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Archive for July 12th, 2008

July 2008 – KeelyNet is 20 years old!

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Can’t believe KeelyNet has been online now since 1988!

It all started after I had accumulated a lot of interesting articles and documents and got tired of making photocopies for so many people that I knew or met.

So I spent about 2 months typing in roughly 8MB of information since I had no scanner in 1988. A BBS sounded like a great way to share a lot of information, thus was born the KeelyNet BBS out of Dallas, Texas.

I moved KeelyNet to the Internet in 1995 at the urging of Bill Beaty, longtime friend and operator of the excellent Amateur Sciences website, but for the prior 7 years KeelyNet was a one computer BBS system running out of my house. Back then we had about 2000 subscribers who shared information and comments.

I don’t have any photos of the BBS setup in my house from that time but it was much like the first one shown in the sample photos below. It was and has always been very interesting and a lot of fun.

So now it is 2008 which means KeelyNet has an online presence spanning 20 years! God I feel ANCIENT!

Not really, but it is a long time to devote to something unless you really do love it and are sincere about keeping it alive as long as you are able, and for now and the foreseeable future, I am all three of these.

I think the neatest and proudest thing for me, is to get emails from people who first logged on to the BBS when they were in their teens and trying to find out what they wanted to do with their lives. I’ve received several emails from guys who are now engineers, technicians or doctors who say they used to visit KeelyNet in the BBS days and it inspired them to pursue technical or medical careers.

My ultimate desire is to have my research lab where we could do a lot of tests and experiments.

I intentionally write WE since I get emails from people all over the world who have ideas or want to work in such a lab, so I have a list of who I want to invite here to work on their own project or other projects.

It will be much more than just a thinktank and something that could yield results that would change the world.

At any rate, we do what we can with what we have. So I’m glad KeelyNet has lasted this long and I hope we can do a lot more before it’s my time to kick the bucket. Feel free to stop by KeelyNet and bookmark if you like.

Thanks for all your support over the years!

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Slow XP after AutoPatch

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

I was last on my XP on July 10th and noticed when I shut it down that it said it was updating the XP software. I’d read about some problems with the last patch/update but didn’t stop it.

When I logged on today, man, it was so slow on EVERY site I tried to access, often saying can’t find the page and asking to retry. Can’t have this so used my old winME computer to lookup what I should do to reverse or delete the patch.

The instructions were;

Go to Control Panel
Open Add or Remove Programs
Click on Show Updates
Scroll down to Windows XP – Software Updates (which will be sorted by date)
Mine showed the last update on 07/10/08 but I didn’t write down the name (like KB*****)
Clicked on that and told it to remove
Rebooted the machine

Opened my Firefox browser and wham, KeelyNet came up in a flash as it always did. No more Internet problems thanks to this simple fix. What a relief!

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Two concerns about the Future of the USA and the world

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

I don’t like the term ‘RULE’ but if we don’t get serious about getting our own house in order and LEAVE OTHER COUNTRIES ALONE, then expanding into space for infinite possibilities and new technology, we will be left behind by other countries.

Doing it the way Americans do it isn’t the only way nor is it the best. I read where a Mexican mother was advising her adult children before they left to work in the states. She said, ‘Don’t do everything the gringos do, some is right, some is wrong.’

We should always dynamically optimize and adapt by using the best methods we can find.

Who Will Rule the 21st Century? – “Straight-line extrapolation shows that China and India, with their faster growth rates, will eventually catch up to the U.S. in terms of pure economic size. But America has a final competitive advantage: its confluence of bright, hungry entrepreneurs and flush, eager investors; and its stable, highly adaptable system. For China, that would occur as early as 2045; for India, the date would be some 20 years later. Which is why you so often hear experts predicting that, by midcentury, the U.S. will be trailing the two new world superpowers.” – Source

