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The Incredible Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine w/video

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2008

There are several others besides Schauberger who claim to have created turbines that run themselves on air or other liquid or gaseous media while producing thousands of watts of free power.

I knew a guy in Dallas who claimed 30kw from his device. He let me see his workshop which had many turbine blades and prototypes.

He said he needed about $50,000 to fix a damaged prototype so 10 of us were going to invest $5,000 each. But the inventor went all nutz with greed and we walked away from him.

Saw him 4 years later and the troll who tempted him with millions of air dollars just tried to rip him off with never a penny. He died shortly after and his family threw all his machines out as garbage. The man was brilliant, had over 50 patents.

“Burns no fuel, emits no exhaust. Based on the air turbine of 87 year old Haskall Karl out of Goldfield, Nevada. / So how was the AATE re-born? In late April 2005 Ron Rockwell, of RSR, was invited to meet with inventor Haskell Karl who claimed to have built an engine powered only by air. Ron met with Haskell in person and after reviewing all his material (consisting only of photographs, drawings and sketches) and detailed phone discussions. Ron decided to rebuild the engine using current technology. I am sure that skepticism reigned high. However, Ron believed this technology had substantial merit and invited his trusted colleague, friend and fellow machinist Cliff Cruz, to join his team in re-creating the engine. Through twelve years of research and development of various devices in the high tech industry, RSR has developed the AATE. So what exactly is the AATE? It is a mechanical device built to spin at high revolutions without the need for any fuel, combustion or compressed air. This device is a sophisticated application of a simple scientific principle long known in the alternative energy field, Vortex Implosion Air Technology (VIAT).

Viktor Schauberger first discovered the principle of the Vortex and developed technology for moving water more efficiently. The same principle can be applied to airflow. The RSR AATE runs on ambient air; the very air we breathe, using no air tanks and no other power source other than air. A tornado is created in the engine that implodes on itself which actually speeds up and sustains the airflow back into the tornado. – Source

and this website claiming there is some kind of Rip-Off being carried out. – Scientist, engineer, and inventor, Ron Rockwell, from Las Vegas, Nevada, claims he has invented a clean energy solution to the world’s fossil fuel crisis. The “Crystal Ion”, an Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine (AATE), is a redesigned prototype from an air engine invented by Haskall Karl in the 1960’s. The original engine was tested by Wyle Testing Laboratory and scheduled to be shown to President Kennedy at a special meeting. Before this presentation could take place, the people who worked with Mr. Karl on the engine mysteriously disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the engine also disappeared. Haskall Karl went into hiding, keeping with him the documents, original drawings, and numerous photos of how he built the engine. Recently, a mutual friend introduced him to Ron Rockwell. Together, the two inventors collaborated to redesign and rebuild the engine, using modern technology. After two years of painstakingly machining special tools to make the parts to precise specifications, Rockwell is presenting a working prototype.”


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