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Archive for June 26th, 2008

The Thermionic Revolution – Using Ambient Heat Energy

Posted by keelynet on June 26, 2008

Another potential energy producer from heat.

“On their Solution page, they provide a simple diagram and describe the theoretical device as; By combining rotation and points, we can produce an effective 0.15ev work function. The drawing shows how these effects can be incorporated in a design. It shows (in cross section) a red disk spinning on a 240v AC dynamo shaft. Above the disk is a ring magnet (yellow) which is connected to magnetic iron (grey). At the outer edge of the disk there is an array of sharp points. The disk gets replacement electrons via a very sharp (for low loss) secondary needle array (top of orange.) The dynamo (blue) works initially as a motor to get the disk up to design speed, then it is a dynamo. As electrons are emitted from the outer surface, a current flows through the disk. That current passes the magnets and induces a torque in the disk which then turns the dynamo. Electrons are replaced at the same rate they were emitted from the disk via the extra sharp secondary needle array (top of orange). This also transfer some heat. Heat flows to the disk from the upper and lower case. At a work function of 0.15ev, we do work of 2.4E-20 Joules per emitted electron. At an edge speed of 300m/s replacement electrons use 4.1E-26 Joules to get up to edge speed. The net work available for torque (output) is therefore 2.39E-20 Joules. Allowing for losses, we estimate output at 3Kw, for a 150cm diameter disk.” – Source

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V-Bine PMG Generator

Posted by keelynet on June 26, 2008

All those chimneys, laundry exhaust vents, boilers and more to tap for more energy.

“V-Bine Energy, the creator of the permanent magnet generator (PMG) which is attached to chimney stacks and takes advantage or horsepower created from the combination of updraft and prevailing wind around a cylinder. With blades spaning ten feet in height and cover more that 5 feet in diameter, the PMG can generate power from stack updrafts as well as prevailing winds. Green power is now a real possibility for every industrial facility across the globe. Some of the advantages of the VBINE PMG are it’s adaptability to almost any installation (Factory chimneys & stacks, High rise vents, etc), its quick payback period, it can connect directly into your facility without having to send the power through the normal power grid.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on V-Bine PMG Generator

Broadstar’s AeroCam Breaks the Wind-Watt Barrier

Posted by keelynet on June 26, 2008

Looks like hell and wonder if it ‘clatters’ when it runs, like a push lawnmower? Probably not, but the price is getting there.

“Constructed to spin on a horizontal axis, the micro-turbine’s multiple aerodynamic blades cut a profile similar to a water wheel and allow it to intuitively track the path of the wind as it rotates. The turbine is the industry’s first to shatter the $1/watt cost barrier, and Broadstar aims to make its AeroCam turbines a go-to option for rural, urban, and wind farm in-fill applications. The AeroCam’s unique design allows Broadstar to manufacture, transport, and install, and maintain it at lower costs than conventional turbines. A 250kW system will retail for $250,000, making it the world’s first turbine to break the $1/watt cost barrier. The AeroCam is designed to operate smoothly in wind-speeds from 4-80 mph, and these low rotational speeds mean that it produces a negligible amount of noise.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on Broadstar’s AeroCam Breaks the Wind-Watt Barrier