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Highlights & Comments – 06/19/08

Posted by keelynet on June 22, 2008

Every now and then I get an email complaining about a link to an article or news item I saw fit to post, here is one I received 06/17/08;

“If tou are going to turn “keely net” into a political blog “articals of impeachment”

you risk alienating a majority of the american public and diminishing “keely net” as a legitimate scientific inquiry. We have more than enough left wing nut blogs now.”

My response: Oddly enough, the hits have gone UP by over 200, from a normal 2000 to +2200-+2300. Anything that ties into energy or causes problems AND IS IN THE NEWS, I will post it if I think it fits. The articles of impeachment fit…I don’t care what political party is in charge but when they screw up so regularly, they need to be thrown out. The articles are IN THE NEWS and relate directly to problems the US is now encountering and which will worsen in future as a direct result of this administration’s ineptitude over the past 8 years.

Two of them that chain into many of the others; Article I – Creating a Secret Propaganda Campaign to Manufacture a False Case for War Against Iraq. Article XVI – Reckless Misspending and Waste of U.S. Tax Dollars in Connection With Iraq and US Contractors.

Have resulted in trillions of borrowed dollars spent in hopeless efforts and needless loss of life, where that money could have been used to improve living conditions and infrastructure in the US, securing our borders and financing a Manhattan project for new energy sources to wean us off oil with dependency on foreign sources, some hostile to the US. Any rational person who doesn’t have a favorite party or belief they DEFEND can follow the reasons why I find such material highly relevant to all KeelyNet interests of energy, gravity and health.

How so, you might ask? Besides the energy and gravity/transport research it could have paid for, we must also include ALL THAT MONEY which could have been used for not just helping people now in the US but also to pay for major research projects involving stem cells and other methods to cure and eradicate illness and infirmity. In addition, loss of rights due to hyped false threats of terrorists under every rock.

Do you not have a problem with ever increasing cost of gas? Do you not have a problem with ever increasing electrical and gas bills? Do you not have a problem with ever increasing FOOD costs? Do you not have a problem with letting any ‘agent’ read through and freely copy any information in your laptop or PDA??? Do you not have a problem with your phones and emails being illegally tapped by the govenment? Do you not have a problem with all that money being spent in other countries when it could do so much more good here by improving our country AND sponsoring new energy, new transport (including gravity control) and medical research projects? Do you not have a problem with trillions and trillions of money that the US does NOT have to spend, being BORROWED from other countries including China? Who will pay that back? Do you not have a problem with foreign countries itching AND ABLE to buy American businesses and properties now that oil money and trade of low quality, often defective products have enriched them?

There are so many tie-ins that relate to political subjects that I would be LAX in not including some of the items in the news. Now comes the eternal question. Why is it that you have NEVER written me about ANY science, energy, gravity or medical/health articles or news item I have ever posted in the past?

Yet, this one item seemed to gall you enough to write in to complain. So much for objectivity. As I said, the hits average 2200-2300 now even with inclusion of such items and usually the hits run around 2000. So someone is reading them and can see the correlations without being personally affronted by one particular item. I’m NOT HERE FOR HITS but I do track them as a matter of course.

It’s also amusing that you think you ‘speak for’ the ‘american public’, misspell basic words and consider KeelyNet a source for legitimate scientific inquiry which is a grave error as the topics cover so many areas at which formal science scoffs,
but one day will appreciate when we have working technology.

Do what you must…I post what I think relates even though some cannot see the correlation due to being blinded by their personal beliefs. – Disfruta tu vida! (enjoy your life)

Update 06/19/08: Of the emails I have received about this, the majority are IN FAVOR of my continuing to post political news which relates to science, energy, etc..

The best suggestion was; readers should simply ‘SKIP reading any header which might upset your delicate sensibilities’. As with anything that isn’t wanted, ignore it and go to the next post.

In addition and on review, I perhaps shouldn’t have posted all 25 articles, just a couple with the link. Thanks for your emails. – JWD


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