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Aliens and Ufos

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Two items of note, one about the British MOD release of some 7,000 sightings and reports, the other about another video showing an escaped muppet…I mean an extraterrestrial…

UFO: an Undeniably Fading Obsession – “The vast majority of UFO spotters, as revealed in the MoD files, are not fantasists, but ordinary people who thought they saw something extraordinary in the sky. The spacecraft tend to come in familiar forms, with saucer and cigar shapes the perennial favourites. Coloured lights are also popular. The British X-Files contain more then 7,000 separate sightings, 150 files in all, of which just eight have been released so far. For the last decade UFO sightings have steadily declined. The British Flying Saucer Bureau closed in 2003. The number of UFOs dipped with the invention of the colour television and plunged with the advent of the internet. Perhaps in an complex and uncertain society, people have more practical concerns. The decline in UFO sightings may reflect a healthy scepticism, but a world without extraterrestrials would be drab indeed. The British X-Files reveal a people alert to the sky, imaginative, eccentric, slightly embarrassed and above all inquisitive. Perhaps this new proof of our former fascination with the mysteries of space will rekindle the curiosity.” – Source

‘Alien’ – Hoax or ? – “I found this on Larry King interview on youtube, lightened, contrasted and sharpened. A and B show it appearing in the window frame, C and D shows it closing its eyes twice with rapid snake-like clicks and F shows it leaving the frame. I am told this is not the Romanek alien. / (Looks totally fake to me. – JWD)” – Source

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