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Wood produces electricity

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2008

Another old technology just begging for modernization and use.

“The car, which runs solely on woodgas, would be the answer in addressing the growing hunger and fuel problem. Inventor Ronald Go says, “All it needs is wood for it to run and if it runs, it then can transport people and products to wherever they need to be. But better yet, it is designed in such a way, that when it is (idling), it can serve as a generator. You can have it run in order to have light, to generate energy, to run a water pumping system. And importantly, it can work as a plow, using a three-thronged plow,” said Go. The “woodgas multicab survival implements” essentially runs only on woodgas, which allows the car to operate and run all the other implements. “Woodgas just requires the heating of wood to a desired temperature so that it will emit woodgas. The woodgas will be introduced to the engine where it will be used to power the engine,” said Go. Go designed a wood gas reactor system that includes a wood fuel container, which carries wood chips, and a chamber where fire is fed to start combustion. The gas that is produced by the heating of the wood powers the engine of the multi-cab. All the combustion occurs inside a reactor, so there is no risk of setting fire to the vehicle. Once the engine runs, all other “survival implements” can be used during a given time. The “survival implements,” or devices that can be attached to the system, are a shredder for the production of compost fertilizers, a briquette machine for the conversion of loose biomass into solid fuel, a mud pump to pump out long stored “humanure” for farming application and irrigation, a small corn mill, and any other machine that can be attached to it via belt. Go hopes that through his invention, the growing problem of hunger would be addressed. The woodgas multi-cab survival implements have become a “Swiss knife,” catering to all needs of farming with little cost. – Source. / WWII Wood Gasifier Technology – “…during the Second World War, more than a million vehicles buses, trucks, motorcars, boats and trains – were powered by gasifiers fuelled by wood, charcoal, peat or coal.” THE OPERATION OF A GAS PRODUCER IS AS FOLLOWS: Most producers comprise of six main parts. These are the Hopper which also comprises the fire box and water tank. To produce gas, air was drawn in, passed into an annular chamber and mixed with steam, this mixture was then ‘drafted’ into the fire box. The air/steam mixture, passing through the burning coke, produced a gas comprising four main components, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and nitrogen. Charcoal was the most common fuel, but Coke and Anthracite were also used. The gas was drawn off and passed through a “scrubber”. This second main part acts as the primary cleaner and gas cooler. The third part is a second cleaner, a water and sizal filter was typical. Between the two coolers, was mounted a cooling frame, the fourth main part. A fifth part was a security filter which gave a quick warning to the driver if the other filters were becoming defective. The final main part was the Change-over and mixing valve. Major problems were cleaning and maintenance of the producer.” – Source

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