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$25 Aerogas Power Injector claims fuel and efficiency increase

Posted by keelynet on September 21, 2008

Two parts to this $25 device and the patent reveals the secret.

Einstein provides vital clue for Filipino Inventor – “A scientist and inventor, Victor G. Ayco sees the crisis as an opportunity for the country to tap the inexhaustible potentials that science can offer in finding alternatives to fossil fuel. “Many seem to anticipate a bleak future because of the prospect that one day the world’s fossil fuel deposits will finally run dry,” says Ayco, 70. “But fossil fuel is not the only source of energy that can run engines of cars and other machines. There are other inexhaustible alternatives [to fossil fuel].” He based his radical optimism on what he regards as a vital clue from one of the geniuses of the 20th century — Albert Einstein. That clue is the theory of relativity, or E=mc², where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the velocity of light. The Mandaluyong-based chemical engineer says Einstein’s theory helped him perfect his gas-saving product, which he demonstrated recently before Baguio City motorists. Essentially, Einstein’s relativity theory, says Ayco, states that “from matter we can produce energy.” His invention called “aero-nitro power injector” took 15 years of research and experiment. Patented on Dec. 11, 1985, the Aerogas Power Injector device has been marketed only recently through Energy Philippines Inc., a private firm, which Ayco co-owns with other partners. The inventor says his device “converts ordinary nitrogen (a noncombustible substance) in the atmosphere into combustible nitro-gas, and serves as gasoline and diesel additive in gaseous form for efficient engine combustion.” With efficient engine combustion, a vehicle can run more kilometers with less fuel and emits almost zero toxic pollutants. / Ayco’s “aero-nitro power injector” is encased in a stainless steel cylinder, measuring five inches long and two inches in diameter, which can be attached to the intake manifold of any diesel or gas engine. He says the gadget enhances engine performance, eliminates smoke-belching, provides stronger engine power, and saves on fuel. Activated chemically during fuel and air intake, the invention harnesses the air’s potential elements by producing up to 99.5 percent burning efficiency of fuel in the combustion chamber of an engine. Ayco says he is processing how to get credits through what is called carbon trading because his invention prevents by 30 to 40 percent the formation of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides — substances that are ruining the ozone layer. Using a chemical catalyst, which Ayco has refused to identify calling it a trade secret, the gadget converts unwanted carbons and other volatile elements present in the atmosphere into combustible gaseous form. Since the invention helps a car attain perfect fuel burn with near-zero nitrous oxide emission, which gives more power to a vehicle, using the gadget is like converting low octane fuel into high octane gasoline, he says. The gadget also increases engine power by a maximum of 25 horsepower and increases torque by a maximum of 1,000 RPM (revolutions per minute).” – Source

Philipine Patent #5966 – Fuel Economizer 12/11/1985 Status Expired – “Inventor – Ayco, Victorio G. of Manila, PH – Abstract – The construction of a fuel economizer to be connected to an internal combustion engine comprising an outer cylindrical chamber consisting of an outer cylinder provided with a top cap and a bottom cap welded and connected thereto, said bottom cap being provided with a plurality of perforations and a tube having one end extended inwardly and connected to the top cap and the other end being provided with a regulatory valve and a hose leading to the intake manifold of the carburetor towards the internal combustion chamber of the engine; an inner cylindrical chamber disposed within said outer cylindrical chamber consisting of an inner cylinder having at least one hole disposed substantially on the middle portion thereof and is also being provided with an upper cap and lower cap welded and connected thereto, said upper cap is fixedly connected to the inwardly extended end of said tube, and a gauge being saturated with chemical mixture such as lime and a weak acidic liquid solution placed inside said inner cylindrical chamber and which has to be dried first before final completion. / Youtube – Magnesium and Calcium reacting with Hydrochloric Acid. – A clip of Magnesium and then Calcium metal reacting with Hydrochloric Acid. Firstly Magnesium, and then Calcium. DANGER! This reaction is extremely dangerous! DO NOT attempt unless you are a qualified professional! This reaction was conducted safely under strict laboratory conditions. This reaction releases extremely flammable gasses (hydrogen). / There are three major types of lime and each has its advantages. 1. Ground limestone and calcic limestone—Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3 )—almost pure calcium carbonate, finely ground. Ninety-five percent of all lime used in the United States is calcium carbonate because it is the most abundant and cheapest form of lime. Also, it is not caustic or disagreeable to handle as is burnt or hydrated lime. It may also contain varying amounts of magnesium carbonate. Limestones containing significant amounts of magnesium carbonate are called dolomitic limestones. Dolomitic limestone contains about equal parts of magnesium and calcium carbonate. 2. Burnt lime (CaO)—quick lime, caustic lime—acts more quickly than calcium carbonate. Gloves should be worn when using burnt or hydrated lime. Only the rate of ground limestone is needed since burnt lime is twice as effective in neutralizing. 3. Hydrated lime [Ca(OH)2]—or slaked lime—pound for pound is about 1 times more effective and quicker to react than ground limestone (calcium carbonate). / Calcium is a reactive metal because it can react with cold water to form hydrogen gas and calcium hydroxide. / Magnesium reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen gas.


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