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Archive for December 7th, 2008

It’s confirmed: Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Finally, these guys are preaching to the choir with this but its gratifying to see them beginning to catch up.

singularity3“Matter is built on flaky foundations. Physicists have now confirmed that the apparently substantial stuff is actually no more than fluctuations in the quantum vacuum. The researchers simulated the frantic activity that goes on inside protons and neutrons. These particles provide almost all the mass of ordinary matter. Each proton (or neutron) is made of three quarks – but the individual masses of these quarks only add up to about 1% of the proton’s mass. So what accounts for the rest of it? Theory says it is created by the force that binds quarks together, called the strong nuclear force. In quantum terms, the strong force is carried by a field of virtual particles called gluons, randomly popping into existence and disappearing again. The energy of these vacuum fluctuations has to be included in the total mass of the proton and neutron. But it has taken decades to work out the actual numbers.” – Source

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Would eating heavy atoms lengthen our lives?

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

I think its just the opposite, but for reasons I won’t divulge just yet.

“In a back room of New Scientist’s offices in London, I sit down at a table with the Russian biochemist Mikhail Shchepinov. In front of us are two teaspoons and a brown glass bottle. Shchepinov opens the bottle, pours out a teaspoon of clear liquid and drinks it down. He smiles. It’s my turn. I put a spoonful of the liquid in my mouth and swallow. It tastes slightly sweet, which is a surprise. I was expecting it to be exactly like water since that, in fact, is what it is – heavy water to be precise, chemical formula D2O. The D stands for deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen with an atomic mass of 2 instead of 1. Deuterium is what puts the heavy in heavy water. An ice cube made out of it would sink in normal water. My sip of heavy water is the culmination of a long journey trying to get to the bottom of a remarkable claim that Shchepinov first made around 18 months ago. He believes he has discovered an elixir of youth, a way to drink (or more likely eat) your way to a longer life. Shchepinov realised there was another way to defeat free radicals. While he was familiarising himself with research on ageing, his day job involved a well-established – if slightly obscure – bit of chemistry called the isotope effect. On Christmas day 2006, it dawned on him that putting the two together could lead to a new way of postponing the ravages of time. The basic concept of the isotope effect is that the presence of heavy isotopes in a molecule can slow down its chemical reactions. This is because heavy isotopes form stronger covalent bonds than their lighter counterparts; for example, a carbon-deuterium bond is stronger than a carbon-hydrogen bond. While the effect applies to all heavy isotopes, including carbon-13, nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18 (see chart), it is most marked with deuterium as it is proportionally so much heavier than hydrogen. Deuterated bonds can be up to 80 times stronger than those containing hydrogen. It dawned on him that if ageing is caused by free radicals trashing covalent bonds, and if those same bonds can be strengthened using the isotope effect, why not use it to make vulnerable biomolecules more resistant to attack? All you would have to do is judiciously place deuterium or carbon-13 in the bonds that are most vulnerable to attack, and chemistry should take care of the rest. Shchepinov points out that there is masses of existing science backing up his ideas. Dozens of experiments have proved that proteins, fatty acids and DNA can be helped to resist oxidative damage using the isotope effect. One recent experiment kept humans on a low-level heavy-water diet for 10 weeks, during which their heavy-water levels were raised to around 2.5 per cent of body water, with no adverse effects (Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol 1760, p 730). The researchers also found that some deuterium became incorporated into proteins. Heavy water, however, isn’t completely safe. In mammals, toxic effects start to kick in around the 20 per cent mark, and at 35 per cent it is lethal. This is largely down to the isotope effect itself: any protein in your body has the potential to take up deuterium atoms from heavy water, and eventually this radically alters your entire biochemistry. You’d have to drink a vast amount to suffer any ill effects – my 5 millilitres did me no harm whatsoever – but even so, Retrotope is not advocating heavy water as an elixir of youth. At current prices, a litre of heavy water will set you back $300. “Isotopes are expensive,” says Shchepinov. “But there’s no need for them to be. Methods are there to extract them, but nobody wants them.” Unless demand rises, there is no incentive to produce them in bulk, and this keeps the price high. A team at the Institute for the Biology of Ageing in Moscow recently fed various amounts of heavy water to fruit flies to see if it had any effect on longevity. Though large amounts were deadly, smaller quantities increased lifespans by up to 30 per cent.” – Source

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Wind Farms Could Change Weather

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Something else that looks so good but can heavy bad side effects.

