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Two health items – Appendicitis due to pollution and Fans decrease risk of SIDS

Posted by keelynet on October 13, 2008

Both totally amazed me!

Pollution linked to appendicitis – “If the appendix becomes inflammed it must be removed surgically to avoid the risk that it will burst, and put the patient’s life at risk. A University of Calgary team found more patients were hospitalised on days when pollution levels were at their highest. Appendicitis, which causes the appendix to swell up and fill with pus, can be caused by infection or obstruction, but in many cases there is no obvious cause. The Calgary team identified more than 45,000 adults who were hospitalised for appendicitis between 1999 and 2006. They found patients were approximately 15% more likely to be hospitalised on days of highest ozone concentrations compared to days of lowest ozone concentrations. Similar findings were seen for other pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter – although the effect appeared to be not as marked. The effect of air pollution was strongest during the summer months, when people were more likely to be outside. Previous studies have shown that air pollution may promote other disease states through inflammation, and the researchers said this was the most likely explanation for their finding.” – Source

Bedroom Fan Cuts SIDS Risk by 72% – “”What we found in this study is that if an infant had a fan that was used in the sleeping room, the infant’s risk of SIDS was reduced by 72 percent compared to no fan in the room,” said study senior author Dr. De-Kun Li. Li said the prevailing theory is that SIDS occurs because an infant re-breathes carbon dioxide and doesn’t have either the strength to move from harm’s way or a properly developed neurological system to warn of the impending danger. “For whatever reason, carbon dioxide is trapped in the airway,” he said. And the exact reason that happens is still unknown. To assess whether or not increasing the ventilation in a room would affect the risk of SIDS, the researchers compare information from mothers of 185 infants who died of SIDS with 312 randomly selected, age-matched infants. The infants were also matched based on their race or ethnicity and where they lived. They found that the risk of SIDS was reduced by 72 percent if a baby slept in a room with a fan. Having an open window also seemed to reduce the risk, but this finding wasn’t statistically significant. “If parents, in addition to following the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for SIDS prevention, want to add an extra layer of protection, they could add a fan to the room,” said Li, who cautioned that parents need to use common sense when placing a fan so it’s not too close to the crib and it’s not somewhere a toddler could reach it.” – Source


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