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Loudspeaker device takes aim at pirates w/video

Posted by keelynet on December 20, 2008

soundpirate108“It’s not a weapon. It’s a speaker,” offered Steve Palmer, CEO of Beach-based Anchor Innovation. And it’s loud. Ship-to-ship communication across the open sea can be a challenge in the best of times. When one of the parties has a malicious intent and things have the potential to turn deadly, the situation can get even dicier. And with pirates off the coast of Africa growing increasingly brazen in their attacks on commercial shipping, Palmer’s company sees an opportunity. Enter the long range acoustic device, or LRAD, which is basically a loudspeaker on steroids. These machines come in several flavors, from a small 135-decibel handheld unit that boarding crews can use to a monster 152-decibel unit that can be mounted on an aircraft carrier and controlled remotely. Each has a range of several thousand yards. Besides producing the deafening tones, the machines can act as a microphone or broadcast pre-recorded messages in multiple languages via an MP3 player. It can also send out the predatory sounds of orcas and hawks to thwart dolphins and small birds, respectively. At 200 yards, the sound from all three models was still crystal clear, cutting through the ambient sound of airplanes overhead. The unit is directional, operating in a 30- or 60-degree cone. Outside of that, the sound level drops off drastically. The hope is that this focused fidelity will persuade pirates to reconsider. The U.S. Navy has been using them for several years now, Powell said, as have the Army and Marine Corps. Growing numbers of commercial vessels have been making inquiries since the increase in piracy attacks, he added, as have the owners of mega-yachts. Under maritime law, ships have the right to maintain an exclusionary zone around themselves. For commercial vessels hesitant to delve into the potential liabilities of carrying armed guards, LRAD technology gives them a solid, non-lethal way to repel invaders, Powell said. For military vessels, the loudspeakers become part of their operating procedure. At about 500 yards out, the ship can start with a warning tone, followed by messages to stay away in any number of local languages. “If you keep coming,” Powell surmised, “you’re probably not a good guy.” The units run from $5,000 for the smallest unit to about $100,000 for the largest model mounted on a remote pan-and-tilt system.” – Source


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