“A new study suggests that massive wind farms could steer storms and alter the weather if extensive fields of turbines were built, according to a news report. It is not the first study to come to this conclusion. Massive wind farming would slow wind speeds by 5 or 6 mph as the turbines literally stole wind from the air. A ripple effect would occur in the form of waves radiating across the Northern Hemisphere that could, days later, run into storms and alter their courses by hundreds of miles. Also in 2004, David Keith of the University of Calgary and his colleagues estimated the drag from wind farms if they covered 10 percent of the Earth’s land surface. They concluded that global cooling would occur in polar regions and global warming would result in temperate regions such as North America at about 30 degrees North latitude.” – Source

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Condometric – be sure!

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Too good not to post…

condomruler108“The Condometric is a condom with a measuring ruler printed on the side that will accurately determine the size of the wearer’s penis. Currently in manufacturing, the condom will be available in four flavours (lime, cherry, banana and prophylactic rubber), both metric and imperial measurements (centimetres and inches), and in packs of 3, 6 and 12 (the party pack?). According to Curiosite, the Condometric prophylactic will be made of best quality natural rubber latex. They are fine, thin, smooth, ergonomic, with non-parallel sides, transparent, lubricated, with reservoir tip and nominal width of 54 mm (2.12 inches). The product will be sold via the internet, so spontaneity is kinda out the window. The FAQs tell us that it’s a single-use product and that the ink doesn’t rub off (though we guess it might be fun trying). Sadly, the Condometric only measures to a penis length of 25 cm so we were unable to perform any product testing with any of Gizmag’s regular writers. (25 centimeters = 9.84 inches)” – Source

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Where’s the innovation from US automakers?

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

The car companies should at the very least test these types of new motors.

carsanderson108“American ingenuity and innovation is, in fact, thriving, but you wouldn’t know it as you drive past car dealerships that are stuffed with SUVs and V-8s that are the latest hangover of the spiking energy costs. And you just know that the softening of gas prices will cause carmakers to declare that happy days are here again. So, where is this ingenuity that is somehow not getting to Detroit? Locally it is in the town of Upton, where my company has been perfecting a hydraulic hybrid vehicle capable of getting more than 100 miles per gallon (city driving). A product engineer at Ford wrote a letter on the company’s behalf stating emphatically: “I believe it is very likely that the Sanderson mechanism engine will enable significant efficiency and performance benefits for on-road vehicles,” he wrote, adding, “With the economic and societal cost of energy and transportation fuels, funding technologies to substantially improve on-road fuel economy is critical.” The project engineer for the highly successful Northstar engine that has been used in Cadillacs since 1993, who is now since retired from GM, said in a letter about our engine: “This is an exciting invention that holds the probability of improving the efficiency of future engine designs and power transfer mechanisms.” You won’t find the Big Three on the list of competitors, and you won’t be surprised to learn that GM and Ford have largely ignored the enthusiastic endorsements of the Sanderson Engine by their own engineers and former engineers.” – Source

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Ending The Phony War On Terror

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

This and rolling back everything Bush and his crooks have done in the past 8 miserable years would be the best thing that could happen for us all.

