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Liquid Gold will also oil the wheels of invention

Posted by keelynet on June 22, 2008

I remember when a gallon of gas was about 24 cents… In my opinion, it’s a matter of supply and demand, with the highest bidder winning. So any new energy/fuel option will be eagerly sought after such as this Japanese water car.

“Oil is the new gold. It’s the new gold because the black stuff has become a hedge against the dollar, a new asset class of its own. Yergin also says the price of oil is close to reaching what he calls its “break-point”. This is when the price – the latest is $136 a barrel – triggers a sea-change in attitudes from governments, to car-makers to consumers. He reckons it won’t be long before serious money goes into alternative energy sources and car-makers stop making vehicles like the Hummer completely. Consumers, he notes, are already filling their tanks with the same care as they would if petrol were, in fact, liquid gold. Yergin’s views are always worth listening to; he is one of the world’s smartest gurus on oil and author of the Pulitzer-winning book, The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power. Yergin won’t predict, but he will say that the economic consequences would be too disastrous to contemplate if oil hit $250. But he agrees that we are in the middle of the biggest oil price crisis for more than 30 years and that the biggest driver to the recent spikes in the oil price is the weakening dollar. That’s why financial investors have been pouring into oil. Nor has the world run out of oil. We have plenty left, certainly for another 100 years: estimates suggest that, by 2010, capacity could grow by 16 million barrels a day to over 100 million, a 20 per cent rise in capacity which should meet projected demand. But much of this oil needs heavy investment because of the cost of drilling deep down into the oceans. Yergin also puts this latest crisis into a historical context: it’s not the first time the world thinks it has run out of oil. More like the fifth. The first oil crash was in the 1880s, followed by another after the First World War – a catalyst for putting together Iraq – then in the 1970s and again in the mid-1980s. This probably won’t be the last crisis either.” – Source


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