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Vorktex vs patented Hildenbrand Magnetic Switch

Posted by keelynet on December 20, 2008

motorhildenbrand108“The claim is the ability to switch a magnetic field off and on. This was introduced to KeelyNet in November 2005 by the inventor Jack Hildenbrand who sent me two of his prototypes which clearly did exactly that.

This was all posted and there is even a patent for it as of November 18th, 2008. (Congrats Jack!) So it looks like this guy Willis has come up with either his own method (in 2007, two years after Jacks posted info) or borrowed Jack’s idea for a commercial device or maybe he is working with Jack who I hope gets the credit for the discovery.

See the url below with photos; Hildenbrand Magnetic Switch. 11/14/05 – Hilden-Brand High Efficiency Motor – Jack Hilden-Brand wrote,

“I had been working on and off on a magnetic holding device before and I figured it would be a good time to continue working on it. Well I experimented with the device for several years and finally got it working the way I wanted it.

This device increases the holding power of an electro magnet to four times its original power. (See Emery/Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder) And also provides a way to turn a permanent magnet on or off to any external metal objects. (See Radus Magnetic Boots)

After experimenting with this new device I realized that it could also be used to generate power as in a motor. I then spent several weeks building a test device to see if this could be used to power an electric motor.

The first motor I built was very small but worked exceptionally well. It produced about 1/16 hp and turned around 6000 rpm. Also this motor proved to be very efficient, using only about 600 ma at 36 vdc.

I also noticed with this motor that when the rpm was loaded down to around 500 rpm that the current did not increase much. The amps did not increase much above 1 amp. Now if you compare this to any current dc motor of comparable size, on motor loading the amps jumped up to around 20 amps.”

Patent 7,453,341 – United States Patent 7,453,341 – Hildenbrand November 18, 2008 – System and method for utilizing magnetic energy – Abstract – The present invention is a system and method for utilizing magnetic energy. The basic principles of the present invention may be implemented in a variety of systems and methods.

A magnet may be rotated or an electromagnet may be controlled in order to control a magnetic field generated by a set of magnets. As a result, numerous, substantial benefits may be achieved by providing at least one set of multiple magnets.

For example, the present invention may be used in systems and methods to perform a variety of functions including, but not limited to:

(1) to control, manipulate, hold, and/or release a load;
(2) to open and/or close a pathway;
(3) to open and/or close a circuit;
(4) to apply a magnetic field to a load and/or to remove a magnetic field from a load;
(5) to intermittently apply and remove a magnetic field;
(6) to increase the magnetic field that may be applied to a load;
(7) to induce a load into motion;
(8) to create energy; and
(9) to improve the energy efficiency of a device or system.” – Source


One Response to “Vorktex vs patented Hildenbrand Magnetic Switch”

  1. […] Programmable magnets will only stick together in one precise position, but they can be released with just a simple twist. Larry and Correlated Magnetics Research already have 60 patents filed. ” – Source. This has already been invented and detailed on KeelyNet, read about it at Vorktex vs patented Hildenbrand Magnetic Switch. […]

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