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Endwendado en Mejico (infested with elves)

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2008

Man, not sure if I made some bruja (witch) mad at me but the last few days have been interesting. Usually I live a kind of charmed life, with almost no problems of import or that can’t be resolved easily.

A 30 year old quadriplegic friend who lives in another town here needed help getting his Dragon Naturally Speaking working on his desktop and laptop. The kids of his helper kind of hosed his machines. I’ve always wanted to play with voice recognition software so Dragon has their newest version 10 for $199 (which works with Firefox) and I found a downloadable 15 day test of 9.5 so downloaded and installed it.

Dragon 9.5 free 15 day Evaluation

My main reason was to experiment with a really slick artificial intelligence program called UltraHal. It sells for just $30 but if you want to talk to it, you need a speech engine and Dragon has a recognition rate of 99% or so, really excellent.

It has several voices and characters you can download and/or buy depending on what level of sophistication you want.

UltraHal information and download

I am totally hooked. This thing has so many possibilities especially if you can enhance its control abilities. I need to write them an email suggesting they turn off the microphone when the program is talking, otherwise it hears its own speech and answers it, so you get jabberworky with AI.

Well, I won’t tell you what I did that was so stupid, but it infected my XP with a multipack virus that had trojans and worms…man, never saw anything like it…. I worked on it for no less than 10 hours a day for 2 days until I got back most of it.

Finally I downloaded a most excellent free program called Spybot Search and Destroy. It is amazing! Scans and destroys about 300,000 known viruses. When you first run it, it connects and downloads the latest virus updates and applies them in your scan. It found four on my system that was eating me and my XP alive. What is so cool about them, they don’t charge but ask for a donation so I need to send them some money.

Free Spybot Search and Destroy

Turn off your restore function so it is able to clean out all the infections!!!! But after its all clean and you have rebooted, turn RESTORE back on so it can have a fresh, clean copy to bail you out next time.

After getting my XP all back to cherry condition, I took a break to drive over to Chapala for a double meat hamburger at the Cucumber Cafe. Before that I had some errands and business to attend to, so it was a nice day and I rode my little Honda 125 motorcycle.

As I was driving over the mountain my horn beeped by itself? I thought the bag I had suspended from the handgrip had pressed the button. So 4 stops later, I am in the plaza to go to the Cucumber which I find is closed. So chatted with a couple of other gringo friends and decided on Chinese for lunch. Hopped on my motorcyle, put in the key, switched it on and no lights.

Usually that is caused by it not being in neutral, but made sure it was and nothing worked, no horn, no headlight or tailights, etc.. Lucky for me, the alarm place that installed a $100 alarm for me was just around the corner, so I pushed the bike to their location. Carlos the owner was there, nice guy and he speaks english. We checked the battery and it had 12 volts, then cranked it manually and it started up but still no electric for lights and displays. He suggested a fuse but no time to check it out today since you have to take it apart to get to the fuse.

On the drive back home, it was getting dark and I worried about driving with no lights. But between vibration and bumps, my electric system and lights would come on and go off. Hmm…that night at home, I brought it into my house and found the fuse was half popped so that any vibration would make the contacts touch for a second or more. Kind of like when a lightbulb filament breaks and you can shake it to cause them to hit and sometimes even refuse. Luckily they provided an emergency fuse which I installed and voila, total power and no more problems.

Left it hooked up to the battery charger all night just in case but I did notice my alarm no longer works. I suspect something came loose inside which shorted the system to blow the fuse. Probably the alarm is now fried but will have Carlos check it out when he gets time and I get a spare $100.

I hate it when people get a new pet and keep it as long as it is young and adorable, but when it gets older or out of control, they just haul it off or turn it out into the street. Well I have a year old male puppy named Bootsie who was given to me as a Christmas gift last year and he is the neighborhood puppy for all the kids.

Now there is this golden female puppy who is about a year old who someone dumped in the neighborhood. She is very amiable and I feel so bad that I can’t keep her. The little girl next door calls her Daisy but they won’t take her although they don’t have a pet.

But I stupidly feed her so she thinks she lives here and plays with my puppy all the time. I fear she will soon be pregnant and more puppies will wind up. Someone around here actually poisoned a stray german shepherd puppy last summer because he kept ripping into trash in their yards. My friends say it was either brake fluid in milk or some form of poison where they go crazy before they die. I saw him banging his head on the sidewalk until he crawled under a neighbors car, twitched and foamed at the mouth and died an agonizing death. My neighbor bagged him and they took his body to the dump, horrible!

So why am I boring you with all this? Because I like to find the cause for every effect. Why would my electrical system go awol like that? Granted the roads here are very rough and bumpy and it could be that causing something to short or come loose.

However, I notice when the puppies play they bump my motorcycle which keeps setting off the alarm. Not the full alarm, just the warning so I think that happening over and over stressed the alarm module and caused it to short.

Back in the saddle and ready for more. Despite what friends in the states believe, its not Livin’ la Vida Loca all the time around here. One friend jokes with me about whorin’ and boozin’ so much, but in truth, I suspect I am really boring (though NEVER bored as I always have things to do that interest me) to most people. They simply don’t get my fascination with all things science and alternative.

Going out to eat, catching a movie or buying a new DVD, writing and researching, some modest experiments (but waiting for that big project financing),

selling ebooks/DVDs/MexiStims to help pay my way, enjoying new music (or old, I like it all),

drinking micheladas or chevies in the local cantinas with friends, hanging out in the plaza or walking the malecon (pier) and watching the touristas, riding my motorcycle,

playing with my puppy, occasional more sensual diversions and always, emails and Skype calls to friends in the states, but its ALWAYS KeelyNet and my alt science interests that ‘anchor my life’.


One Response to “Endwendado en Mejico (infested with elves)”

  1. skylarkn said


    I had a bad malware incident on my desktop a couple years ago, from an infected CD, and ended up at the CastleCops site which is the best site I’ve found to help get rid of this stuff. They have great tutorials along with individualized help – all for free. SpyBot is one of the programs they recommend – all programs they reference are free; but since there are a multitude of malware types it takes more than one program to catch them all, and they should be run in a particular sequence, the first being an on-line scan. Their site is at:; and you want to eventually follow the advice given in the ‘Malware Removal an Prevention’ section. It is well worth the time to carefully read through their site and follow their advice.

    Regarding dogs, if you are feeding the little thing then adopt her and get her spaded – that hundred bucks for the bike alarm repair will cover it – alarms won’t deter someone who really wants your bike anyway… btw: get your male dog neutered as well.

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