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Inoperable Tumors and Radium laced Superglue

Posted by keelynet on January 10, 2009

I don’t know why people don’t use this to cure so-called ‘inoperable’ tumors. It should work with any tumor even the pancreatic cancer now suffered by Patrick Swayze.

cancersuperglue108“Milo Mika hopes the day he remarries his ex-wife is the one day he doesn’t have to think about the tumor growing inside his brain. Milo, 36, and his once and future bride, Sherrie Morin, will exchange “I do’s” one more time at the Moose Lodge Saturday. Then a few days later he expects to start radiation and chemotherapy that doctors say will extend his life about a year. Milo was diagnosed with diffuse brain stem pontine glioma, a cancer so rare it usually strikes about 300 children a year. It’s even more rare in adults, with less than 100 a year. – Source

superglue150/ And I dug up an old post from Dec 6th, 1999 on curing cancer with radium doped superglue – Last night on EXTRA TV, they had a segment on a doctor who said he was getting 98% positive results in treating all kinds of cancers, including brain and other supposedly inoperable tumors. The technique involved using a super glue to bind radioactive material to the tumor, thus killing the cancerous tissues which, as they are excreted from the body, carry out the radioactive elements. The segment said only about 10 doctors in the US are using it but all report great success. I imagine if its 98%! That beats ANYTHING I’ve ever heard of including chemo or surgery. I went to their website at; and found only a tiny phrase that says; ‘Also, it’s a NEW CANCER TREATMENT that claims to have a 98 percent success rate! Find out how one doctor’s simple remedy is giving terminal patients new hope!’ I found nothing on my searches to for additional information. Must be new…so pass it on to those who need alternatives, it sounds brilliant! / Followed up by this post – “The innovative cancer therapy, currently under development, uses an ultra-pure form of the medical radio isotope yttrium-90 that is extracted from the weapons production byproduct strontium-90 to deliver a lethal dose of radiation to selected cancer cells, said Sue Golladay, project leader at the laboratory. The radioisotope is attached to a cancer-binding antibody, which, once injected, seeks out cancer cells and kills them. The therapy, unlike chemotherapy, only selects cancer cells, has few side effects and can be administered on an outpatient basis…..” – The rest on the article can be found at: Wayback Source


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