why were debunkers unable to undertake the real challenge of the photos? Is it lack of photo processing knowledge or scientific understanding of optical properties? Perhaps. Or maybe their minds are a closed book on the subject of UFOs.” – Source

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