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Obama’s Political Motivations to Not Produce Documentation

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“Obama’s council has filed to have the suit dismissed based on legal technicalities. I looked around online and there was a lot about his birth certificate. seems to have investigated that claim thoroughly. I don’t have the expertise to say whether or not it’s a fake, and Mr. Berg seems to think there’s a conflict of interest there, but the thing I really don’t understand is: If has handled this document and has posted pictures of it on the Internet and the DNC has done the same thing, why wouldn’t Obama submit it to the court rather than file for dismissal for other reasons? The campaign has to realize how this must look. There are allegations about other documents being withheld, too – his medical and college records – documents that might show Obama to have been an Indonesian citizen as a child. According to Berg, Indonesia does not allow dual citizenships, and once you lose your natural born citizenship you can only get the citizenship part back (i.e., not the natural born part). Again, why not just provide these documents and get it over with? I came up with a few possible reasons: * There is something to hide that might bring his natural born citizenship into question. * There is something unrelated to his natural born citizenship on the records that would be embarrassing – like failing Intro to Ethics or How to be PUSA 101. * The technicality just seemed like the easiest way out. * Obama wanted to make a point about the value of privacy. I’m essentially optimistic, so it’s difficult for me to swallow the intentional hiding of heinous information (i.e., the first option), but the alternatives don’t seem any more likely. Am I missing something? In the end, I must admit I wouldn’t be up in arms calling for Obama to step out of the race even if it is revealed his father had little Barry’s U.S. citizenship revoked. I would however, be concerned about Obama not being completely forthcoming. If there’s anything the government needs, it’s transparency.” – Source


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