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Another Lucid flying dream but this time with a possible Clue!

Posted by keelynet on June 29, 2008

As I’ve written before, I’ve been dreaming of flying since I was 11 years old. It spurred me to try to understand gravity with the intent of one day actually developing a way to control it.

True gravity control works both ways, allowing you to not only reduce weight but also to increase weight.

Friday night I had one of those incredibly lucid, very realistic dreams. This seems to be induced when I turn off my MexiStim Polarity Cycler for a few days, then turn it back on so that I’m in the ‘field’ all night. Not a clue as to why I get these dreams or what the machine does to make them happen but it is almost a predictable thing.

Anyway, in the dream, about 15 friends and I were in a country house surrounded by green, lush fields with islands of big and very old oak trees. I had built a belt with a front and a back part so that they sent a field through your body when you wore the belt.

The front of the belt had an intensity control knob which controlled the flow of gravity into the body. You could increase or decrease your ‘weight’, even to the point of total cancellation so that you floated like a balloon.

It reminded me of the pain bands in the Star Trek episode, ‘Spock’s Brain’ except this belt was flexible and perhaps 1 inch wide with the front and back boxes being about the size of a cellphone.

As I understood it, the front box resonated with the rear box to change the center of gravity of the body. It was like controlling the opening in an drain, with aether/zpe flowing into that drain with a velocity and thus ‘weight’ proportional to your physical size with regard to the planet. Thus by opening it, you increased weight, by reducing it, you lost weight.

My team had constructed belts for all of us to wear and I was instructing them how to use them for flight. It wasn’t a good idea to completely cancel one’s weight or you’d be much too susceptible to the slightest breeze, instead, we retained a couple of pounds which allowed us to jump high in the air and ‘swim’ by virtue of winglike attachments to the forearms. Sure, you could use a jet or fan but the swimming motion is always in my dreams.

Oddly enough, years ago, when I was in my late teens, I loved to swim and designed a pair of just such wings that used velcro to attach to the forearms. I constructed them of light, but strong plastic shaped like half a tear drop with the point closest to the elbow.

They worked beautifully for speed, especially when used in conjunction with fins. I even paid a company $500 to do a patent search where they found no less than 4 earlier patents but mine was valid because I used modern materials. I didn’t have the money to pursue a full patent but thought it would be a great item to sell on TV or in a store like WalMart.

The wings we used for flight were similar to this and allowed us to swim in the air and remain at a given level or move higher or lower as we wished. If you remained unmoving, you would experience a ‘slow fall’.

As with dreams, it was totally clear on waking and I should have written it all down then, but the day has passed and I only remember the highlights with the dual boxed belt being the main thing of interest. Something about us looking down for giant, mutated deadly plants from leaching of growth hormone into the soil. Similar to an X-Files episode I saw long ago.

The theory of operation of this gravity control belt is reminiscent to an article I did years ago on ‘The Ship of Heaven’ where a ring around a mass can be used to control the gravity influx as shown in many ancient drawings.

Winged men, ‘angels’ to the uninformed, as well as this mysterious ring seem to be telling us something if we get past it as mystery.

I include some photos from ancient hieroglyphs for your perusal. Most are Assyrian except for the winged Isis which is of course Egyptian. Notice the rings either around them or at the waist.

Gravity control is one of the projects I want to work on in my lab as proposed at Vanguard Sciences Lab, along with many other projects. If anyone is interested in investing or knows some person or group, please ‘hook me up’ as we could literally change the world for energy, transport and health.

2 Responses to “Another Lucid flying dream but this time with a possible Clue!”

  1. sername said

    Plus a Dotto Ring (nano-Cu of course, just to be ultra-modern and vastly increase surface area for production of diamagnetism, probably lighter too).
    And a gallows attached to the back so you can hoist yourself.
    In the Bowels of Christ, I beseech thee: Give me some of what you’re smoking or else I’ll post this comment…

  2. keelynet said

    It’s my curse…the ability to correlate…fortunately, SOME others also can see the relationships…Dotto is not one of them for this particular device though diamagnetism is another option. I read once where someone suggested a hollow ball or shape that would prevent the influx of gravity so that it floated or took off from the planet. This would also be the case with intense vacuum if you could find a material thin, light and strong enough to contain the vacuum, then the buoyancy would let it float in the air…see a prior article here by doing a search on ‘vacuum’. Additionally, there is bio-levitation where something like Grebennikovs beetle wings takes the form of a dielectric geometric shape repeated millions or billions of times in a nano-array to deflect aether/zpe for lesser gravity and ‘weight’ loss.

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