US Dominance in Space Slips as Other Nations Step Up Efforts – “Space, like Earth below, is globalizing. And as it does, America’s long-held superiority in exploring, exploiting and commercializing “the final frontier” is slipping away, many experts believe. Although the United States remains dominant in most space-related fields — and owns half the military satellites currently orbiting Earth — experts say the nation’s superiority is diminishing, and many other nations are expanding their civilian and commercial space capabilities at a far faster pace. “We spent many tens of billions of dollars during the Apollo era to purchase a commanding lead in space over all nations on Earth,” said NASA Administrator Michael D. Griffin, who said his agency’s budget is down by 20 percent in inflation-adjusted terms since 1992. “We’ve been living off the fruit of that purchase for 40 years and have not . . . chosen to invest at a level that would preserve that commanding lead.” Six separate nations and the European Space Agency are now capable of sending sophisticated satellites and spacecraft into orbit — and more are on the way….” – Source

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Boat, Moved Only by Waves, Sails to a Seafaring First

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Who wants to travel this slow???

“The Suntory Mermaid II successfully completed late Friday night a 4,350 mile trip from Honolulu, Hawaii, to the Kii Channel off the east coast of Japan, marking the longest known voyage by a wave-powered boat. The bow-mounted mechanism harnesses wave power to provide a dolphinlike tail kick from two independently mounted flippers. The design team originally estimated that the 31-foot-long, three-ton catamaran would average three to four knots and arrive off the east coast of Japan about 60 days after its departure on March 16. But, unusually good weather and calm seas resulted in the boat traveling an average of only 1.5 knots and the Mermaid’s maiden voyage ended up taking 111 days. Nevertheless, Dr. Terao and his team were satisfied with the result. “We were able to prove that our propulsion system delivers a 7,000-kilometer voyage,” Dr. Terao said in an e-mail interview from Japan. “And we can easily improve the speed. In fact, the improvements have already started.” – Source

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Businessman could hold Solution to Nation’s energy crisis

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

This guy needs major support if his technology works as claimed.

“The “Rivera Method” – takes such agricultural refuse as cracked soy beans, rice and cotton seed hulls, grain sorghum, milo and jatropha and turns them into bio-crude oil. This crude – or Vertroleum, as Rivera calls it – can then be refined further into everything from gasoline to jet fuel and just about every petrochemical in between. What’s more, Rivera claims that products made from Vertroleum burn at near 100 percent efficiency, leaving behind neither heat nor pollution as proof of the chemical reactions taking place. To demonstrate, Rivera set fire to two samples of oil. The first sample – a few drops of conventional petroleum – burned briefly before dying out, leaving behind only wisps of black smoke and an unmistakable smell. The second sample – Rivera’s Vertroleum – not only produced a taller flame longer but was decidedly absent of both smoke and smell. For further proof, plant workers cranked up both a large industrial engine block and a four-wheeler powered by Vertroleum gasoline to display the fuel’s compatibility with today’s combustion engines. Even after a few minutes of operation, the engine block was cool to the touch while the four-wheeler’s exhaust pipe seemed to emit little more than warm, odorless air. For more information on Vertroleum and Sustainable Power Corp, visit / “The company Sustainable Power Corp. claims to have created a form of bio-crude oil from agricultural refuse. They use agro-waste from cracked soy beans, rice and cotton seed hulls, grain sorghum, milo, and jatropha and turn it into bio-crude oil. This crude can then be further refined into everything from gasoline to jet fuel and just about every petrochemical in between. The CEO is quoted: ‘Our biggest problem is that we are too good to be true. We can literally replace every gallon of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the United States using just 12 percent of the waste byproducts in the country.’ They also claim that their fuel burns to near 100 percent efficiency.” – Source

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Nanomaterials More Dangerous Than We Think

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Something to consider when in an earlier post, mention is made of using copper nano-rods applied to cookware to increase heat transfer.

“A Canadian panel of leading scientists warns that nanomaterials appearing in a rapidly growing number of products might potentially be able to enter cells and interfere with biological processes. According to a story in the Globe and Mail, the Council of Canadian Academies concluded that ‘there are inadequate data to inform quantitative risk assessments on current and emerging nanomaterials… Their small size, the report says, may allow them “to usurp traditional biological protective mechanisms” and, as a result, possibly have “enhanced toxicological effects.”‘ The council is an independent academic advisory group funded by the federal government, but operating at arms-length from Ottawa. The 16-member panel that wrote the new report included some of Canada’s leading scientists and top international experts on nanomaterials.” – Source

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How to Totally Trash an Onboard Vehicle Hydrogen Electrolysizer

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Something to think about when planning to use an electrolyzer to mix hydrogen with your gasoline.

