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KeelyNet Highlights & Comments from – 08/15/08

Posted by keelynet on September 7, 2008

Item #1 – Since so many men have enlarged or cancerous prostates as they age, this new pill could do some major good. – Trials of a new pill have shown that it can shrink tumours in up to 80 per cent of cases, and end the need for damaging chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The drug, abiraterone, was discovered by researchers at the Royal Marsden Hospital in South-West London.

Item #2 – This new motor technology could also save huge amounts of energy if adopted. – Electric motors consume 67 percent of the energy produced in the United States, yet their fundamental technology hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. Eliminating the electromagnets lowers the weight and results in a quieter, more efficient motor — 87 percent efficient, in fact. Testing has shown that the motor also lasts significantly longer than standard designs. “The typical AC motor has a life span of about 400 hours,” says Bonner. “We stopped testing ours when it reached the 2,000-hour mark with no signs of degradation.”

Item #3 – I particularly like the idea of a natural water condensation system like this giant beehive. – AN ODD “drinking water fountain” in Europe acts as a giant artificial spring, condensing the moisture of the air. The thick brick walls keep the inside of the stone structure at a lower temperature than the outside, so that moisture condenses on the thousands of stone slates.

Item #4 – Future personal transport will to my view, no doubt include personal flying craft like this electric airplane. Now all we need is some overunity/free energy device to not have to recharge the batteries. – The plane, which received its airworthiness certificate in April, features a 5.6 kWh lithium battery with a projected life cycle (the number of times it can be depleted and recharged) of 1,000 cycles. The battery has a max weight of 78 pounds, cruises at 70 miles per hour, has a top speed of 90 mph and the stall speed is 45. The plane can fly for 90 to 120 minutes.

Item #5 – If it proves out, the most important recent claim of discovery is to able to use hydrogen without the need for gasoline, to power engines. Replacing Gasoline with Hydrogen from Water as the only Fuel – Inventor Thushara Edirisinghe showing the new apparatus that he claimed having the capability of producing hydrogen from water that could be installed into a car to convert the vehicle from a gasoline run car to a water run car. Using his method would let you drive almost 200 miles per gallon of water.

Item #6 – The second most important hydrogen generation invention is Perpetual Power with self-regenerating Hydrogen Reactor – an invention that uses a low voltage charge to separate hydrogen from water. Once that process starts, he says the hydrogen will continue to power the electricity, thus creating a continuum.

Strange Battery – 02/08/97
– An engineer claims to have built a nuclear battery using two solar cells and one business card cut to fit the diameter of the solar cells. An old watch with glow-in-the-dark numerals (from radioactive paint – radium chloride) was bought at a garage sale. The paint was scraped off and dissolved into a fluid to make a small amount of liquid paint. The cut business card was coated with the radium chloride several times and allowed to dry. This ‘doped’ business card was sandwiched between the two solar cells with the photo sensitive side facing towards the card and the whole thing placed inside a lead box (for protection from radioactivity) with the solar cell wires sticking out. He reports that a 25 Watt bulb from the taillight of an automobile was lit to full brilliance for 1.5 years. / Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years – A new type of battery based on the radioactive decay of nuclear material is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes and should last a decade or more without a charge, scientists announced this week. It uses a silicon wafer to capture electrons emitted by a radioactive gas, such as tritium. It is similar to the mechanics of converting sunlight into electricity in a solar panel.

How the Saucers Fly – There exists in nature, an aether, not a vacuum. As such we live like fish at the bottom of the ocean and are blind to the fact that we live in an intensely pressurized fluid. Now, how does a flying saucer work? It has a mechanism that is capable of shearing the aether just like a helicopter blade does. Except here, the shearing can be done by electron motion. You must keep in mind that if you simply push the aether with electrons from here to there, and force the flowing aether to collide with the protons making up the atoms in your device, then you will gain no net thrust. You must find a way to successfully direct the flux with the electrons through space and out again like a jet engine without slamming it into your motor proper. Any such collision will negate the gains. Once we learn that there exist in nature, no attractive forces, then we will come to learn not only how to control such things, but rather, that such things are even controllable.

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