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Archive for July 5th, 2008

Israel backs Palo Alto man’s electric car plan

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

Swapping battery packs when you don’t have time to recharge is the right way to go.

“Shai Agassi, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, pledges that he can beat the spiraling cost of gasoline with the world’s first mass-produced electric car. Agassi is banking on his electric-powered sedan revolutionizing life on the roads, cleaning up the environment and reducing dependence on oil. The cars are expected to have a range of up to 140 miles per charge and a top speed of 68 mph – the speed limit in Israel. Last month, he invited reporters to test-drive a prototype that looks a lot like the Renault Megane, a four-door sedan. The car is noticeably quiet and has no exhaust pipe, an electric socket in place of a gas cap and a dashboard gauge that measures the charge of the vehicle’s 450-pound lithium-ion battery. Agassi said that because most rides are less than 100 miles, drivers can recharge batteries at home, at work or at thousands of charging points throughout Israel. On longer trips, they can exchange batteries in a five-minute operation at about 200 “swap stations.” “We have a second battery for every driver in the swap stations. It’s waiting for you in case you need it. You don’t need to carry it with you in the trunk,” Agassi said. Moreover, Nissan’s global product planning chief, Tom Lane, has said his firm will soon announce a battery breakthrough, one that could increase driving range to around 200 miles per charge while recharging in as little as 20 minutes. Project Better Place plans to charge $550 a month and provide 18,000 miles a year for the use of the batteries and charging and swap stations. The customer doesn’t own the battery – the cars are designed to have easily removable battery packs that can be exchanged. In Israel, the joint-venture Nissan-Renault/Project Better Place electric car is expected to have a range of 140 miles per charge. For longer drives, motorists will be able to replace the battery at about 200 swap stations to be built throughout Israel by 2010. / (Courtesy of Ken H. – JWD)” – Source

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LS9 Inc. working on “renewable petroleum”

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

It just keeps getting better, these new techniques to convert bio-materials to fuel.

“Genetically altered microscopic bugs that feed on agricultural waste such as woodchips or wheat straw and excrete crude oil. Greg Pal explains the process: “LS9’s bugs are single-cell organisms, each a fraction of a billionth the size of an ant. They start out as industrial yeast or nonpathogenic strains of E. coli, but LS9 modifies them by custom-de-signing their DNA. Five to seven years ago, that process would have taken months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he says. “Now it can take weeks and cost maybe $20,000.” Because crude oil is only a few molecular stages removed from the fatty acids normally excreted by yeast or E. coli during fermentation, it doesn’t take much fiddling to get the desired result.All that’s required for fermentation to take place is raw material, or feedstock, as it is known in the bio-fuels industry. Anything will do as long as it can be broken down into sugars, with the byproduct ideally burnt to produce electricity to run the plant. The company will use different types of agricultural waste based upon whatever makes sense for the local climate and economy: wheat straw in California, for example, or wood chips in the South. Using the genetically modified bugs for fermentation is essentially the same as using natural bacteria to produce ethanol, although the energy-intensive final process of distillation is virtually eliminated because the bugs excrete a substance that is almost pump-ready. The problem at this juncture remains as one of volume – thus far LS9 has only produced quantities vie a 1,000-litre fermenting machine, which produces the equivalent of one barrel a week and takes up 40 square feet of floor space.To meet America’s weekly oil consumption of 143 million barrels, a facility covering 205 square miles, an area roughly the size of Chicago, would be required.” – Source

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Scientists to test if cancer cure can work in humans

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

Now if they will get off their butts and test this on humans and get it out to all the people who need it instead of the infinite ‘trials’ I think are delayed by companies and organizations who don’t want to see any cure since cancer and its side effects are BIG MONEY!

“The treatment will transfuse specific white blood cells, called granulocytes, into patients with advanced forms of cancer. The granulocytes will come from healthy young people with immune systems that produce cells that have high levels of anti-cancer activity. In the animal studies, white blood cells from cancer-resistant mice cured all lab mice who had malignant tumours. The cells have also been able to kill cervical, prostate and breast cancer tumour cells in Petri dish tests. “All the mice we treated were 100 per cent cured,” lead researcher Dr. Zheng Cui told CTV News. “So that was very surprising for us.” Granulocytes account for about 60 per cent of all white blood cells in the human body. The scientists already know, via a small study of human volunteers, that granulocytes from people under the age of 50 are most effective at killing cancer cells. The study will begin with 22 cancer patients for whom conventional treatment has been unsuccessful. The researchers say that they will know within three months if the treatment will work in humans. Cancer researchers worldwide will be watching the tests closely.” – Source

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Powered by innovation

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

Neat little retrofit but wonder how much it adds to fuel costs?

