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Archive for July 18th, 2008

Groundbreaking invention to Power your Car

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

The key thing here is the very low power used to produce the hydrogen and oxygen. Definitely worth following up.

“Thushara, a 25-year-old from Athurugiriya, is the inventor of what could be a ground-breaking technology of powering a car by water, using an extremely low amount of electricity. According to the the young inventor, the generator he has designed is capable of running a motor car for 80 kilometres using only one litre of water, without any danger to life or any impact on the environment. The energy required to power the vehicle is produced by the splitting off of H2O (water) into separate Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, of which the former is burnt according to a specified ratio to produce the energy needed to power the engine. The specialty of my invention is its ability to produce this energy from water with a minimal electric current of barely 0.5 amperes, which was not possible earlier,” Thushara says. A product of Christ King College, Pannipitiya, Thushara, on his test run of the water-powered car, has travelled all the way to Anuradhapura and back on mere three litres of water, a journey that would have cost several thousand rupees on a petrol or diesel vehicle. ”This generator could be fixed to any petrol or diesel vehicle with suitable adjustments depending on their cylinder capacity. While Hydrogen is 1000 times faster than petrol, the exhausts of water-powered vehicles consisting of water vapour are also entirely eco-friendly. Using water as opposed to oil that react with lubricating oil would also extend the life of the vehicle,” he adds.” – Source

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Abandoned Farmlands Are Key To Sustainable Bioenergy

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

This idea makes a lot of sense, there are millions if not much more acres of unused or abandoned land that could grow these crops.

“Biofuels can be a sustainable part of the world’s energy future, especially if bioenergy agriculture is developed on currently abandoned or degraded agricultural lands, report scientists from the Carnegie Institution and Stanford University. Using these lands for energy crops, instead of converting existing croplands or clearing new land, avoids competition with food production and preserves carbon-storing forests needed to mitigate climate change. Sustainable bioenergy is likely to satisfy no more than 10% of the demand in the energy-intensive economies of North America, Europe, and Asia. But for some developing countries, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa, the potential exists to supply many times their current energy needs without compromising food supply or destroying forests. The researchers estimate that globally up to 4.7 million square kilometers (approximately 1.8 million square miles) of abandoned lands could be available for growing energy crops. Researchers estimate that the worldwide harvestable dry biomass could amount to as much as 2.1 billion tons, with a total energy content of about 41 exajoules. While this is a significant amount of energy (one exajoule is a billion billion joules, equivalent to about 170 million barrels of oil), at best it would satisfy only about 8% of worldwide energy demand.” – Source

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“Nanosculpture” for New Types of Heat Pumps and Energy Converters

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

Wow, does this discovery have serious applications for power from heat generation!

“Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered how to direct the growth of nanorods made up of two single crystals using a biomolecular surfactant. The researchers were also able to create “branched” structures by carefully controlling the temperature, time, and amount of surfactant used during synthesis. “Our work is the first to demonstrate the synthesis of composite nanorods with branching, wherein each nanorod consists of two materials — a single-crystal bismuth telluride nanorod core encased in a hollow cylindrical shell of single-crystal bismuth sulfide,” said G. Ramanath, professor of materials science and engineering at Rensselaer… “Our discovery enables the realization of two very important attributes for heat dissipation and power generation from heat,” Ramanath said. “First, the core-shell junctions in the nanorods are conducive for heat removal upon application of an electrical voltage, or generating electrical power from heat. Second, the branched structures open up the possibility of fabricating miniaturized conduits for heat removal alongside nanowire interconnects in future device architectures.” – Source

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Exerciser Rights Faulty Posture (Sep, 1930)

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

What a great idea for those of us who work on computers or in jobs that cause posture problems!

“BUSINESS men and women who by necessity must lead sedentary lives will find the exercising device shown at the left an excellent corrective for the stooping posture developed by such a manner of living. The device can be hung up in a doorway or in the attic for a few minutes exercise each day. Muscles of the shoulders, arms and neck are given a strenuous workout by the pulling movement of the arms and the stretching motion to the neck. (Using of this technique could be very useful for office workers, computer users and others whose work contributes to bad posture. Some company should make and sell these things, though from the picture, it looks like it would be very easy to construct for yourself. – JWD)” – Source

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‘Run Your Car On Water’ Scheme Could Leave Consumers All Wet

