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Archive for August 4th, 2008

MIT develops way to bank solar energy at home

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

Closer and closer to hydrogen on the fly for running internal combustion engines.

“A U.S. scientist has developed a new way of powering fuel cells that could make it practical for home owners to store solar energy and produce electricity to run lights and appliances at night. A new catalyst produces the oxygen and hydrogen that fuel cells use to generate electricity, while using far less energy than current methods. Nocera’s catalyst is made from cobalt, phosphate and an electrode that produces oxygen from water by using 90 percent less electricity than current methods, which use the costly metal platinum. The system still relies on platinum to produce hydrogen — the other element that makes up water. “On the hydrogen side, platinum works well,” Nocera said. “On the oxygen side … it doesn’t work well and you have to put way more energy in than needed to get the (oxygen) out.” “It’s cheap, it’s efficient, it’s highly manufacturable, it’s incredibly tolerant of impurity and it’s from earth-abundant stuff,” Nocera explained. (Thanks to Ken H. for this headsup. – JWD)” – Source

Posted in Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science, Politics | 1 Comment »

24 Pounds of Coal for 1 Gallon of Gas (Feb. 1934)

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

Lots of coal in the world, but wonder how much pollution this method produces?

“British motorists may now enjoy the novelty of buying gasoline made from coal, which has just been placed on public sale. The event marks the beginning of a great chemical industry by which England hopes to put 65,000 men to work and to end her dependence upon imported petroleum. A monster plant now rising at Billingham-on-Tees will transform 1,000 tons of coal daily into the synthetic fuel, using a process already in successful operation in a smaller experimental plant at the same site. In this process, known as hydrogenation, powdered coal is mixed with heavy oil and the resulting paste is fed, with hydrogen gas, to a converter. The mixture undergoes a chemical transformation under tremendous heat and pressure, yielding a mixture of hydrocarbons from which pure gasoline is recovered by distillation. Another of the products is Diesel oil, which may also be changed into gasoline by an additional conversion treatment with hydrogen. Both the hydrogen and heavy oil used in the process are obtained in the course of producing the gasoline, leaving coal as the chief raw material required. Results of production indicate that approximately a gallon of gasoline may be obtained from twenty-four pounds of coal, and the large-scale plant under construction should show an output of 80,000 gallons of gasoline a day.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science, Politics | Comments Off on 24 Pounds of Coal for 1 Gallon of Gas (Feb. 1934)

Capture Anything with Snagit – July 27th, 2008

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

Handy little program that can snag sizeable window video!!!

“SnagIt is a Windows program that lets you capture anything you see on the computer screen, including video clips, even if they have been protected against copying. The program comes with some of the best teaching videos we’ve seen. (Just click “help” and go to “tour.”) The videos walk you through everything, step by step. After a while you get the hang of it. If you are used to using graphics programs, nearly all the commands, like grouping objects, will be familiar. Among the new features is the ability to work with multiple images at once, laying them out like scenes in a film strip. So you don’t lose track of what you’ve captured, screens can be given tag words, so that later they can be brought together into one folder. You can drop and drag them the separate captures onto a main screen to lay out the kind of presentation you want. When you get the look and sound you like you can click on the “send” tab to email the result or post it to the web or send to another program, like Photoshop Elements, for special effects or masking. An old feature that is made more visible in the current version is “hot spot.” You can designate any point in any captured screen as a hot spot that will bring up another image, text, or even a whole sequence. You’ve seen this effect many times in programs and web sites: when your mouse pointer hovers over a point, another image or instruction pops up. Profiles make it easy. SnagIt comes with eleven preset buttons that make screen capture a cinch! Capture a region of your screen, text from a window, the contents of a tall page that scrolls, all the images on a Web page, (active window for video), you get the idea. Using SnagIt, you can do this too. SnagIt 9 is $50 from and there’s a 30-day trial version for free. There is a free, much-lighter version of SnagIt for PCs and Macs at” – Source

Posted in Gee Willikers!!!, Invention, Miscellaneous, Personal Anecdotes | Comments Off on Capture Anything with Snagit – July 27th, 2008

Video – The Story of the Sign

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

With a stroke of the pen, a stranger transforms the afternoon for another man in this emotionally stirring short film by Alonso Alvarez. / (Not normally something I’d post on KeelyNet, but it’s a feel good thing for the weekend. Thanks to Ken H. for sharing it. – JWD) – Source

Posted in Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Video – The Story of the Sign

Big Bee-hive Gets Water From Air (Jul, 1934)

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

Need these things in use worldwide.

“AN ODD “drinking water fountain” in Europe acts as a giant artificial spring, condensing the moisture of the air. The thick brick walls keep the inside of the stone structure at a lower temperature than the outside, so that moisture condenses on the thousands of stone slates. – Source and the modern version Atmospheric water generator – An AWG operates in a manner very similar to that of a refrigerated dehumidifier: air is passed through a cooled coil, causing water to condense. The amount of water that can be produced depends on the humidity, the volume of air passing through the coils, and the size of the machine. The device is very useful for locations where pure drinking water is difficult to obtain, such as in areas with heavy ground pollution, and the air is humid.”

