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e-speaking Voice Computer Control – An Amazing Program

Posted by keelynet on January 16, 2009

A paraplegic friend uses Dragon to voice control his computer but he seems to have a lot of computer problems. I repair and correct it often and its taking up a lot of my time so I keep looking for ways to make it less ‘sensitive’ to his net cruising.

voiceespeaking1A few days ago, I was reading comments on some blog and found note of a program called e-speaking as an alternate program for dictation and emails.

Man was I ever amazed to see what all this nifty $14 program can do. Not only does it talk back to you but you can run just about any program you want purely by voice.

One of the very cool videos is a guy in England who has it hooked into a computer in his car. Check it out on the video/demo page where it is listed as Implemented in a Car/Vehicle. A very simple demonstration but the beginnings of Star Trek voice controlled computer technology and so easy and cheap to begin experimenting with. I love it how he addresses it as computer and it responds.

I spent about 10 hours playing with my download and bought it after the first couple of hours. For mine, I currently have it programmed to respond to computer with yes, Jerry. And for other programs you can program a voice response or just leave it blank. The program has many options that will take some tweaking to get it the way you want.

ultrahalbigMonths ago I saw a program called UltraHal which is an artificial intelligence program you can train to carry out conversations and voice control.

Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. He (or she depending on your character preference) can help you be more organized, he can help you use your computer, and he can entertain you. Ultra Hal has many animated characters to choose from and he speaks to you through your sound card with his own voice! You can also speak to Hal with Hal’s speech recognition engine, or you can type to him if you wish. All you need to know in order to use Ultra Hal is to speak English!

Ultra Hal Assistant is a great conversationalist and you can have hours of entertainment just chatting with him. But in addition to being a great companion Hal can be an assistant and help increase your productivity. Ultra Hal can remember anything you tell him. Use Hal’s memory to remember phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, appointments, birthdays, or anything else that you can think of. Hal can automatically dial phone numbers for you. Hal can automatically start emails for you. Hal can automatically remind you of important dates.

Ultra Hal Assistant can run programs for you and offer help with programs. Hal automatically finds all of the Windows programs you have in your start menu. You can tell him to run any program you have and he will run it. It is much easier then searching through all the folders in the start menu to find the program you want.

Ultra Hal Assistant can help you browse the Internet by telling you what your local weather is, telling you the current news, and even performing an Internet search for you. You can also ask Hal the definition of any word.

But you need a speech recognition engine such as the one included with Dragon though you can also use the free Microsoft speech engine 5.1.

I would highly recommend you get a copy of e-speaking to experiment with. There is another video on the demo page at e-speaking called ‘Talking to your computer’ saying the guy is talking to Hal’s evil sister Hallie.

It is probably a joke since I can’t find the ‘Hallie’ program they claimed to use in the video, but it is very funny and uses e-speaking though it doesn’t have the capacity for chat like Ultra Hal.

crimecatcherSpeaking of computer control, don’t forget to check out the excellent CrimeCatcher software which sleeps until it detects motion of up to 4 video cameras.

On motion detect, it can take video for as many minutes as you want, then sleep until new motion is detected.

It also has a builtin user selectable alarm like a dog barking that will start up when it sees motion, you can also send the video to the internet and even run a program to carry out a pre-determined action or series of actions.

X10 also has a video motion alarm system which can call whoever you program the number for and if they don’t answer it will go through a list until it gets an answer and can even call you on your cell to let you know someone is on your property, possibly up to mischief.


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