“Barack Obama will confront a daunting list of priorities when he takes office on Jan. 20. Rescuing the nation’s economy — if there’s anything left to rescue by then — will obviously be at the top of the list. But it is just as important that Obama immediately declare an end to the “war on terror,” and reverse all of the policies that have been carried out in its name. George W. Bush’s “war on terror” has been an unmitigated disaster. First, it is unwinnable. Terrorism is not an enemy. It is a tactic as old as humanity, and until the lion lies down with the lamb, it will continue to exist. Waging a war on terror is a category violation, like waging a war on violence. Second, it is self-defeating. By invading Iraq to preempt an alleged terrorist threat, the U.S. greatly increased that threat. And by elevating terrorist groups, which pose no existential threat to America, to the status of state actors, the Bush administration enhanced their prestige. The number of terror attacks around the world has risen greatly since Bush started his “war,” and hatred of the U.S. in the Arab-Muslim world has metastasized. In a subtler way, the “war on terror” has degraded our national psyche. It encourages the U.S. to remain in a psychological state that is simultaneously fearful and aggressive — an infantile state, one that prevents us from thinking clearly about how to address our real foreign policy challenges.” – Source

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Call this a crisis? Just wait

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Scary and hope it doesn’t happen like this…

“Staring into the abyss always focuses the mind, which can help you avoid falling in. So let’s take a look at the potential catastrophe that awaits us once we survive our current crisis. At the dawn of the 21st century the U.S. had $5.7 trillion in total debt. As we approach the end of George W. Bush’s presidency only eight years later, that sum has nearly doubled, thanks to war costs, tax cuts, spending increases, expanded entitlement programs, and now a welter of government bailouts and rescues. This year was particularly bad. The federal budget deficit for fiscal 2008 hit $455 billion, up from $162 billion last year. That figure does not include the cost of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which has an initial pricetag in the hundreds of billions of dollars. In fairness, some of that money presumably will come back to the Treasury, since the new rescue-related sums will be used to acquire preferred stock, mortgages, and other assets that someday could be sold at a profit. Yet any such calculations are penny ante compared with the fiscal disaster that is bearing down on America. Actually, don’t wait, because we’ve got to stop a bigger economic disaster in the making: 78 million baby-boomers eligible for Social Security and Medicare. The entitlements due from Social Security and Medicare present us with that frightening abyss. The costs of these current programs, along with other health-care costs, could bankrupt our country. The abyss offers no assets, troubled or otherwise, to help us cross it.” – Source

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General Motors Must Re-Make the Mass Transit System it Murdered

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Greed and bad management catches up.

“Bail out General Motors? The people who murdered our mass transit system? First let them remake what they destroyed. GM responded to the 1970s gas crisis by handing over the American market to energy-efficient Toyota and Honda. GM met the rise of the hybrids with “light trucks.” GM built a small electric car, leased a pilot fleet to consumers who loved it, and then forcibly confiscated and trashed them all. GM now wants to market a $40,000 electric Volt that looks like a cross between a Hummer and a Cadillac and will do nothing to meet the Solartopian needs of a green-powered Earth. For this alone, GM’s managers should never be allowed to make another car, let alone take our tax money to stay in business. But there is also a trillion-dollar skeleton in GM’s closet.” – Source

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The Black Hole – Video

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Not at ALL what you’d think….reminds me of some old cartoon episodes. – Source

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New technology charges hybrid batteries during driving

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2008

Excellent, but when will it be implemented where anyone can buy and use it?

“U.S.-based Electric Truck LLC has optioned exclusive commercial rights to a technology developed by Tufts University in Boston that can recharge the batteries of any hybrid-electric or electric-powered vehicle while it is being driven. The technology could increase the miles per gallon or total driving range performance of hybrid or electric cars by 20 to 70 per cent, the company said. The cost-effective invention harnesses the vehicle’s movement to generate electricity, which is used to continually recharge the battery while the vehicle is in motion. Since the technology uses the vehicle’s weight for energy recovery, the company said it could help speed the expansion of the hybrid and battery electric vehicle market to vehicles of greater size, weight and payload, including SUVs, pickup and delivery trucks, mail trucks, school and city buses, and other light- and medium-duty trucks. These vehicles represent a large market segment based on commercial need, as well as some of the largest sources of emissions.” – Source

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