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An Annoying Tendency

Posted by keelynet on June 12, 2008

I detest when people don’t try to help themselves. Specifically not realizing that it takes money to make money. It also takes tools to make money.

Near my house lives an older man and his wife. When I walk the 4 blocks to the plaza, they are sometimes sitting outside so we chat.

One day as I was passing by, they said hola and I stopped to chat. They asked where I was going and I told them to buy carnitas (fried pork) from El Famoso Jitomate (the famous tomato). His real name is Javier but he gets this nickname because he likes saki and when he drinks it his entire face turns bright red like a tomato.

The old man said they were very poor and had no meat in their house, that they lived mostly on beans and tortillas since they received only a tiny government retirement.

Talk about feeling horrible! Here I was talking about carnitas, fresh tortillas and cold beer. So I bought two kilos of carnitas with tortillas and gave them one kilo as I passed on the way back. They were delighted and it made me feel better for being so insensitive as to not realize how poor they were.

So about a year or so later, I passed by on my little 125cc Honda motorcycle and stopped to chat with them. The old man asked why he never saw me on my bicycle anymore. I told him it was parked in my backyard and needed new tires but had new gears. He said he wished he had a bicycle so he could take gardening jobs further from his house.

Hmm…well, I don’t use the bicycle and he SAID he would use his bicycle for jobs to make more money. Well, I’m all for that. Give a man a fish and he only begs for more, but teach him how and he becomes self-sufficient…I am a BIG FAN of that philosophy.

It made sense to me to fix my bicycle and give it to him. So I told him I’d have it repaired as a gift so he could use it for work. Finally, perhaps 3 months later, I took it over to the bike shop and had two new fat mountain bike tires put on it at a total cost of $22! Dropped it by his house and had him ride it to see if it would work for him. He said yes, he could definitely use this and thanked me. No problem, least I could do.

I was totally pissed a week later to learn from a neighbor that he’d SOLD the bicycle for quick money. I gave it to him as a TOOL to EARN MONEY, but he took the easy way out and sold it. If I knew he was going to do that, I’d have kept the bike.

Not long after, a 19 year old friend who cuts my grass and washes my truck, wanted a cellphone but couldn’t afford it. He kept on and on about it, saying he needed it for family and business. Therefore to me, it was a tool.

Just so happened I knew a bartender who had two cellphones that customers sold him and both had their chargers. I had just bought a new one so was showing it to him when he told me about the cells he had. I didn’t need one but for 150 pesos ($15) he sold me a nice used and working cellphone with power supply but without a camera which I gave to my friend. He was delighted. But one week later, he sold it for fast money.

These are the two latest annoying events like this, though it has happened several other times. My belated New Years’ Resolution, DON’T GIVE GIFTS that are intended as tools to help make income.

They come to my house and marvel at all my ‘things’. I tell them most of those ‘things’ I use to make money but they don’t seem to get the connection. Much easier to just sell them for the immediate money than to use them repeatedly to earn a more or less steady income. We come from Different Worlds!

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