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From Fish Farm to Fuel

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

This caught my interest because a lady doctor in a small town here in central Mexico has 3 giant tanks where she is teaching people how to grow and sell tilapia fish as a food and income source.

“Neptune Industries, which was founded in 1998, is primarily a technology development company with an emphasis in aquaculture. Neptune started to raise fish in the lakes using traditional aquaculture equipment, cages and net pens. The company also raises its trademark hybrid striped bass in a land-based raceway system. Testing showed that the water quality in the lakes was good. Pilot projects in three lakes, however, turned up several problems with the equipment. They had high levels of predation and fry escaping as turtles and alligators gnawed through the nets. They also saw that all the fish waste and uneaten feed went out into the lake and hurt the water quality. To solve these issues, the company developed the Aquasphere, a solid steel floating cage. The system uses a low-energy, low-head pumping system called an air lift to deliver oxygenated water to the fish and collects waste and uneaten food in a filter system at the bottom. Neptune’s land-based fish farm requires a 200 horsepower pump while the air-lift system uses a 2 horsepower blower. The Aquasphere also has hinge points that allow it to flex with ocean currents and waves. Ten 30-foot diameter Aquaspheres can produce 1 million pounds of fish per year. Combining the Aquasphere with algae production creates a second income stream by producing feedstock for biodiesel. Neptune Industry’s algae system is uncomplicated and takes advantage of the aquasphere’s environment. Long strips of plastic tubing are suspended on a frame of PVC piping and water and the fish waste fertilizer are circulated through the system. The system floats so the algae get all the sunlight it needs. Because the tubes are partially submerged, the system maintains a constant comfortable temperature for the algae. “It is basically a closed system,” Papadoyianis says. “You put the waste, which is the fertilizer, and the algae innoculum in, and it circulates around in a huge manifold. The water traverses literally thousands of feet as it circulates around. It gets the sunlight and keeps cool so you have the best of all possible worlds.” – Source


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