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

And yet so many people seem to be getting definite fuel increases…

“These widely-advertised devices, known variously as a “hydrogen generator” or “hydrogen booster,” claim to be able to use electricity from your car battery to split water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen. This supposedly forms what is called “Browns Gas.” Perhaps the most notorious Web site promoting the concept is Created by a gentleman who calls himself Ozzie Freedom, the site is a 12,000-word sales pitch for two electronic books advertised at $97.00. Doing a Web search for “water4gas” or “Ozzie Freedom” brings up page after page of search results and advertisements with headlines such as, “Is Water4Gas a Scam?” or “Water4Gas Reviewed,” not to mention a wealth of videos that claim to show the device in action. It doesn’t take long to realize that the “articles” and “reviews” appear to be sales pitches masquerading as unbiased reviews. Some sites present themselves as mechanics giving free advice to motorists. “All of these device/schemes seem to promote adding hydrogen to improve the combustion process. There is no way it can improve fuel economy by 50%, or even 5%,” said Dr. Robert Sawyer, Professor of Energy Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. When we showed the instructions and claims to Dr. Andrew A. Frank, he had difficulty holding back the laughter. “It shows the desperation people feel!” said Frank, Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of California, Davis.The Water4Gas site specifically says that you shouldn’t listen to “experts.” Instead, Mr. Freedom says that you should just order his books.” – Source

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Man claims fuel system gets 463 miles per gallon w/video

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

Literally running on vapor!

“John Weston’s 1992 Geo Storm doesn’t look like much on the outside. But there are some people that say it’s what’s under a car’s hood that matters. “Since I changed the fuel system unit, it’s drastically different. I disconnected the fuel line from the injector so no liquid goes to the engine,” said Weston. Weston showed NBC2 a version of his air vapor flow system where instead of liquid fuel, only vapors go to the engine. “They used to say, ‘Hey I’m running on empty. I’m running on fumes.’ Well, this is actually running on fumes,” he said. Weston says the system burns cleaner and also made a bold claim about fuel efficiency from a one-time test. “It came up to 463 miles a gallon if we had driven in the same manner – a gallon,” said Weston. “I drove from here to Fort Myers, and I’m up there keeping up with traffic running 80 mph.” Now, the backyard mechanic is looking for investors so he can eventually take his invention public. In the meantime, he says you might see his car on the highway.” – Source

Lots of patents and info on this at 01/31/99 – A History of Vapor Carburetors.

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Tankless task pays off: that’s AC, not DC

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

Another report of a much cheaper way to drive. Why don’t investors or investor groups jump all over these guys with money and manufacturing offers???

“In Gaza City, where gasoline is the rarest of commodities, Wassim Khazendar, electrical engineer, replaced the petrol engine in his Peugeot 205 four months ago with an electric motor. “I think I am the first person in the world to have been able to convert a car that runs on petrol, to one that runs on electricity,” he says. Now it costs him about 50 cents to charge the car’s 34 batteries, compared with the $425 he would have to spend to fill the tank with fuel. On full charge the Peugeot can cover about 180 kilometres at a top speed of 105 km/h, more than enough to get around the tiny Palestinian territory several times over. “I have attached the electric motor to the drive shaft, and that drives the car like a petrol engine,” he says. “The manual gears work like normal. The only difference is that it costs nothing to get around, and here in Gaza, that means a lot.” The secret, Mr Khazendar explains, is that he has found a way to use an alternating current electric motor instead of the heavier, direct current motors used in other electric cars. “For a car designed to run on a petrol engine, a direct current motor was too heavy, so when we tried it, it just didn’t work properly.” Sounding more like someone who could win a segment on the ABC’s New Inventors program, Mr Khazendar says there is a secret box underneath the car that will protect his invention from imitators. In need of a patent attorney to ensure his invention was protected, Mr Khazendar looked up the office of a reputable Tel Aviv firm. “They said yes straight away – a very good Israeli patent attorney,” he said.” – Source

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100,000+ Web Proxies to Bypass Internet Censorship in the U.S.

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

A great way to bypass blocked pages like Hulu and Joost if you live outside the US or just find yourself blocked.