“Six months ago, in the garage of his west Redmond home, Carl Ylvisaker started tinkering with a tire, a trailer hitch, an alternator, car batteries and a power inverter. The prototype TAGER, short for Transportation Assisted Global Energy Reserve, is a single tire, with the ability to swivel 20 degrees in either direction, connected by a metallic arm to a cart attached to the back of Ylvisaker’s red SUV. Two 12-volt car batteries and a power inverter, designed to convert the battery power to the common household current, sit on the cart. The power is created by the spinning wheel, complete with bolts that extend away from the tire and into a pulley attached to a belt that supplies the alternator with energy. The energy is harnessed through two wires feeding into the batteries. With a slight alteration to a home’s electrical service panel, the TAGER could easily generate enough power after a day’s commute to power the house for an entire night, Ylvisaker says. Or enough power to allow the homeowner to avoid paying a monthly power bill altogether, he adds. The TAGER, he believes, could generate tremendous power if it were attached to a long-haul truck, traveling several hundred miles a day, and through the night. The batteries and the inverter could be placed inside the trailer, and multiple TAGER devices could be attached to the outside. The power generated by a truck traveling an average of 55 mph hour would be equivalent to a windmill spinning at similar speeds, he said. Ylvisaker met with attorneys to draw up a patent application. The patent, he says, is pending.” – Source

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Free Apartments Tried and Rejected by Slum Dwellers

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

The problem with this is just bad design and placement. People need the social interactions that make life interesting and worth living.

“Under an inventive government program in Mumbai, builders raze entire slum neighborhoods and use part of the land for tenements to house the original residents. The apartments measure 225 square feet, or 21 square meters – the size of a typical shanty. / So what’s the problem? – They are ready to leave behind their own toilets and resume lining up to use a shared hole in the ground. They are ready to trade wooden front doors for the rags that hung outside their shanties. They are ready to abandon the “privacy” that builders promised, having found it to be a synonym for loneliness. “It was much better there,” said Ram Jatan Pal, a graying man who supports eight people on the few dollars a day he earns as a sidewalk bookseller. “Before, there would always be four guys around your shanty. “We sat, we chatted. Now it’s like being caged in a poultry farm.” – Source

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Wars have cost $700B since 9/11

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

This is so disheartening when one thinks of much better uses for all that money here in our OWN COUNTRY.

Geez, its BORROWED so we and our children and possibly grandchildren will have to pay back these uncontrolled excesses in spending. At least USE IT to help our own people.

What is wrong with people that we don’t collectively raise hell to stop it???

“A new Congressional Research Service report says the U.S. government has spent about $700 billion on “military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and veterans’ health care for the three operations initiated since the 9/11 attacks.” The report covers the “global war on terrorism,” known as GWOT, and the government’s pre- and post-invasion operations in Iraq. About 75% of that money has been devoted to the war in Iraq, according to CRS estimates contained a report republished by the Federation of American Scientists. / That works out to about $2,326 for every person in the country. Too bad we can’t choose how we’d like our tax dollars to be spent — or, more accurately, our future tax dollars.” – Source

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For Energy, numbers say we need Nukes

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2008

Tremendous long term power IF we can protect the plants from attack AND remediate the radioactive waste to inert materials.

“Professor David J C MacKay of the Cambridge University Department of Physics holds a PhD in computation from Cal Tech and a starred first in Physics, so we can take it that he knows his numbers. MacKay sets out his calculations in a book, Sustainable Energy — Without the hot air. You can download it here ( As he says: The one thing I am sure of is that the answers to our sustainable energy questions will involve numbers; any sane discussion of sustainable energy requires numbers. This book’s got ’em, and it shows how to handle them. In Without the hot air, MacKay examines our total energy usage in the UK, and then tries to provide a similar amount of energy but without using any oil and gas. He’s willing to consider windpower on a thoroughly heroic scale, as it is probably the renewable technology best suited to the UK climate. All in all, according to MacKay, if you like solar it probably makes more sense to put the panels in North Africa and bring the power to the UK over efficient high-voltage DC lines. We must not let ourselves be swept off our feet in horror at the danger of nuclear power. Nuclear power is not infinitely dangerous. It’s just dangerous, much as coal mines, petrol repositories, fossil-fuel burning and wind turbines are dangerous. MacKay concludes that nuclear scales up easily, and does so without dominating the country the way wind, solar, tidal and biomass do. The scale of engineering required, in terms of megatons of steel and concrete or areas of land and sea taken up, is enormously down on that needed by useful amounts of renewables.” – Source

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