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Archive for January 18th, 2009

Obama the New Media Whore

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2009

obamaspeaksIt just makes me cringe to hear Obama speak and see him popping up like an Everready bunny every chance he gets. And the media doesn’t help with their incessant fawning.

I thought the Clintons were bad, but they can’t hold a candle to Barry. Jeez, just shutup and do the job.

He promised early on not to interfere with the Presidency until it was his turn but everywhere we turn, there he is, spouting more fantastic claims of what he’ll do and how he’ll fix this and that.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for anyone who has to take over after that retard Bush. The past 8 years have left nothing but a brown stained skidmark on the constitution, the USA reputation and the trampled rights of Americans, so anyone taking on the job will be under the gun to try to make things right again.

But of course Obama lied about not pretending he is in charge now and has been all over the map spouting off as if he is already prez. I do however, find it gratifying to see him backing down on his promises by saying ‘things are going to get worse’, meaning we all have to ‘lower our expectations’. Well, DUH!!!

Now that he’s in, if they don’t overturn the swearing in by finally getting proof he wasn’t born in Hawaii, he’ll be up to his butt in alligators for sure and I do ‘pity the fool’ that has to deal with cleaning up the Bush disasters, but just do it without wanting to get on TV every second of his life.

The news media is totally culpable by chasing him around like dogs after a sausage on a stick, salivating at his every pronouncement and acting as if he has the answer for all the nation’s problems.

I do applaud Obama for being more open to advisers instead of him being ‘the decider’ like you-know-who.

But Bush also started out with many advisors, just that most of them were bad apples from the gitgo and he didn’t take steps to clean house and make them take responsibility for their many screwups.

The best thing they can do is clean house in the Senate and the Congress and put in term limits to rid the infection of professional politicians who make it a lifetime career. Put in TERM LIMITS and allow them all a max of two terms so we can always have fresh blood that will reduce all the corporate and pack influences that come from good old boy networks.

Back to Obama….I don’t want to see the Obama TV or cable network treating him as if he is some kind of messiah or demi-god. He talks and presents himself like a used car salesman or a preacher hawking himself as the be all to end all.

Watch and see as my mama always told us when we were growing up and too eager to get something NOW.

Are we there yet, huh, huh, huh???

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