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The Strange Inventions of Pier L. Ighina

Posted by keelynet on October 6, 2008

How many maverick inventors like this die with all their discoveries and ideas lost???

“The world of Pier Luigi Ighina is of a science never before propagated, in which reality and mysticism seem to join in a way that is both charming and unnerving. As a student of magnetic fields, Ighina developed a great number of inventions throughout his life based on atomic vibrations. He also worked with the interaction of fields between the earth and sun, harnessing this energy to regenerate diseased cells. Ighina’s numerous inventions include a bed of passive resonance, an earthquake neutralizer, and a strange device he dubbed “Elios,” which is said to purify any food matter that comes within its small field of action. But perhaps none of these strange inventions brought as much pleasure to Ighina as the magnetic stroboscope. He was delighted in its capacity to surprise and amaze curious onlookers on cloudy days. In 1998, internationally renowned journalist Maurizio Costanzo went to interview Ighina and witnessed a strange propeller spinning above his humble dwelling in Imola, Italy. Costanzo describes how a hole in the clouds steadily opened and grew as the minutes passed. Later, Ighina admitted that the most satisfying component of his unusual invention was the innocent smiles of children as they watched the clouds retire, as if by magic. The magnetic stroboscope—which can be compared to Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster—could certainly deliver a magnificent performance. And yet the landmark of Ighina’s work would have to be his discovery of something never before considered by science—a small, elusive, yet fundamental particle he named “the atomic magnet.” Ighina devised a mechanism that isolated each atom, consisting of walls of different atoms with decreasing rates of light absorption. It was during these investigations (for which he employed a microscope of his own design capable of magnification of up to 1.6 billion times) that Ighina discovered the magnetic atom—an extremely energetic particle present in all organic matter. After years of arduous lab work, Ighina discovered the most profound nature of matter—that atoms do not oscillate but vibrate. This revelation led to one of his more curious and brilliant inventions—the magnetic field oscillator. The scientist discovered that if he managed to change the vibratory state of a group of particles, the material itself could transform. What followed was a series of fantastic experiments in which the field oscillator played a leading role. On one occasion, Ighina set up his apparatus before an apricot tree. He then altered the atomic vibration so that it gradually became the same as that of an apple tree. (He had previously studied the indices of this vibration.) After 16 days, he ascertained that the apricots had mutated, almost completely, into apples. Through studying the corresponding vibration of the healthy bone of a rabbit, he excited the atoms of another rabbit’s fractured feet until they were healed in record time. In this way, Ighina understood that sick cells (including cancerous ones) of any individual were possible to cure through a simple, gradual alternation in their vibrational index, if this was correctly calculated.” – Source


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