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Archive for July 23rd, 2008

KeelyNet Highlights and Comments

Posted by keelynet on July 23, 2008

Highlights and Comments from 07/10/08

Since I don’t archive these Highlight notes at KeelyNet, I try to remember to post them to the KeelyNet Blog where they might still be available in future. Several items of interest as usual have been posted since the last update to this section.

July 2008 – KeelyNet is 20 years old!

Can’t believe KeelyNet has been online now since 1988! I spent about 2 months typing in roughly 8MB of information since I had no scanner in 1988. A BBS sounded like a great way to share a lot of information, thus was born the KeelyNet BBS out of Dallas, Texas.

I moved KeelyNet to the Internet in 1995 at the urging of Bill Beaty, longtime friend and operator of the excellent Amateur Sciences website, but for the prior 7 years KeelyNet was a one computer BBS system running out of my house. Back then we had about 2000 subscribers who shared information and comments…more at the link

Item #1 – Imagine living on the moon where you only weigh 1/6th of your earth weight, you could FLY! Ben Bova Futurist – On August 6th the DaVinci Institute will be hosting the legendary science fiction author, Dr. Ben Bova, at its Night with a Futurist event. In his various writings, Dr. Bova has predicted the Space Race of the 1960s, solar power satellites, the discovery of organic chemicals in interstellar space, virtual reality, human cloning, the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), the discovery of life on Mars, the advent of international peacekeeping forces, the discovery of ice on the Moon, electronic book publishing and zero-gravity sex.

Item #2 – The absolute coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time is the Video – Algae – the Holy Grail of Biofuel – Closed Loop BioReactor – Algae can produce up to 20,000 gallons per acre per year and that is in an open pond system, not in our vertical reactor system. If we took 1/10 of the state of New Mexico, converted to vertical reactor algae production, we could meet all the energy demands of the United States.

Item #3 – You can buy or download this excellent 600 page ebook, A How-To Book for Everything From Water Filters to Fly Traps that could save you and your family in the event of catastrophe.

Item #4 – If you have a wound that won’t heal or want to speed up the healing process, check out Electric Bandages that you can order and use NOW.

Item #5 – A 100% cancer cure in mice? Scientists to test if cancer cure can work in humans – The cells have also been able to kill cervical, prostate and breast cancer tumour cells in Petri dish tests. “All the mice we treated were 100 per cent cured,” lead researcher Dr. Zheng Cui told CTV News. “So that was very surprising for us.” Granulocytes account for about 60 per cent of all white blood cells in the human body.

KeelyNet Articles/URLs of Interest – 07/10/08

Uncle’s Perpetual Motion Toy – 12/14/97
– As best I can remember the toy was about two feet high and about one foot square. It consisted of a spiral ramp that I think made about 3 1/2 turns from the top to the bottom, at the bottom of the ramp was a paddle wheel. This was connected through some gears to an elevator that went to the top. At the top was a hopper. In this hopper was placed about 10 marbles. There was a trip door on the hopper that would only let out one marble at a time. I think that it would release so that only one marble was going down the ramp at a time. Anyway, he tripped the gate and one marble rolled down the ramp, it took maybe 3 to 5 seconds to get to the bottom. It hit the paddlewheel and spun it causing the elevator to move up a little, this released another marble which repeated the process, this time the first marble was on the elevator and was moved up toward the hopper. I think there was about 5 marbles on the elevator at a time. Anyway once he started the toy running, it continued to run. He said that you had to have all the marbles in the hopper to start, once the first few marbles had hit the paddle wheel, it spun continuously. We were at their house for about three or four hours, and I spent most of my time watching the toy run.

the Ultimate Power Source revisited – Arthur Adams says the energy source he has discovered is like a huge natural battery in the earth — and it has nothing to do with the fusion of zinc and copper. “Believe me” he said earnestly “this is big, very big indeed. “it can produce a limitless supply of power… it gives off huge voltages and amps and it is self-regenerating.” Doubts – What is more, he claims to have synthesized the metal. He can produce it himself. A piece no bigger that a shirt button could replace batteries in cars and commercial vehicles. A slab half the size of a shoe box could provide all the power and light for a normal three up and two down family house — for next to nothing. Officials at the Institute of Geological Scientists who prospect for and map minerals in Britain said yesterday: “We have not discovered any minerals with these properties. If it is a substance unknown to science it is extremely exciting — but we doubt it.”

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