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Health, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science, Politics | Comments Off on Big Bee-hive Gets Water From Air (Jul, 1934)

3D Printing For Everyone

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

The prices sound reasonable for custom objects.

“”Technology Review has up an article about Shapeways, a new online rapid-prototyping service that allows users to upload digital designs which are then printed on 3-D printers and shipped back. A spinoff from Philips Research, the service gives small businesses, designers, artists, and hobbyists access to prototyping tools that were once available only to the largest corporations. The fee for a typical printed object is $50-$150. Their video shows the steps behind the process.” – Source

Posted in Gee Willikers!!!, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on 3D Printing For Everyone

Homemade Biodiesel Explosion

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

A warning to home experimenters.

“A Northamptonshire man destroyed his garage and badly injured himself at the weekend while attempting to make biodiesel from used cooking oil. A devastating explosion levelled the makeshift reprocessing plant on Saturday afternoon, when sparks from an electric drill being used to mix ingredients ignited explosive vapours. Firemen hastened to deal with the smoking wreckage, in Middleton Cheney, and the unnamed thrifty motorist was airlifted to hospital with 20 per cent burns. The injured biodiesel fancier reportedly made motor fuel from used cooking oil obtained from his local Chinese takeaway. Such oil can often be used in diesel vehicles without preparation, but this will typically knacker the engine in short order. It is normal to treat the oil with alcohol and other ingredients before use, and this process was apparently underway when the mishap occurred. The explosion would most probably have been caused initially by alcohol fumes building up in the garage, a process likely enhanced by the hot weather this weekend. Open-air – or at least better-ventilated – biodiesel manufacture might have been wiser.” – Source

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Video – Seeing is Believing? – 9/11 video tampering in 1963

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

Interesting claim and points that seem to prove their case.

“Most people assume the famous “Zapruder film” showing the moment John F. Kennedy was shot is an accurate portrayal of what happened. What many don’t know is that even before digital video it was possible to alter moving picture images. And the Zapruder films shows extensive signs of having been doctored. Manipulation of moving pictures is another similarity between the Kennedy assassination and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Raises many questions when Secret Service stops the car for a clear shot, yet the video has the stop cut out. (Thanks to Ken H. for this, we can’t believe anything we see as proof. – JWD)” – Source

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Solar Breakthrough Offers 25% Reduction in Solar Electricity Costs

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

“After months of intensive research and experimental trials, the Day4 Energy company has developed a design and manufacturing process for its Generation II solar cells with efficiency up to 19 percent on mono-crystalline and 18 percent on multi-crystalline silicon materials. The new design constitutes a significant improvement not only in maximum efficiency but also in low cost manufacturing and lower commercialization risk. “Our first generation 14.7 percent efficiency Day4 MC module, which has been in commercial production since 2006, already places us among the industry’s highest performing multi-crystalline products,” said Professor Leonid Rubin, chief technology officer of Day4 Energy. “With the second generation of our proprietary solar cell designs we are taking a major step towards making solar energy cost competitive with conventional sources of electrical power generation.” – Source

Posted in Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on Solar Breakthrough Offers 25% Reduction in Solar Electricity Costs

‘Fuel battery’ could take cars beyond petrol

Posted by keelynet on August 4, 2008

“A new approach to storing electrical energy can store more energy than gasoline in the same volume, and could help extend the range of electric vehicles. But some experts say other approaches are more practical. Combining electric power with a combustion engine to make a hybrid electric vehicle sidesteps that problem. But a new take on electrical power storage that is part battery, part chemical fuel cell could ditch gasoline for good. The new design stores energy more densely than petrol, and was conceived by Stuart Licht of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and colleagues. Batteries produce electricity from a closed chemical system that is eventually exhausted. Fuel cells use a constant supply of fuel, so they are continually topped up. Licht’s cell has features of each. Its negative electrode, or anode, is made from vanadium boride, which serves double-duty as a fuel too. But unlike the flowing fuel of a fuel cell, the material is held internally, like the anode material of a battery. The vanadium boride reacts with a constant stream of oxygen, as in a fuel cell, provided by the positive electrode, or cathode. This brings in a supply of air from outside. The cell has a theoretical energy capacity of 27 kilowatt hours per litre, compared to 9.7 kilowatt hours per litre for gasoline. But both approaches are limited by practical factors to smaller figures. Licht says his new system would likely have a practical energy capacity of around 5 kilowatt hours per litre. “But that’s two-fold higher than the practical storage capacity of gasoline,” he says… (via” – Source

Posted in Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science, Politics | Comments Off on ‘Fuel battery’ could take cars beyond petrol