“The proxy acts as a buffer allowing the user to gain access to blocked web pages quickly and easily. This method is preferred because it only requires the typing in of a URL into a browser window. Unfortunately, once the proxy is found by the filtering company it will be blocked and no longer allow access by the user. Solution – Google is said to be a hacker’s favorite weapon. It is no different in this case. By using Boolean searches you can find TONS of new web-based proxies. Googlebot updates its list daily and it is constantly expanding. Use this search term: +”include form” +”remove scripts” +”accept cookies” +”show images” This search will look for all CgiProxy/PhpProxy web sites that have been set to default or have not been drastically altered. There are thousands of these sites out there on the Internet, and many new ones that come online each day. The filtering companies use search terms like these to find new proxy sites and block them. / By using all of those key words in one long Boolean term, we can eliminate approximately 20,000 web pages from Google’s list and get better results. +”Include Form” +”Remove Scripts” +”Accept Cookies” +”Show Images” +”Show Referer” +”Rotate13″ +”Base64″ +”Strip Meta” +”Strip Title” +”Session Cookies” +”New Window” Click on the link for additional details to filter your hits…” – Source

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Use shock bracelet or pay $14 billion a year

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

In a way, it’s a good security control idea but as with anything, it can be abused.

“A man who worked on the invention of a shock bracelet that the U.S. government has considered for using on all airline passengers says to gain a secure air travel experience, it’s either his device or a tab of $14 billion a year. In an interview with WND today, Per Hahne, whose device is being marketed now by Lamperd Less Lethal, a weapons corporation located near Toronto, said his product really isn’t draconian. With his device, he said, “no one gets wounded or killed accidentally, the flight is saved, you’re saved, the air carriers are saved, insurers are saved, all because of a bracelet that can deliver a shock similar to a Taser.” WND reported earlier that an official with the Department of Homeland Security had expressed interest in having airline passengers wear the bracelets that could track their movements, hold personal information and be triggered like a Taser to stun them into immobility. The video says passengers could be fitted with “electronic ID bracelets” they would wear until they disembark their flights. The device would replace a ticket, carry passenger information, track passengers through terminals and track carryon luggage. But the key feature is that the bracelets could be discharged, as a gun, and leave the wearer “immobile for several minutes” although without causing “permanent injury.” He said the nation’s existing air marshal program to provide security on flights cannot compete on two levels – safety [Who wants an marshal to discharge a weapon on board?] as well as expense. He said only about 4 percent of the nation’s 30,000 daily flights are covered by air marshals now, and if an agent would be assigned to each flight, “it would take a contingent the size of the U.S. Marine Corps and $14 billion a year.” He said approximately $25 of the average ticket already is used for security. Whether his bracelets should be adapted for use in other situations where a single person could cause damage: on trains, in stadium events and like, he said, “That’s not a question I can answer. I’m an aviator. I’m only concerned about aviation.” – Source

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From Fish Farm to Fuel

Posted by keelynet on July 18, 2008

This caught my interest because a lady doctor in a small town here in central Mexico has 3 giant tanks where she is teaching people how to grow and sell tilapia fish as a food and income source.

“Neptune Industries, which was founded in 1998, is primarily a technology development company with an emphasis in aquaculture. Neptune started to raise fish in the lakes using traditional aquaculture equipment, cages and net pens. The company also raises its trademark hybrid striped bass in a land-based raceway system. Testing showed that the water quality in the lakes was good. Pilot projects in three lakes, however, turned up several problems with the equipment. They had high levels of predation and fry escaping as turtles and alligators gnawed through the nets. They also saw that all the fish waste and uneaten feed went out into the lake and hurt the water quality. To solve these issues, the company developed the Aquasphere, a solid steel floating cage. The system uses a low-energy, low-head pumping system called an air lift to deliver oxygenated water to the fish and collects waste and uneaten food in a filter system at the bottom. Neptune’s land-based fish farm requires a 200 horsepower pump while the air-lift system uses a 2 horsepower blower. The Aquasphere also has hinge points that allow it to flex with ocean currents and waves. Ten 30-foot diameter Aquaspheres can produce 1 million pounds of fish per year. Combining the Aquasphere with algae production creates a second income stream by producing feedstock for biodiesel. Neptune Industry’s algae system is uncomplicated and takes advantage of the aquasphere’s environment. Long strips of plastic tubing are suspended on a frame of PVC piping and water and the fish waste fertilizer are circulated through the system. The system floats so the algae get all the sunlight it needs. Because the tubes are partially submerged, the system maintains a constant comfortable temperature for the algae. “It is basically a closed system,” Papadoyianis says. “You put the waste, which is the fertilizer, and the algae innoculum in, and it circulates around in a huge manifold. The water traverses literally thousands of feet as it circulates around. It gets the sunlight and keeps cool so you have the best of all possible worlds.” – Source

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