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Highlights & Comments – 09/07/08

Posted by keelynet on October 6, 2008

Odd and Interesting emails for September 2008;

Dear gents of,

I’m asking you to delete the MUFON article about me shown as bielek1.htm, because I don’t want to have other web pages showing interviews and speeches of my anymore other than my own web site which is http://www.*****.com/.

Thank you for your support.

Alfred Bielek

Comments and KeelyNet BBS file from the Bielek1 for you to check out.

When about 14 of our MUFON group hosted Bielek in the home of Cheyenne Turner. We taped the discussions. During those discussions we told him several things which appeared to correlate with his ‘claims’.

He was fascinated and said he’d NEVER HEARD THOSE BEFORE. The next night, when he made his presentation to some 500 people, he INCORPORATED OUR STORIES into his own claiming he had experienced what he just learned about the night before!

In addition, in a late night meeting a year or two later, Cheyenne told us she had been chatting with a couple of lawyers in Arizona (I think that was the location) who were interested in odd things. They said Bielek lived in their town and often hung out in their office and snoozed.

For fun, they would get him started on his spiel, interrupt him and watch him try to recover. He was so full of it, he never could keep his story straight, always adding more claims whenever he heard something he could ‘absorb’ and claim as his own experience. The lawyer told Cheyenne it was like watching a train derailing and they got a bit kick out of doing it.

Total delusional BS. It’s irresponsible to intentionally mislead people who simply want true, factual information. No telling how much money he has made out of this. He should be ashamed and try to clear it all up before he kicks the bucket by TELLING THE TRUTH.

And on 09/07/08, I received the following email;

Hi Jerry,

this is Gerold Schelm from;

So Al Bielek tries to get his stuff deleted ? This is very, very interesting and I really don’t know what to make of it now…

You may have visited my web site before. We (two other investigators and me) put the results of a five year investigation into Bielek’s bedtime stories together, which can be found on our homepage. If you are interested in true, valid facts about how Bielek had lied about his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment and subsequently also about the Montauk Project, our homepage is THE place to go.

I would like to ask you to put a permalink or at least a lasting announcement on There are still so many people convinced that Bielek is telling the truth, we need to put more effort in demasking him.
Would be very kind if you from would support us in this joint effort.

Thanks a million,

And this email claiming an unlimited power source…hmmmm…

Hello. I want to introduce a device capable of generating unlimited energy, cleaner and safer. It operates under the principle of Arquimedes push for flotation. Only with air and water, without consumption of either. A detailed description, along with drawings and an animation may see in:

I am open to the general public, so that it can be used and modified freely, since it declared unpatentable. Therefore, I need a good spread of it to prevent anyone from taking him on an exclusive basis.

Thank you very much and I hope her comments,

Froilan Salaya

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