“Received a note from Don Lancaster, our resident skeptic and it is definitely worth posting; “Here, revealed in print for the very first time, are many of the super secret insider techniques to absolutely and totally ruin the performance of an onboard auto or truck hydrogen electrolysis generator. Please note that while any one of these by themselves is clearly a fatal flaw, using them in combination is strongly recommended to be absolutely sure your device ends up utterly and truly worthless…” – Source

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The Moon as backup drive for civilization

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

This is exactly how the world needs to think about the moon, as our backup in the event of major, civilization crippling catastrophes.

“Imaginative new ideas for using space to protect civilization against existential risks, such as killer asteroids, nuclear war, and global terrorism, are in the works. The public increasingly sees NASA as irrelevant; we need a revitalized new vision of space, says a new breed of space activists. Backing up civilization’s collective hard drive—its recorded archive—on the Moon and creating a self-sufficient colony there precisely so it can act as a lifeboat in case a calamity strikes Earth: that’s the rationale for a new book from Forge Books, The Survival Imperative: Using Space to Protect Earth, according to author William E. Burrows. “That should be the overarching reason for moving there, not to mine resources or for the sake of a grand adventure. And the move outward must start with the Moon, not Mars. The Moon is three or four days away, not a year, so it makes logistical sense and is cheaper. And if there’s an accident on the Moon, help or a safe haven are likewise four days away. Finally, the lunar colony ought to be NASA’s overriding (but not only) mission, especially since it walked off a cliff after Apollo. That’s what the book is about. It’s my gift to the home planet.” – Source

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Driving farther on water

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Another electrolyzer but I loved the description.

“The device itself is basic enough. Inside a hard plastic one-quart container filled with distilled water, Schattenkerk inserts two steel electrodes. Wiring connects the electrodes to a ground on the car’s frame and a positive charge within the fuse box, which activates only when the ignition is turned on. The positively charged electrode sends water molecules into a frenzy. The electrolysis separates hydrogen and oxygen from each other in a vacuum and they return to gas, which is then sucked into the fuel mixture via plastic tubing and the engine’s intake manifold. The hydrogen works as a fuel additive, Schattenkerk says. When it is burned both the hydrogen and the oxygen return to water. However, water production is minimal — no more than what the engine may produce on a humid day — and stainless steel valves are not necessary, he added. A pinch of baking soda works as a catalyst for the electrolysis. But too much can blow a fuse. When Schattenkerk first hooked the hydrogen generator to his wife’s 1998 Saturn, the mid-size car improved its mileage from 28 miles per gallon to 35. Schattenkerk also claims that the hydrogen generator uses only a few amps of energy and is no less a drag on the alternator than maybe adding a radio to the car. As for maintenance, he said the device should be checked once about every 1,000 miles and water added as needed. It’s important that it’s distilled water since regular tap water holds minerals and other impurities that can cause corrosion. When the water turns brick red, Schattenkerk says it’s time to rinse out the container and add new water. After five different homemade models, he believes he’s nearly perfected the converter. For $150, including installation, he claims it can improve any car’s gas mileage by 10 percent to as much as 50 percent. Schattenkerk can be reached at (541) 513-0105 or” – Source

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USA slowly turns into unemployed nation

Posted by keelynet on July 12, 2008

Incredible that there isn’t a revolution to throw out every member of Congress for letting this happen and continue to worsen.

“The nation lost jobs for a sixth month in a row in June, a storm of pink slips drenching this year’s July Fourth holiday for more than 60,000 Americans and leaving thousands more worried about the future. Weighed down by energy prices and the housing crisis, employers laid off workers in stores, factories and forsaken building sites. In June alone, employers got rid of 62,000 jobs, bringing total losses so far this year close to a staggering half-million – 438,000, according to the Labor Department’s report released Thursday. The economy needs to generate more than 100,000 new jobs a month for employment to remain stable.” – Source

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