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What is this Volt thingy, anyhow?

Posted by keelynet on September 21, 2008

I like this type of hybrid because most people don’t need to travel more than about 40 miles a day…so they can run on batteries and recharge at night…if they need to drive longer but don’t have time to recharge, they can switch to gas. Would be great to put solar panels on the hood, roof and trunk which would let recharge whenever in the sun. This is an excellent step towards full electric.

“Apparently lost in all the hype over General Motors Corp.’s reveal of its Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle — a.k.a. the greatest American invention since the automatic bread slicer — is exactly what the darn thing is and how it works. The not-yet-rolling hypemobile isn’t due out until late 2010, but GM has essentially bet the farm on its success, putting a lot of cash (around $500 million in R&D alone) and a lot more of its image and public goodwill at risk. If the car succeeds, it could be a quantum leap for the struggling company. If it fails, well, pretty it won’t be. GM has sworn that it will get 40 miles on the battery alone, and another 320 miles once the 1.4-liter gasoline generator kicks in. But it hasn’t said how many gallons of gas the Volt’s tank will hold, so it’s hard to say how many miles per gallon GM expects it will get on generated power. To get a sense of what it would cost to operate the Volt on battery power, a little math is in order. The Volt battery has a 16 kilowatt/hour capacity, but to preserve battery life (think of a laptop battery), GM has tweaked it so that only half of that is drawn upon, for a total of 8 kilowatt/hours per charge. The average consumer price per kw/h in 2006 (the most recent data available) was 10.4 cents, according to the Energy Information Administration.That works out to 83.2 cents per charge, or 2.08 cents per mile. GM officials say the purpose of the gasoline generator is to give drivers the peace of mind that if they need to go far, they can, but that the most efficient use of it will be daily trips under 40 miles or so.” – Source


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