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The Levitating Stone of Shivapur

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

I’ve been intrigued by this story for years and though pages exist with photos, no one to my knowledge had ever videotaped it so anyone can see it. Well, now we can.

THE LEVITATING STONE OF SHIVAPUR by Margaret Deefholts – “Qamar Ali died in his late teens but as he lay on his deathbed, he requested that a circular stone weighing 200 pounds, be placed near his tomb. According to the legend, he said: “If eleven men place their right index fingers under the stone and then jointly call my name, I will cause it to rise higher than their heads. Otherwise, neither singly nor together will they be able to move it more than two feet off the ground. Let it be a symbol,” he said to his brothers, “a reminder of my message that spiritual power is greater than brute strength. As Allah the Merciful, has loved you, so should you love all men of every caste and creed. For we are all brothers on the same journey. Think of this when you call my name and raise the stone.”

I photograph the stone while the mullah beckons a group of onlookers and three non-Moslem men off the street. They include a puzzled young man who is passing through the town on his scooter and had paused to buy something from a roadside stall, and a stick-like old man who looks incapable of lifting a cushion, let alone a rock. Including Thite there are now eleven men in all.. I ask one of the more muscular participants to first try lifting the stone single-handedly. He barely moves it an inch off the ground. “Viney,” I whisper to Thite, “I would like to know whether the stone vibrates as you lift it, and how heavy it is when raised.”

I ready my video camera as the men surround the rock.

They stoop, place the index finger of their right hands under the rim of the rock, count to three, and then bawl, “Qamar Ali Darveeeesh!” The stone, like a living thing, flies up in the air, a foot above their heads. Caught off guard, I frantically move my video camera upwards to keep it in focus. The men scatter as it falls to the ground with an enormous thud. I take a deep breath. Thite turns to me, incredulous. “It didn’t vibrate,” he says, “but it was light! Light as Styrofoam!”
On the second attempt, I capture it on film. Once again, the stone leaps skywards well beyond the men’s fingertips, spins and, as they dodge out of the way, it crashes to earth.” – Source

I extracted 6 photos of the stone lift and noted in the audio they did not chant, ‘Qamar Ali Dervish’ as I’d read on other sites. More like a shout accompanied with the lift.


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