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Highlights & Comments – from 06/23/08

Posted by keelynet on June 26, 2008

Since I don’t archive these Highlight notes at KeelyNet, I try to remember to post them to the KeelyNet Blog where they might still be available in future. Several items of interest as usual have been posted since the last update to this section.

Item #1 – Two explanations for mass extinction, sealevel rising and earthquakes.

Item #2 – One of the more interesting things in the news is the Genepax Water Car which uses a fuel cell apparently based on iron and is expected to sell for about $5,000. This fuel cell could also be adapted for home power and other uses.

Item #3 – News of a remote controlled Chinese flying machine reminescent of a UFO. There are much more advanced versions in the UK.

Item #4 – I didn’t know you could use cement to cause rain? A news article from Russia says an unopened bag intended for making rain, instead landed on a house.

KeelyNet File of Interest from the Archives
Three Articles Dealing with Tornado creation/destruction

Artificial Cyclones to clear Smog – 11/15/97 – Malaysia said on Wednesday it will use Russian “artificial cyclone” technology to try to clear smog caused by forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia.

Tornado Vortex Signature Detector – 03/23/97 – This is a transcript of the text of the segment of “ABC’s World News Tonight” that dealt with tornado sound as a means of detection.
The physical device looks like an old wagon wheel without the outer rim, just the center hub and spokes. The center is what looks like a 1-foot long section of 10″ diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe with a cap. From the sides radiate 12 hoses, each approximately 20 feet long.

The Acoustic Function of a Reich Cloudbuster – 11/28/99 – After receiving independent confirmation of what I had long suspected, I feel that it is time to put forward my theory that Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster is an acoustic device operating within a range of frequencies well below human hearing, operating in the Infrasonic or ELF (Extra Low Frequency) range… This leads me to the conclusion that the Cloudbuster is a tunable acoustic antenna. Some of these possibilities are: * A better tornado detection and tracking system that will provide more advance warning for the population in a tornado’s path. * Realizing that tornadoes and hurricanes serve an important purpose in nature, it should be possible to lessen their intensities and guide them away from population centers or stop the birth of tornadoes from a particular storm. * It should be possible to better detect the causes of drought and correct them. * It should be possible to stop the desertification of an area and gradually reverse the process on a permanent basis.


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