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The Second Law of Petropolitics

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2008

Lots of mysteries about these hidden factors and how they control our lives.

“Oil places dictators at the leading edge of world policy. Moreover, it helps them retain power longer than usual, fattening their supporters and arming police against malcontents. Two years ago, Tom Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, promulgated the First Law of Petropolitics. According to it, the price of oil moves in inverse proportion to the level of freedom in the oil producing countries. Though the presidents of Russia, Iran and Venezuela disagree with this law, statistics and intuition seem to speak in favor of it. Do oil price fluctuations really occur from the whims of the oil exporting countries only? And oil consumers cannot influence the prices? Why not? They can. And they even try to do this. This is the Second Law of Petropolitics. The more active the war policy of the West in oil producing regions of the world, the higher the oil price rises, and vice versa. The only oil importing country which actively influences the world oil market is the United States. The foreign policy of this country (or rather, the White House) is a very influential factor, which can sometimes outweigh the actions of the oil exporting countries. If the United States interferes in the affairs of the Middle East, oil prices often go up. If U.S. action takes place in countries where there is not a drop of oil, the prices usually fall. Speaking figuratively, the White House has a “magic button” by which it is possible to influence oil prices. The Pentagon’s war actions play the role of the button. The finger pressing this button is managed not only by a specific man – the president of the United States, but also by the party standing behind him. So, what to do? One can state it like this: Forget about the Persian Gulf and oil prices will go down. Let the sheikhs just earn money and do not interfere in their affairs. And then the prices will go down. This is a paradoxical but only solution.” – Source


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