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Strange Lifting Force Used in Novel Airship (Jan, 1931)

Posted by keelynet on June 4, 2008

A fascinating claim but there is evidence that such an inertial force could actually move an object in ANY direction, including UP if you can throw enough weight, fast enough to keep it jumping.

Remember the story about Baron Munchausen sinking in quicksand and pulling himself out of a swamp by jerking over and over on his bootstraps?

“WHAT is certainly the most unique airship in the world is now under construction in the form of an experimental model in the factory of its inventor in Denver, Colorado. As depicted on these pages, the extraordinary ship will use neither propellers nor gas to keep it in the air, but will depend on a mechanism which its inventor, Edgar R. Holmes, calls the “gyradoscope”. Each horsepower of gyradoscope is expected to lift 1,000 pounds vertically in midair and sustain the load at any desired elevation by regulating the speed, and the inventor expects a machine weighing 2,000 pounds to lift 500 tons. Briefly, the gyradoscope combines gyroscopic action with centrifugal force. As described in the prospectus of the company, the gyradoscope consists of two wheels rotating in opposite directions in the same plane. Each wheel has several weights, the arms of which are connected to eccentrics on each wheel, which propel the weights in opposite directions in such a way that a lifting effect is exerted when the weights are at the top point of travel. The exact mechanism by which this effect is produced is somewhat obscure, but a model of the device already built has been bolted to the floor of a freight elevator, it is claimed, and succeeded in raising and lowering it with ease. In this test a 20-horsepower gasoline engine furnished power. Lifting force exerted by the gyradoscope is likened to that of a ball thrown on the end of a string. The weight of the ball at the moment it draws the string taut exerts a lifting effect on a pencil or other object to which the bottom of the string may be tied. In the gyradoscope the moving weights on the wheels are analogous to the thrown ball. To a casual scrutiny the whole idea seems very much like lifting one’s self by one’s boot straps, but the success attained with models indicates that the inventor may be successful in developing an entirely new type of aircraft. Forward motion is to be supplied by a gyradoscope in horizontal plane, and steering will be accomplished by a similar mechanism. In case of accident to the lifting gyros, which would result in the ship’s dropping like a plummet, auxiliary machines are provided which are kept running at idling speed ready to be called upon in an emergency.
Four hydraulic landing feet, one on each corner of the ship, absorb the shock of landing, which is expected to be insignificant since rate of descent is controlled by speed of the gyradoscope. Mr. Holmes, inventor of the gyro-ship, also has the invention of a popular front wheel drive for autos to his credit, as well as a four wheel drive and a caloric steam engine. This latter machine would supply the power for the airship. As developed by Mr Holmes, waste heat from oil combustion is used in the caloric engine to convert water into steam, which drives a turbine, and is then condensed to be used over again. / (This is a ‘kinemassic’ inertial drive mechanism and is best known with the invention of the Dean Drive. – JWD)” – Source

One could just as well call these devices ‘jerk drives’ because that is how they operate. A rapid succession of weighted jerks in the preferred direction will drag the attached mass with it.

The motion of a rotating weighted mass in a slightly off balance circle which is called ‘apsidal’ and which has been mentioned many times with regard to inertial drive systems.

This inertial, unidirectional force is most famously referred to as ‘apergy’ in an old book by the name, ‘The Annotated Journey in Other Worlds’. It is described as;

An Illustrated science fantasy describing the use of ‘apergy’ as a propulsive force. Much akin to what today is called ‘inertial propulsion’. Many devices have been built using this principle as well as patents granted, most notably, the Dean Drive, Cook and Thornsen drives. Often science fantasy and science fiction is used to propose concepts beyond the science of the time. The idea of using the inertia of a mass as a driving force is yet to be tapped in practical devices though many experiments show the concept is valid. Written in 1894 and includes additional supporting material from modern research.

An excellent Inertial Drives page at Rex Research will get you up to speed on the technology and theory behind these fascinating devices.

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