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Organ Age Reversal

Posted by keelynet on September 4, 2008

Wow, need to shotgun this and do them all at one time!

“Just like us, mice accumulate damage to their cells as they grow old, which eventually leads to toxic protein buildup she calls “garbage.” One of the ways cells keep clean is with the help of internal surveillance systems that detect and clean out this cellular refuse. Cuervo and Zhang have given some of these mice an extra copy of the gene that produces these internal garbage detectors, and in this study, they targeted the cells of the liver. “The most exciting finding is that, when we compare the cells from the young animals to the old animals, we normally find garbage, accumulation of damage, but when we compare this with our animals in which we have added this extra copy of this gene, we found that the cells were clean,” says Cuervo. Cuervo explains that when mice reach middle age, their cells’ cleaning systems start slowing down, so she decided to turn on the extra gene when the mice reached middle age in order to prevent this decline. When the researchers found that the cells were clean they knew they were on the right track, but wanted to see if the cells and the entire liver functioned better. A chief source of cellular protein damage is oxidation, which occurs in all cells of our bodies. The “internal garbage detectors” Cuervo targeted are actually antennae-like structures on organelles called lysosomes, which grab onto damaged proteins and pull them inside the lysosome so they can be broken down and recycled. “Even the typical reactions that you have in your body produce oxidation or damage of proteins, sort of like proteins getting rusty. And your cells eliminate these rusty proteins, and this is what guarantees that your cells work properly and don’t accumulate any kind of garbage,” explains Cuervo.” – Source


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